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Does your kid keep bugging you about a toy? If so, wouldn’t you want something that they can actually play with while at the same time, benefits them by improving their skills, imagination and reasoning? Such toys are called educational or learning toys and the most common and highly beneficial toys that could keep them company for a long period of time would be train. But of course it will still be a long list of choices. To help you out, we decided to lay out a list of the best Chuggington toys, a major brand in the train toy industries, to provide you with a clearer view and narrow your search for a viable play set you’d get for your kids.

First Choice     100-Piece Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set Fits Thomas Brio Chuggington $ 4.6/5  
Second Choice      Chuggington Stacktrack Duo Value Pack Die Cast Toy Set Includes Track Pack and Safari Park Patrol 3 pack $ 3.9/5  
Third Choice    Orbrium Toys 12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection Compatible with Thomas Wooden Railway, Brio, Chuggington $ 4.7/5  
Fourth Choice     Orbrium Toys 12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection $ 4.7/5  

Chuggington train toys are inspired and created from the actual characters in the famous train animated series. There are so many train characters your kids can choose from. It is actually nice to establish this train toy line as their means of collection. Not only that it can provide them with a better insight about things in life and inspire them by creating a solid childhood foundation, it is also very practical as most Chuggington train toys or sets are very cheap and affordable but holds and maintains high quality standards. Their product assures better longevity and versatile. Most of their set, especially their wooden railways are highly compatible with other well-known and credible train toy brands.

In addition, these amazing toys on the list are detailed comprehensively. It uses attractive and playful colors to catch your kids attention. You could grab this moment to discreetly teach them about color identification, sizes and shapes while they simultaneously have enormous amount of fun. For a small amount of investment, the knowledge, skills and entertainment a kid could get is beyond what you will pay for.


23 Cool and Amazing Chuggington Toys


Chuggington Stacktrack Duo Value Pack Die Cast Toy Set Includes Track Pack and Safari Park Patrol 3 pack



This is a Stacktrack chuggington train toys. There are only a few of this series left. It is a pack of 3 pieces. The set includes 3 Chuggington train character cars that include a safari patrol car. This is all for a great and affordable price. The set does not contain or include any train tracks but the toys are highly compatible to run and fit different Chuggington stacktrack train tracks. The materials used to create this amazing toy pieces are from die cast materials, a combination of rubber, plastic and metal. It is durable and can withstand certain amount of pressure as related to a rough play-style of a child.


100-Piece Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set Fits Thomas Brio Chuggington



The next set is a wooden railway. It is not actually a Chuggington set but this wooden railway train toy set is highly compatible with wooden Chuggington train toys. The set has a total of 100 pieces of amazing and durable wooden train parts and accessories. The train cars use magnets and metals as couplings to allow easy attachment and compatibility with Chugginton wooden train toys. It all includes all the necessary things to build and create a nice imaginative train layout such as figures, trees, cars, tracks and infrastructure.


Chuggington StackTrack Duo Value Pack Die Cast Toy Train Set



For a great price and value, this chuggington toy trains is a set of 4. It is a die cast/stacktrack train set compatible. The pack includes 4 pieces of train car made from durable die casting materials. Each piece can connect easily with other stacktrack train cars. They also have strong and stable couplings for efficient connectivity and maintain a nice flow as they run through the tracks, tagged together. This is a wonderful opportunity to start your children’s long collection of train cars.


Orbrium Toys 12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection



The next set comes in a nice wooden frame, brought to you by Orbrium Toys. It is not an actually Chuggington production but this set works great and could connect with wooden Chuggington train toy. There are 12 pieces of average size train cars, all with magnetic couplings as it is the standard couplings used by most major brands that manufacture a wooden train toy. The train cars have different types and design. It includes a tender, caboose, cargo car, coaches and more. This is a great collection that you might want to consider. For a great price, your kids will end up with 12 piecs. of durable wooden cars.


Chuggington Value Pack Toy Set Includes Straight and Curved 20 Piece Track Pack and Musical Train



This is a value pack, chuggington toy train. There is a train car made of durable materials with an included, 20 pieces stacktrack. The set features a sound system. It plays different music and illuminates with a single push of a button. The tracks consist of straight and curved tracks to provide more options with a kind of train track layout your kids opt to have. The set is recommended for children with age of 3 years and up. The train cars and tracks are compatible with other stacktrack series of Chuggington.

Orbrium Toys 12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection



The next one is a wonderful collection of train cars from Orbrium Toys which are highly compatible with wooden Chuggington toys and some other major brands. This is a set of 12 pieces that comes in an elegant looking wooden frame. The set features a collection of safari themed train cars that is perfect if you plan to set up a wildlife safari train lay out for your kids. Each car are made from real wood and durable materials with magnets and metals installed at both ends to provide comfort and compatibility in terms of connecting with other major brands of wooden trains.

Giving you additional fun and to boost your excitement about the product, here is a short video that will further show you how great the collection is.

