The Best Train Sets and Toy Trains for Girls

Surprisingly, buying a train set or train toy would implicate that one is buying for either himself or his male children as trains are statistically loved by men. In most movies or television shows, you’d actually see that a boy is the one that features the love for trains. That is the usual impression but you can’t take the fact that girls or women can also be attracted to train toy as it is a play thing or toy that is not gender specific. The only thing that makes it less attractive to girls is the design and aesthetics of a train set. Fortunately, there are some girls train set available in the market, specifically designed to educated and to fit the liking of a girl, especially in terms of color and appearance.

First Choice     Bigjigs Rail BJT022 Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set $ 4.2/5
Second Choice     Bigjigs Rail Magical Wooden Train Set and Table – 59 Play Piece $$$ 5/5  
Third Choice      BigJigs Toys Pink Battery Operated Engine $ 3.4/5  
Fourth Choice     My Little Pony Friendship Express Train $ 4.2/5  

Trains are considered to be the most viable learning or educational toys for kids. Given that, it can be played with by both genders as it discreetly stimulate and educate their mind while they have fun. It enhances and develops their skills and builds a better foundation in order to gain the required skills and confidence they needed as they grow up. The only negative trait of a train in terms of gender would be the appearance and design. Most train sets and toys are built to the liking of a boy and not of a girl. That is why we decided to give you a list of train sets and toys that was outlined in most aspects to go as attractive to girls.

17 Learning and Educational Girls Train Sets and Toys


Wooden Toy Train Set


If an affordable but complete train set is what you are looking for, then this wooden train set for girls by Cubbie Lee Toy Company is an ideal choice for you. It does not have any motorized engine train car but it is a complete, ready-to-play train set with tracks, figures and train cars included. It can be easily assembled by your little girl with only minimal adult supervision. It has a simple design with no specific gender aesthetics, making it a good train set for girls and for boys.


  • The set has a total of 30 pieces of good quality plastic train pieces and accessories.
  • It has a train track, a bridge, a policeman figure, a wonderful scenery, 3-parts train set and a car.
  • The tracks are crafted from high quality sustainable and durable wood.
  • It makes a perfect gift or present for young girls and boys.
  • This product covers a 5 year warranty.
  • Develops logical or reasoning skills and hand-eye coordination skills.


  • Does not have any engine to make the train set travel or circle around the track on its own.

Bachmann O Scale GG-1 Girl’s Train Set



This is an all-time collectible train that is ideal for girls made and brought to you by Bachmann. It is an O-gauge intended as trains for girls but due to its design, aesthetics and color but could also work great for boys. It comes a little bit expensive but totally worth it. The durability is exceptional and remarkable. It also has many features included. The train set is motorized and can run through tracks smoothly.


  • It includes a stripe electric train engine of Pennsylvania with a pink color.
  • The train has an operating pantograph, bell and horn.
  • It is a complete set that includes a boxcar and gondola, all having girly colors.


  • This is only great with children aging 8 and up. Toddlers or kids younger than 8 cannot benefit much or appreciate this set.
  • Highly expensive. The train set has a delicate price to be just a little girl’s play set. It could be more of an adult girl, train lover collectible.

Fisher-Price Little People Musical Animal Zoo Train



This is a shorter set of trains for girls. It features a train car that carries around zoo animals. The strain set is intended for girls. The colors used, design and the figure included is all in favor in the liking of a girl. It plays musics as it runs along its path. This is an educational train toy for girls with ages from 1 to 5. You can have this as a present or a gift during the holidays or on their birthdays. It will teach them on how to identify different animal sounds and will hear more train sounds.


  • You can choose to couple it with a larger train bed that allows you to fit even more people or animals.
  • The train has a button on the smoke stack where pushing will trigger a whistle blowing sound.
  • It includes several figures, Mia, a chick, a cat and a basket of yarn.
  • Produces animal and train sounds.


  • This train set is short and its connectivity is limited.
  • All parts of the train are made of plastic.

Bigjigs Rail Magical Train Set and Table



This is one of the amazing girls wooden train set you can have for your child. It is a train set with a train table, all for a reasonable and affordable price. It has a fairly large train layout, a pinkish play-board and most of the train parts and pieces are colored pink as well. This train features a magical train setting for your lovely girl. The train set provides an interactive role play as the train runs around the magical city. It’s not easy to find a girls train table, but this one is a great find!


  • It includes a pink pastel colored train, bridge, tunnel, boat, figures and more.
  • The table is on a height, appropriate for giving a good fun-time posture.
  • The tracks and the table is made of high quality and durable wood.
  • It is compatible with other Bigjigs products.
  • The table is printed with a nice pinkish play-board.


  • Does not have any electric or motorized train feature.
  • Does not produce any sound or music.

