One of the most fun and exciting Holiday every kid awaits is the Halloween. It’s not usually horrors, ghost or monsters. People you see are trick or treating everywhere and it is very much enjoyable. Seeing those kids roam around the streets, knocking door-to-door and shouting “Trick or Treat” in exchange for candies and chocolates gives a wonderful feeling of how people celebrate the holiday. Other kids however would rather spend more time indoors than out and they tend to give their attentions to toys and play sets. There are so many Halloween train set you could choose from which does not only gives entertainment but also an interactive toy that you can either set up to be a decoration or a play set for your kids.

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 LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost Train  Lionel Peanuts Halloween Train Set  Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted Rails Engine Lemax 94954 SPOOKY TOWN EXPRESS TRAIN SET Battery Operated Halloween Decor
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It is also much safer for your kids if they aren’t out. You wouldn’t worry about them getting lost, chased by dogs or being snatched by some strangers. If you plan to do the same with your kids and keep them safe, it’s better to have something that they can play around during that day like a train set for example. It is a play toy that promotes fun and learning.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before buying a Halloween train on the holidays for your kids. You need to check about what age it is advised, how old is your child, what is your price range, how long it will last, what its features are, identify its advantages and disadvantages. You can also try to do some research and read about different reviews the item you are about to buy. It is just right and proper to know about the things you’re going to buy and make sure that you get the worth you deserve for your investment.

Top Selling Halloween Train Set

Holidays are not just intended for Christmas or Thanks-Giving. To be more precise, if not for the gifts our kids receive during Christmas, Halloween celebration is more fun and exciting. Most people start to set up their Halloween costumes months before November. You could see people try to canvas and sew their own costumes to be worn on Cosplay events in that month. They prep the external parts of their house with scarecrows, grim reaper, goblins and trolls. If you plan to decorate your home to entertain people including your kids, why not set up a Halloween train. It is an interactive decoration for your home and can be a play set for your kids, young relatives or guest. It also gives a nice decorative movement on your living room set. Here are some top selling Halloween trains you would want to give a look.

 Lionel Peanuts Halloween Train Set


This is the Lionel Peanuts Halloween Train Set. Lionel is a well-known company that manufactures different play toys and children accessories. They are also known to sell expensive toys for kids but with a great quality and durability.  This is an easy to set up train set complete with train tracks and a wall pack power supply. It is a ready-to-run out of the box train set which you can instantly operate or display because it requires you very less effort in assembly to make it function efficiently. The set includes a Kid-friendly hand held remote control. It can run more than one locomotive using the same track. This set is compatible with any other Lionel train tracks and sets.

There is nothing more entertaining than a train set in your living room. The sound of and the chuckles of the train diminishes the children’s though about Halloween being a scary holiday or that it is something to be afraid of. Not only that this is an entertaining and interactive play set, it also is a tool for developing a child’s memory, creativity and imagination.


  • This train set comes with a convenient remote control and a wall-pack power supply.
  • It has a locomotive train, a tank car, a caboose and a box car.
  • The set has a wide lay out of its dimension. It’s about 40 x 50.
  • It has 8 curved O-36 train tracks and two straight tracks.
  • This train is highly durable and will last long up to the next Halloween holiday.


  • This train has a reasonable price. It is set equally with the purpose it serves. It is not overpriced like some other train sets.
  • There is an authentic steam coming out. It is a very nice feature that is not available with other train set.
  • It also produces a nice sound which makes it sound more like a real train, chuffing sound, whistles and bells.
  • The motor is maintenance free. You don’t need to clean it or replace parts of it.
  • Its tires have nice traction that fits perfectly on the tracks.
  • Even at high speed or turns, it does not tend to derail.


  • It has fewer tracks compared with other sets. This will require you to buy additional Lionel compatible train tracks to enjoy its movement more.
  • This is ideal as a holiday train. It goes nicely as a decoration especially with those steam coming out but an expensive train like this is won’t be appreciated by younger kids.
  • It cannot withstand intensive use. The longer it is turned on or the longer you use it, the less efficient it gets.
  • Other than the engine train, other train car does not have a nice detail.


This is a great buy or an awesome purchase. The Lionel Peanuts Halloween Train Set won’t disappoint you with the kind of fun you and your family will get. The features make the train more realistic and interactive. It is one of the best decoration you could set on your living room to celebrate the Halloween. A wall-pack power supply, electric train set that gives non-stop movement and steam smoke is what you want to go under your Halloween tree and this train will give you that. The price is reasonable for the purpose it serves making this one of the best choice of entertaining train set for your holiday.