This is a great way to expand your children’s wooden train car collection, all for a great, cheap and affordable amount.

Chuggington Wooden Railway Piper



This toy features Piper from a long list of chuggington train characters. It is great to be added on a wide variety of wooden chuggington toys collection. Piper is a known and favorite character in the Chuggington train series. This toy is made from real wood with efficient, easy-to-use magnetic couplings on both ends. It is highly compatible with other wooden train toy and comes at a cheap and affordable price. It is a great way to expand the train cars of your existing set and extend your children’s fun.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Zephie



TOMY introduces to you, Zephie. He is a nice green train car character and a nice chuggington train toys for your kids. It works great as an added train car to your kid’s existing set. The compatibility of this product is highly regarded as it can connect easily with most wooden railways from major brands. There are two magnetic and metallic coupling installed to allow an efficient connectivity. It is great for kids aging 2 years old and up for a great and attainable price.


Chuggington StackTrack Hoot and Toot



This is Hoot and Toot. They are a pair of train cars. It wouldn’t be fun to have hoot around and no toot or vice versa. This toy set is inspired from actual paired characters of the famous chuggington train series. The toy can be purchased for a price that is way below your limit. It is not compatible with wooden train sets but can connect efficiently with stacktrack chuggington toy series. The toy is made of heavy duty, die cast materials with realistic design and decoration.

To feature some of the side characters in the chuggington train series – Here is a short review, showcasing Hoot and Toot along with Emery:

The most thing that adds to the fun upon using or playing with chuggington train series are the details and the train design. All of its train set have fun faces.

Chuggington Wooden Railway Jackman



Meet Jackman, he is one of the most awesome, character inspired, chuggington toy trains brought to you by TOMY. Jackman is a patrol leader in the series. The toy features magnetic couplings as well as magnetic crane arm on top. Let your kids lift one object from one point to another using this lovely toy. It is made of real and solid wood with great sturdy construction. It works best to be connected or paired with other wooden train set. Its wheels can run smoothly and are a perfect fit on standard wooden railway tracks. It also has comprehensive details which is a close copy of the actual train character in the animated series. You can easily purchase Jackman at an affordable and friendly price.

Chuggington StackTrack Duo Value Pack Includes Zephies Monkey Business and Mtambos Safari Cars



Here is a set of 4 that also features zephie and other Mtambo cars. This chuggington toy train is stacktrack compatible and can never run or go along with wooden train sets. The toy uses heavy duty and long lasting die casting materials. There are some parts metal, some parts plastic and some parts rubber. This amazing value pack makes a total of 4 wonderful pieces that connects easily due to a durable coupling at the front and rear part of the cars. It is perfect to keep your children’s set going and rolling. For a not so expensive price, you can extend your children’s option, imagination, fun and a whole new variety of train layout.


Chuggington Stacktrack Jackman



As related to the previous Jackman, chuggington train toy on the list. That was a wooden train toy and this one is a stacktrack. Parts of the train toy are made from durable die cast component which is hard to break and can withstand certain amount of pressure and beating of a child. It has a secured front and back, plastic made couplings that could connect and easily attach to other stacktrack train toys. This Jackman toy is relatively cheap and affordable. It is actually a great opportunity to invest for a collection of Chuggington train cars. It offers great fun and entertainment as your kids slowly add some more train cars to their existing set.


12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection fits Thomas, Brio, Chuggington



Orbrium Toys brings you yet another 12 pieces set enclosed in a presentable and thick wooden frame. This set includes 12 amazing train cars that go along nicely with wooden chuggington toys. It is a collectible that features different types of train cars such as tender, coach car, passenger car, tank car, cargo car and more. Each of these toys are heavily equipped with magnets and metals to make it more possible to connect it with other major brands of wooden train toys such as Chuggington, Brio and Thomas and friends.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Asher



This is Asher. He is one of the beloved train fictional characters in the animated series. This wonderful chuggington train toy has great aesthetics and comprehensibly detailed design. Asher is a toy made from real and durable wood. The solid construction of the toy and its size makes it a viable play toy for children. It can be availed for a cheap and affordable price but of course, still maintains an unwavering quality. It is compatible with other major wooden train toys due to its magnetic coupling system and with wheels that can stay on top of the track and could keep running smoothly.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Wilson With Crane Car



If you plan on getting one, you should not miss this chance as there are only countable amount of stocks left in the market for this cool Wilson chuggington train toy. This Wilson toy comes in 2 pieces, one is Wilson and the other one is crane train car, both of which have easy connectivity due to the magnetic couplings located at the front and rear part of the train car. The toy is made from real wood with solid and strong construction. It works with other wooden railway systems from most major brands such as Brio and Thomas and Friends. It may not be that fun without train tracks or few other pieces of train cars but for a low and affordable price, this toy can extend your existing wooden set to a whole new level of fun.


