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11 Amazing HO Train Layouts – [WITH VIDEOS]

There may be a lot of model train scales and gauges but one of the most popular of them all would be the HO scale. Furthermore, there are lots of HO Train Layouts you can refer to in building a wonderful and mesmerizing model train scenery or layout. Beginner model […]


10 N Scale Layout: For Kids and Adults – [WITH VIDEOS]

Different model trains come in different scales. The N-scale train model is just one of the popular choices when it comes to model trains. The scale or ratio of the train, depending on what country it was manufactured, ranges from 1:148 up to 1:160. Most people don’t understand the difference […]


Best DCC Decoder in 2019 – Complete with Reviews

One necessary or important thing you need to have when building your own DCC model train layout would be a something that controls all the commands and functions of your locomotives, train parts, and other accessories and that would be a decoder. Looking for the best DCC decoder is not […]


12 Wonderful Lionel Train Layouts – [WITH VIDEOS]

The best thing you can do once you’ve started collecting model trains would be building a model layout. For one, it can be for different sizes or scales, for another one, it can be for different types of model trains. However, there are others who would want to have a […]


Best DCC Controller

Being a train model hobbyist or an enthusiast doesn’t just simply mean ready-to-run set would be good enough. Lots of these passionate people won’t settle for a set and would rather form their own set and train model layout by purchasing train parts and accessories individually. However, most of them […]


Model Train Stuff

Ardent train enthusiast and hobbyist try to find the best train tools and accessories they need to build that perfect and perceptively absolute train model layout they possibly can. Provided with the right tools and equipment, the passion can turn into art where one would distinctively enjoy the numerous kinds […]


The Complete Model Railroader’s tool set

Being a train hobbyist and enthusiast is not that easy as well as not that hard if you just have your love and passion for it. However, being so requires you to have some ideal equipment that will allow you to attain what you really dream of, especially when it […]


Model Train Videos

There are so much to learn about model trains considering its history and the advancement it took to get to what it is now. Back then, model trains are far bigger and wider compared to what we know and see now. It might not be new to hobbyist and professional […]


How To Build A HO Scale Train Layout

Building your own train track design and model layout is the most fun, exciting and artistic part of train model railroad. As you go along with the hobby of train models, you’d eventually find out that you’d want more. You won’t settle for just a plain train model running on […]

HO Scale

HO Train Bridges How To Build One

A great way of spending some time to stimulate your imagination and creativity is through model trains. It’s not about getting an expensive train model set or an advanced, high tech featured train model. It’s about how you create your model’s design and layout. Another thing that makes it fun and […]