BigJigs Toys Pink Battery Operated Engine



There are only a few of this left in the market. You can have this product purchased in colors of pink and red. The price is the same regardless of the colors chosen. This is only a train toy and not a set but this toy can run through most wooden train tracks and have a battery operated engine. Running through a standard train track, enables this wonderful train toy to go forward or backward without any problem.


  • It is battery operated and requires only 1 triple-A battery to make it run.
  • Recommended and best suitable for girls aging 3 and up.
  • It is certified as a safe educational toy by CPSIA and ASTM.
  • This can be an additional toy for your little girl’s current wooden train set.
  • It can be used with magnetic connectors to be used for other train railway cars.


  • The connector is not included in the toy set. You need to purchase it separately.
  • This could not be that attractive to some kids.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Rosie



This is an affordable single piece, train toy for girls. it actually features Thomas the train. The train is colored in pink and red, making it a perfect combination that attracts little girls. The train toy is crafted in real, durable and sustainable wood, connected to a hard, non-toxic plastic that acts as Thomas’s wheels.


  • It has a magnetic connector that connects it to other train cars easily.
  • Handcrafted from the best quality of wood.
  • It works best with most wooden railway sets of Thomas and Friends.
  • The train is highly detailed and uses vibrant pink colors.


  • It is a wooden train toy with no engine.
  • Manufactured only as a pink Thomas train engine with no cars.

Secret Forest Wooden Train Set



Give your lovely girl an amazing forest journey riding the train. This is a wooden train set bought to you by Maxim. Maxim has been known to create different train toys and sets, including tables and other accessories. This is one of their girls, forest themed wooden train set for a low and affordable price.


  • It is highly compatible with Brio and Thomas and Friends wooden train set.
  • This set uses a standard wooden track making it highly versatile and compatible with most wooden train products.
  • Made from hardwood which is remarkable strong and durable.
  • It is a unisex train, both for girls and boys.


  • Does not have motorized train or remote feature that adds more fun to the set.
  • Figures and other accessories has a tendency to fall down or tip off.

Bigjigs Rail Sweetland Express Train Set



This is a cool girl train set for children aging 3 years and up. It works great to be an additional train set for your child’s existing wooden railway set. This set is shorter compared to other train set but the details and colors are great for your girl. It greatly attracts the eye and the heart of your child and be able to play long fun hours with this.


  • Made from good source and responsible material, non-toxic plastic.
  • Compatible with Bigjigs railway set and other train set that uses standard wooden tracks.
  • Very affordable and quality assured.
  • The length of the train set is about 10.63 inches long.


  • It does not include any train tracks.
  • There is no motorized train engine car to pull the train cars.

My Little Pony Friendship Express Train



This is the Pony Friendship – Express Train made and brought to you by Hasbro. There are only a few or not at all many train products for young girls who love train and Hasbro decided to contribute to the needs and cater young girl’s desire for a train toy. This purple train set is combined with girl’s love of little pony. The animal rides the pink train and run around in circles on the purple track.


  • This small pony train has a motor that requires two pieces of double-A batteries.
  • There is a space inside the train to where you can put the pony and let it ride.
  • It promotes an interactive play.
  • The toy train, pony and the lovely track comes in an affordable price.
  • The whole set includes one train engine car, 7 pieces train track that easily connects, a small railroad cart and some sticker labels.


  • The train set does not have any remote control feature.
  • It kind of looks very short and cannot be connected with other train cars.

Bigjigs Rail BJT022 Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set



This is an average or mediocre sized wooden train set from Bigjigs. The setting of this train set is that of a fairy land. It will try to widen the scope of your children’s creativity and imagination as they start their magical train journey using this set. It includes many train pieces, accessories and tracks, all for an affordable and attainable price.


  • It has a total of 40 play pieces.
  • The train uses a wooden, durable track.
  • The train track and loop measures to about 39 inches by 18.1 inches wide.
  • It has certifications and approved by CPSIA and ASTM as a safe toy for children.
  • The creativity and imagination of your children will be enhanced.


  • Does not come with a themed play-board.
  • The train engine car is not motorized or is not electricity or battery operated.

Dazzling Toys Girls Train Set



Here is another great learning train toy for girls for a reasonable price. This train set actually has a good rate in most eCommerce and marketing websites. For an affordable price, it holds some features of an expensive train set such as a motorized train engine, a smoke puff unit and an average size oval train track. Although this set is made of plastic, it is tolerably durable and safe for kids.


  • The set has a total of 13 pieces of play parts.
  • It requires double-A batteries for the train engine that is not included in the set. It also puffs smoke.
  • The set includes a train trunk, cabin, and a dolly the rides the set.
  • Each car can be connected or disconnected.
  • The track is not that thick but can make the train run thoroughly without derailing.