Tomy Chuggington CS-04 Pla Hanzo



The next set of chuggington toys would be Hanzo. The set includes 3 pieces of lengthy train car. It comes for a reasonable price and larger compared with the previous train cars in the list but unfortunately, this toy train has low compatibility as it could not connect with Chuggington stacktracks nor the wooden railway train set. Hanzo has remarkable details and uses neat colors of blue and white. Although the train car could less likely be connected with other types of chugginton train toys, it could still run through some tracks provided that it uses standard size.


Tomy Chuggington Wooden Railway-Brewster’s Booster



This is actually a cute chuggington train toys from TOMY. This toy here is Brewster. He is one of the beloved large cars in the famous train series of Chuggington. Brewster comes with a booster that can be connected to the magnetic couplings in front or back of the car.  You would actually want this for your kids as Brewster is a very fun and catchy character. The train toy, together with the booster is all for a great price. Expand and extend your children’s wooden set using this pair of toy. It can connect and run firmly on a standard wooden railway track.


Chuggington StackTrack Mtambo’s Safari Cars



Grab the chance to let your kids own and add this to their safari stacktrack chuggington train toy. There are only a limited amount of stocks left and it will all be gone soon. This toy is a Mtambo safari set. It can’t be a nice standalone train car for your stacktrack set but it is actually really nice to make this as an accessory train car to extend the joyful hours of your kid’s current or existing stacktrack train cars. It has realistic design and decoration and made from durable die casting materials. You can have both of these accessory stacktrack cars for a low and affordable price.


Chuggington Stack Track Storm Maker Vehicle



If you are looking for a more practical chuggington toy trains, then this Storm Maker Vehicle set would definitely fit your preference. The set comes with 3 pieces of lengthy and large die cast made train cars that features Wilson, Koko and Brewster. It is nice that the value pack comes with 3 different well-known characters, all at a larger size and is perfectly compatible with stacktrack train cars. The front and rear of each train car has a secure, large and durable plastic coupling. The train toys are all highly detailed and long lasting.


Chuggington Remote Control Wilson


The previous chuggington toy train sets are not that techy or advanced as this one right here. Meet the remote control Wilsion brought to you by TOMY. The train toy features a motorized train engine car or a larger size with a spinning action of about 360 degrees. This train toy cannot be paired with other train set. It is a standalone train toy car with a two-button controller that allows you to control the toy to move forward or spin. It is best for children aging 3 years old and up. The train toy requires 6 pieces of double-A batteries to make it work.

This is an amazing toy from Learning Curve. The video below will discuss a short review about the product for an additional information about the beloved Chuggington character, Wilson.

You will see that this train toy set is not like the other set that could run on tracks. It is an independent toy that runs on flat surface. The train toy is batter operated and have a remote control feature.

Chuggington Wooden Railway Old Puffer Pete



The next wooden chuggington toys features Old Puffer Pete. He is one of the oldest train engine car characters in the animated train series of Chuggington. As seen in the picture above, for a great price, the details and the design of Old Puffer Pete is remarkable. It is a close copy of the character in the actual train series. It is also painted with a sharp looking color of black, red and gold. The train toy also holds great durability as it uses a thick and solid wood. There are also metallic and magnetic couplings at both ends to make it compatible with other major train toy products. This gives you a chance to prolong the fun in your children’s existing wooden railway set by adding Old Puffer Pete.


Chuggington StackTrack Skylar



This is Skylar. He is a stacktrack chuggington train toys collection from TOMY. Skylar is made from strong and solid die casting materials which makes it very sturdy. The stacktrack train toy is larger compared with other trains of stacktrack series. Skylar have a moving crane on top which adds more imaginative play options for your kids. The toy has realistic aesthetics and decorations with nice thick and secured plastic couplings at the front and back of the train. it is compatible to be paired and run along different stacktrack trains and tracks. The price of the toy is affordable and easy on your wallet.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Action Chugger


The last item in our long list of chuggington train toy would be Chugger. He is a fast and slick train character in the series. It uses a blazing design of yellow and red to indicate how fast Chugger can go. The toy is made from solid wood construction and has a two way, easy to connect magnets at the rear and front part of the train. It is large enough to be played by toddlers. The age recommendation would be 2 years old or higher but the train set is choke-hazard free and reliable strong to survive a beating of a child’s play style.



Thinking about it, there is actually only quite a few detriment or drawbacks of your kids having a train toy or set. That would probably be the size of the train and in some cases, the price to which some other famous brands have while containing the same set of features with cheaper products. The sizes of the train parts and accessories are important, especially with toddlers as they have a tendency to swallow or eat anything they can lay their hands to. It is just right and proper to check the age recommendation of the toy before purchasing and handing them out to your kids.

Ending our discussion, we do hope that this list of the best Chuggington toys helped a lot in your long search of the greatest and viable educational toys for kids. The products included have been picked out. They are most likely to be the best-selling, high rated and practical product with high hopes and good reviews from customers who have actually tested the product. We believe that it is your right to know the quality of the toy as an investment should never go to waste, especially when it is for your kids.

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