Putting an added bonus, here is a video of one of the best choice of train toy for the holiday, the Lionel Peanuts Halloween Train Set:

If features the actual appearance of the train. Watching the video can help you decide on how to design your train layout using this set.

LEGO Monster Fighters 9467 The Ghost Train


Lego is also one of the best manufacturers of play sets that include trains. It is a well-known company to provide kids a wonderful, imaginative and creative blocks and train set. The Lego Monster Fighters 9467 – The Ghost Train is an ideal Halloween train set for kids. This will make them experience a train ride with the moonstone and make them embark on a magical journey to hunt ghost.

This is part of the Lego Monster Fight imaginative series. It will take builders and train lovers to a spooky yet exciting and fun setting of ghost hunting. This train set had impressed many Lego and train enthusiast and collectors. It includes 5 figures, Frank Rock, Ann Lee and 3 ghosts. It also includes an acrobatic plane for more interaction. Each card is decorated with bone fragments and teeth. It even features a bat wing when the train moves. This really sets off a Halloween ambiance.


  • This Lego Halloween train set includes a ghost train and an acrobatic hero airplane.
  • Train has a matching prison car, detachable carriages and some accessories which mostly have glow-in-the-dark elements.
  • The airplane got a well detailed vacuum weapon, spinning propeller for more movement and a flick missile.
  • There is a Frank Rock and Ann Lee figures along with 3 ghost figures.
  • This is ideal for children aging 8 – 14 years old. It can also be a decorative set to brighten and amuse your guest and family during the holiday.


  • Unlike with other Lego Play sets. This Halloween Train set is affordable and easy on the pocket.
  • Every train pieces is very detailed and some have glow in the dark features.
  • The airplane has a hanging chain where the figures can attach themselves into.
  • This allows your kids to build their train set piece by piece.
  • It comes with a well-instructed and well-illustrated manual.


  • Like with most Lego play set. The train is not motorized or does not have any remote features.
  • The train is smaller than what the picture makes you see.
  • This is more likely to be a collectibles rather than a play set for kids. It is advised for children aging 8 and up to really appreciate it.
  • It does not have any sound, light or any high end features.


This will make your child have a good time. It is certain to give you what you deserve. You would not want to miss the chance to collect The Lego Monster Fighters 9467 – The Ghost Train. It is something you can display during the normal days and set up to match your theme during the Halloween. This can also be a great play set for your kids because it helps them develop their imagination and creativity. Each block they assemble is like a puzzle where their brain can interact well. This is a great purchase and sure to show you what your money really deserves.

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted Rails Engine


The Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted Rails Engine is a great collectibles for train enthusiast and collectors. This is only one from the pieces for four. The complete set is a rail engine, caboose and a waste car lit house. If purchasing this item on, you can choose to have it purchased as a complete set. This set will make a great display over the Halloween because its design is of an old, unused train. It really shows a creepy Halloween design that is highly detailed. You can actually tell that it is of great quality just by simply looking at it.

It is an exclusive design and manufactured by Department 56 for the Halloween. Haunted Rails Engine is the first in a series of four pieces made that will eventually complete a spooky train collection. The manufacturer intended for this to be bought separately and not as a set. The head engine car features a lighted of a flickering stove and a headlamp. It also has the most famous Halloween icon, jack o’ lantern set in front of the train. A traniac would definitely want this piece to add to their train collection.


  • This is a 10th anniversary special limited edition Halloween train engine made by Department 56 to be collected.
  • You can actually tell that each part of the train engine is made of high quality ceramic and has very exceptional detail.
  • This is the first of the 4 train series made.
  • It is nicely packed in the original Snow Village Halloween box.
  • This train piece includes an adapter cord to keep the stove lit up.


  • It is a good collectible item for a reasonable and affordable price.
  • The details of each train pieces (if you collected all) are remarkable. You can feel the spookiness of the train by looking at it.
  • It goes smoothly with any Halloween set up. This looks perfect under your Halloween tree, your desk, your divider, living room table or a train table.
  • This train piece is compatible and hooks perfectly with 3 other train pieces that need to be collected.


  • It got no electric or motorized engine. Young kids or toddlers won’t enjoy this train piece. There is no movement going on.
  • Kids will most likely to get scared of this train rather than enjoy them.
  • The only thing it does is light up. In the complete dark room, you can barely see the light from the stove making it impossible to see how spooky the details.
  • Combining all 4 pieces would make it expensive than other train sets.


Most train enthusiast and collectors highly regards and wants this train piece. It is a very good train model, decoration or a display during the Halloween. It could really set off a good spooky ambiance with the pumpkin head and the lighted stove. The crumpled steal detailed design makes the train look very old, a perfect train for the occasion. The price is reasonable and it’s very durable. Keeping its light on won’t affect how long the product will last. This is a great buy for a great Halloween event.

