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1000+ Jokes for Kids

Our kids may be little but they are naturally born smart and intellectual. We just have to provide some time to train them to improve their skills and talents as well as keeping their brain functional and stimulated. A good way to do so would be to read them a […]


50 Funny Puns for Kids

Some of you might think that puns are like double entendres. But to avoid any misconceptions, no it isn’t. First and foremost, puns are usually intended for fun, creativity, and wordplay where double entendres has a wide and broad scope of application apart from being a joke or a good […]


100 Actually Funny Knock Knock Jokes

One of the perks in life is that we could get to enjoy a good laugh listening, reading or watching jokes. It can work as a good starter for a day or two or create a good ambiance in the environment you have. Another thing that’s great about it is […]


Thomas the Train Wooden Whistle

The fun and interaction your kids get in a train set, wooden or not, is sufficient enough to keep them going, learning and enhancing their skills for months or years. They won’t get easily bored with those set as most are versatile, high compatibility, interchangeable and could be easily expanded. […]


Steam Train, Dream Train

A good bedtime story sets the atmosphere for children right before they fall asleep. Bedtime stories can be invented by anyone or told from a book. Telling a bedtime story from a book has a lot of advantages including the carefully crafted words to make for a soothing mood accompanied […]

Quotes about Railroad Tracks and Life

Quotes about Railroad Tracks and Life

The Transcontinental Railroad was one of the greatest accomplishments that early America saw, connecting the West to the East. The impact and importance of the railroad on people is obvious when you hear often times that the life is related to the railroad, tracks, trains, and train stations. We have […]

Train Stuff

Non-Digital Play for Kids

Our children growing up require us to provide them with things that will help them learn and develop their skills. This is where wooden toys, blocks and other non-digital play for kids would take part of the role. But seeing our kids today, holding those electrical devices, cellular phones, computers, tablets and […]


An Even Bigger List of Train Videos for kids

Trains are not only fun and entertaining but it is also very educational and inspiring especially for kids. For most of us, we can still remember the first encounter we had with trains. The chug sound it creates, the choo-choo sound it produces and the steam coming off gives us […]

Christmas Decor

25 Glass Train Christmas Ornaments

One of the things we do if we are into celebrating the spirit of Christmas is to prep our home with the things that represents the Holiday’s spirit. It would mean decorating your home with the things that could bring out the Christmas vibe from you and your family. These decorations […]