4 Gift Ideas for your Children this Christmas

Christmas is always such a beautiful and festive time where people get together and enjoy each other’s company with good food, music, and gifts. Kids, especially, really look forward to receiving gifts from their parents, or Santa Claus, around this time of year. Below is a list of items which […]


Train Sets for Kids

If all of you should know, our kids growing up, will eventually demand or ask a thing that could help or assist in making use of their time as they have plenty of it to spare. This will probably be a story book, a toy, an art kit and more. […]


Best Playmobil Train Sets

Best Playmobil Train sets – Top 2 First Choice      $$$ 4.9/5 Second Choice       $ 4.7/5     The RC Freight train is has a multi-functional remote control module that controls the on and off function, the speed and automatically activates special features and effects. That includes […]

Train Tracks

Mountain Spiral Railway

Introducing Mountain Spiral Railway, the ultimate wooden train track accessory for Thomas and Brio train sets. It interfaces with all the major wood train track pieces.  The inspiration for this track was my 5-year-old son. Like many children, Thomas drew him in at a young age. As he got older, […]


Classic Toy Trains

There many types of toy train available for hobbyist, enthusiast and/or kids to choose from. You can either choose between modern trains, electric trains, wooden trains, Thomas trains, Brio Trains, Chuggington Trains and more. But what about Classic Toy Trains? It refers not to the time it was made but […]


Electric Train Sets

Train toys are built, produced or manufactured for to sole purpose of educating and to provide fun and joy to kids. It also does provide the same entertainment and satisfaction to some adults. However, adults might prefer to choose over different electric train sets than a simple wooden railway set […]

Train Sets

Best Wooden Train Sets For Kids

Finding the right set of healthy and non-violent play toy or set offers an open-wide variety of choices and options. How would you feel if you’d know that there is a playset for your kids that offers not only that but also serves to educate your kids while being able […]

Train Sets

Wooden Toy Train Buying Guide

With technology and electric devices so integrated in our lives, there are some things that we may have forgotten, especially when it comes to toys. Gone are the days when imagination and creativity is the forefront of what playing time is about. However, there are just some things that will […]


Halloween Train Set: Best Trains For The Occasion

One of the most fun and exciting Holiday every kid awaits is the Halloween. It’s not usually horrors, ghost or monsters. People you see are trick or treating everywhere and it is very much enjoyable. Seeing those kids roam around the streets, knocking door-to-door and shouting “Trick or Treat” in […]

model trains

Lego train set: the Ultimate Guide

Best Lego Train sets – Top 4 First Choice   $$ 5/5 Second Choice     $$ 4.7/5   Third Choice      $$ 4/5   Fourth Choice    $$$ 4/5     When buying a train set for your child there are a number of great options to choose […]