Lemax 94954 SPOOKY TOWN EXPRESS TRAIN SET Battery Operated Halloween Decor



This is also one of the great Halloween train collections. The Lemax 94954 Spooky Town Express Train Set is a piece of a whole set of the spooky town collection created by Lemax for the holidays. A train set is the usual decoration that moves around inside the house. It can either be a good entertainment for kids or a nice decorative set that gives a spooky ambiance around the house, especially the ones that have lights or spooky sounds.

This train is a very humorous animated Halloween and holiday decoration. It is a motorized, battery operated train that uses 3 pcs. of 1.5 volts AA batteries. This goes perfect if you completed all collectible pieces of the spooky town set, the Spooky Grim Railway, the Spooky Town Rotten Railroad and many more. Most enthusiast and collectors wants to add this to their train toy collection. This is usually a limited edition item that comes out during the Halloween. This is train set is strong, sturdy and very sharp with its details.


  • It includes an animated caboose and a flying witch on top.
  • This train set produces a spooky light and sound effect for a cool Halloween ambiance.
  • Each pieces and the other part of the Spooky Town collection is highly detailed and colorful.
  • This is a battery operated train. Unlike any other Halloween trains, it does create a nice movement.
  • It comes with train tracks for your train to circle around.
  • This is a perfect train collection for collectors and train enthusiast.


  • Unlike other Halloween train collection, this can either be a play set, a decoration, battery operated and comes with a train track.
  • The spooky feeling it gives you when you turn the lights on is both scary and fun at the same time.
  • It is built on high quality materials which makes each train pieces very detailed.
  • The sharp dark and purple colors gives it a witchy effect that is pleasing to watch.
  • It seats 3 Halloween figures in one of its cars which include a vampire, a great Halloween passenger for your Halloween train.


  • The train tracks included is a bit loose. The train can’t go smoothly with it.
  • It is not that durable. Both train pieces and tracks are meant to be displayed. A toddler might play roughly with it and will get broken easily.
  • The train track is not firm and sturdy. Its tracks makes the train derail during turns.
  • Over a long period of time using it, the sound quality tends to get low.


This is only one of the few Lemax pieces of the Spooky Town that Halloween train collectors would want. It is a train perfect for this specific holiday. It can circle around nicely with sound effects under your Halloween tree or on top of your train table. It is battery operated for it to have its movement that makes it more entertaining and fun to watch. It really gives you the fun and exciting chills when you listen to it at night.

7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Skeletons on Train Yard Decoration


This is not like any other train toys. It is not even considered a play set but it could be depending on your child’s imagination and how they determine a toy. The 7 Foot Long Halloween inflatable Skeletons on Train Yard Decoration is perfect for your kids to set up on their indoor or outdoor play ground. It is very safe and soft that you don’t need to worry about bumps or falls. The inflatable can even carry the weight of a child without breaking. This can also be a good decoration around your Halloween tree or set it up outside your house as an outdoor Halloween decoration.

The concept of  this inflatable train is to give your child a fun idea of Halloween. Most of our children find this holiday creepy and scary. The inflatable train tries to give a funnier and exciting view of modern day Halloween. It got lights on it which makes it perfect for an outdoor Halloween party decoration or a Halloween camping.


  • It has a full inflated size of 90 inches in length, 46.5 inches on width  and 51 inches in height.
  • This inflated train got strong and better lighting which makes it perfect for Halloween’s night.
  • You don’t need to give too much effort. The train has a inflator fan. You just have to wait to inflate itself in a moment.
  • It has ground stakes and tethers for support and stability.
  • The inflated train is thick and strong. It won’t blow up even if a young child sits on it but it’s also not advisable.


  • This is a good decoration for your house exterior Halloween design or concept.
  • It can be used as camping accessories for kids. This goes well during story telling time on camping trips.
  • The inflatable train is easy to set up, inflate, deflate and store.
  • Its design is colorful and detailed. This inflatable train have a fair price, inexpensive.


  • It is not a toy. This is train decoration for Halloween.
  • There is not motor or any features that is designed to create movement.
  • It is a bit smaller than what you have paid for.
  • The inflatable train needs more light. It is not that bright.


This 7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Skeletons on Train Yard Decoration is the perfect thing you could get yourself to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. The inflatable train can be used to light up indoors and outdoors and will give you and your kids a great Halloween Spirit. This is a great purchase. It is very durable, easy to set up and easy to store. It comes for a very reasonable price. You don’t need to worry about how to inflate it because it includes a inflator fan.

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