Looking for an Electric Train Set?

For more than a century and across many generations train sets have been a source of fascination and have drawn huge numbers of followers ranging from children to adults. An electric train set is in a more sophisticated category of trains as compared to magnetic train sets and battery powered sets. They offer a modern feel to train-set play time and come loaded with many extras not found in other types of trains.

First Choice   LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy $$ 4.6/5
Second Choice    Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge $$ 4.1/5  
Third Choice      Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set $ 4/5  

Like all other train sets, electric train sets bring out a feeling of nostalgia among adults as they reminisce about their carefree days as children when they could spend hours on end working on their train sets, though they might have been a bit different from what is available on the market nowadays. There is a small part of each of us that really never grows old. It still desires some of the things that made our childhood memorable.

Your kids will also get excited by quality train sets, and the electric train sets come loaded with innovative features that will make play time even more exciting for your kids. You will also get a chance to bond with your kids as you help them set up and run their electric train sets.

Bachmann Trains’ Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set


This Bachman Train set is a ready-to-run set that includes an F7 Norfolk Southern diesel locomotive number 4270 with an operating headlight, am open quad hopper, a Norfolk and Western number 12988 Gondola, a Southern Railway number 1246 wide-vision caboose, Norfolk Southern Body-mounted E-Z Mate couplers, a 47” x 38” oval of snap-fit E-Z Track including 12 pieces of curved track, one piece of straight track, one plug-in terminal rerailer, a power pack, and a speed controller, and an illustrated instruction manual.

This train set is designed to ensure that it does not derail easily given the power of train has. The speed with which it moves with around the track while carrying its load is remarkable.

The Bachmann Trains’ Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set is available at Amazon.com for about $80.00 with free shipping.


  • Comes with a power pack and speed controller
  • Saves on extra costs associated with battery purchases
  • Easy to assemble and take apart when desired


  • Better suited for older kids who understand the concept of taking care of delicate toys

This train set offers a good value based on its price and the quality of the set as well as its performance. The set is best suited for older children between the ages of 12 and 15, as they will most likely take better care of the set than younger children.

The Thoroughbred is one of the best Bachmann HO electric train set. To further give you some information about the product, here is a video reference for you.

The installation of this set only requires minimal adult supervision as it is very easy to assemble and connect as seen in the video. It offers a lot of fun time and long hours of entertainment.

Lego City Trains High-Speed Passenger Train


The Lego City Trains High Speed Passenger Train Building Toy is an electric train set designed to allow your kids to travel around the city. They can circle it in no time with the motorized train. The train runs along an eight-channel track. It is operated with a seven-speed infrared remote control to power around the curved tracks at top speed. The train set also has a high speed front profile with an electrical contact point on the top.

This train set also comes with three mini-figures: train driver, a traveler, and a cyclist. The front car has a removable roof with an electrical contact point and a driver’s cabin with dashboard. The rear passenger car has a removable roof with electrical contact points, seats, and tables, and the middle passenger car has a removable roof, seats, and tables.

The High Speed Passenger Train Building Toy is available at Amazon.com for about $120.00 with free shipping.


  • This 610-piece set offers lots of ways to play
  • Easy to assemble and durable
  • Offers creative options for playtime


  • Not suitable for younger children

This train set is an example of Lego’s reputation of quality and durable products and promotes creativity during play time. The price may seem high, but remember the set includes 610 durable pieces to create and build with.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set—O-Gauge


The Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Set is an O-gauge model train. The O-gauge models are among the largest scale model trains, second only to the G-gauge models. The train set comes with the locomotive, tender, boxcar, tanker, and caboose.

Each of the cars in this set car is die cast, and the tank car also features metal handrails and ladders.

The set includes a transformer and huge oval FasTrack track. It also have an industrial diorama, telephone poles, and special billboard. This set has transformer-controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation with a realistic air whistle, a puffing smoke unit, and an operating headlight.

The Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Set is priced at about $290.00 plus shipping on Amazon.com.


  • Quality paint details
  • Made of sturdy die-cast metals
  • Comes with a working smoke stack, an air whistle, and a headlight


  • Set up can be quite cumbersome

Overall this is one train set that you will not mind spending close to $300.00 for. For the kids or yourself, this set would be a good purchase. The features and quality of the set justify the price tag.


The pursuit of the best electric train ends with the Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Train Set as it is the best electric train set with only one disadvantage: its price. The Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train offers a pocket-friendlier option without compromising on quality. The set is a good alternative to the Pennsylvania Flyer with its quality construction and numerous pieces. The Bachmann Trains’ Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set is even easier on your pocketbook and is a good value for its price.


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