5 Ways You Can Quit A Bad Habit

Most of us have bad habits which we yearn to break free from; this is because bad habits basically rob us of energy, money and even time. Letting go of bad habits at times can be harder than most people imagine it to be.

When breaking a bad habit one needs to make a conscious choice that they really want to break the bad habit. This is because everyone knows the habits that they are engaging in are bad but the biggest challenge comes when one wants to stop the habit.

Many people usually start the process like how to stop drinking alcohol but they are unable to follow through and they find themselves going back to drinking alcohol.

Here are ways in which one can use to quit a bad habit for good.

1. Make A Conscious Choice

The first thing that you need to decide is exactly what you are looking to change. You have to want to change this bad habit and this by making a commitment to yourself to work toward changing bad behavior.

Making a conscious choice means that you have to be honest with yourself and see the problem clearly. Admitting that indeed this is a problem which I need to change helps you begin the process of quitting.

2. Set Realistic Goal

If you are looking to quit alcohol or smoking you do not expect to achieve this by the next day or the next week. You need to set goals as to the time period where you can realistically achieve your goals.

In setting goals you need to have small milestones as a way of measuring how you are performing or if you are on track to achieving your goals. Take the example of smoking, starting by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke by day is the way to go.

3. Replace the Bad Habit

By quitting a bad habit means that you need to find another behavior which will replace that bad habit as a substitute. This is because you will feel a sense of boredom and desire to take a drink or smoke.

Below is a short video of breaking your bad habit:

The time you used to engage in bad behavior has to be replaced with another healthy behavior like going to the gym, exercise, doing yoga, build DIY projects, spend time with kids, and more.

4. Avoid Triggers

These are those stimuli which remind you of the bad behavior and further reduce your resistance to engage in the bad habit.

For instance, if you are looking to quit alcohol then you do not have to go to the bar to have a soft drink since this will trigger your desire to drink alcohol.

5. Seek Support

There are maybe times when you cannot quit a bad habit on your own and in this case you may need to seek support. This can be in the form of someone else who is looking to quit a bad habit. 

You can also reach out a family and friends or better yet have a mentor guide you through the process of quitting that bad habit.