  • All of the train pieces are made of plastic, including the train track with only tolerable durability.
  • The batteries are not included. You need to do another purchase for the batteries.

Cute Music Lights Simulation Electric Train for Girls



This is ideal for toddlers or much younger kids. The train features a light installed inside the transparent plastic on the upper part and the face of the train. It looks very much like a transparent Thomas the train. The purpose of this train is to provide and assist brain stimulation. The train also provides whistle sounds as runs forward. All parts of the train are made of durable plastic and come with three train cars with one having a light feature as well.


  • The train and its cars measures to a nice length.
  • It has sound and light feature.
  • It is very affordable.
  • The train cars can be easily connected and disconnected.
  • It has a motorized train engine car.


  • The plastic is thin and not that durable. You need to put some adult supervision to avoid it getting broken through a toddler’s rough play.
  • Does not come with a train track and the batteries are not included.

Bkids Pop N Learn Train



Not like with most trains, this is a block train that carries with it blocks, printed with letters. The main purpose of this set is to allow kids to learn the alphabet discreetly while they have fun with the moving train toy. It is best used as a play-set by children aging 1 to 3 years old. With this set, you can choose to spend time and tutor your kids as they play with the set. This could actually be a train toy for schools during a fun lecture and a fun time playing.


  • The train toy is large along with the blocks included. It makes it safe and choke-free.
  • It only requires 2 pieces of double-A batteries to make it move.
  • It comes with different vibrant colors which makes it highly attractive.
  • This train toy is both for girls and boys.
  • Made from thick and durable, non-toxic plastic.


  • The train includes only one cart on the back which could only carry few pieces of blocks.
  • This train toy is large and not at all fitting to any train tracks.

Friends LEGO 109 PCS Party Train Brick Box Building Toys



There are also some LEGO train pieces made for girls. This series of the Lego train Brick Box are close to being out of stock in the market so grab your girl one set as much as possible. This will greatly increase your little girl’s logical, reasoning, fine-motor and hand-eye coordination skills as they try to connect each Lego block to form their train. The party train cart is actually being carried around by a bike instead of a train engine car.


  • This is highly beneficial and aids in the development of your little girls mind.
  • There are different girly figures included.
  • Connecting the blocks tends to make your children more creative and imaginative.
  • This type of Lego set is only one of the few ever created and comes at an affordable price.
  • It could be connected to all Lego bricks and blocks.


  • Does not have any motor to make the train run automatically.
  • It cannot be used as an actual train for any tracks.

Green Toys Train, Pink/Green



This is Green Toy’s Train. The plain color of pink, green and lavender gives it a girly look or appearance. It weighs about 1.8 lbs. which makes the set fairly large. It is a train set not compatible to run on train tracks but can run nicely over any smooth surface.


  • The materials used are 100% guaranteed made from recycled non-toxic plastic.
  • This train toy is dishwasher safe.
  • Plastic train pieces are thick and durable.
  • Includes 2 figures that can be loaded on one of the train cars.


  • The train does not include any remote, sound or motorized features.
  • Cannot run through any train tracks.

Hello Kitty Electric Train Railway



This will totally get your little girl’s feet flapping as this amazing train set for girls features the most famous girl iconic character, Hello Kitty. The design and the character feature definitely indicate that this train set is for girls. It has a Hello Kitty train engine car that is battery operated. It is ideal for kids aging 3 and up. There are only few of this left in stock so grab one set for your children before it goes out.


  • The Hello Kitty locomotive includes 3 train cargo cars,
  • It comes with a free, durable plastic, train tracks consist of 4 straight track and 4 curved tracks.
  • The track’s dimension is 22 inches in length by 10.4 inches in width.
  • Very affordable.


  • The plastic from which it is made is questionable if durable or not.
  • Cannot be a train set used in other standard train tracks.

And, just for fun, here’s a great girls lionel train video – gotta love that soundtrack:

Your daughter will forever thank you for setting her up with a girls train set table with a pink locomotive 🙂

Lego Duplo Disney Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade



Another great train set for girls is this amazing Disney Lego Duplo set that features Mickey and Minnie mouse having a great birthday parade. It does not have any motor to make the train run by itself but it could run on standard wooden tracks. The set includes the needed accessories for a fun train parade.


  • The set includes both Micky and Minnie mouse figures.
  • It has moving wheels that could run on standard wooden tracks and over smooth surfaces.
  • The train carries blocks of numbers from 0 to 9, perfect for letting your kids learn numbers as they have fun.
  • It develops basic building skills of your children.


  • Does not have a motor.
  • Does not include its own train track.


In addition, there are some common questions and searches such as a girl train table and activity tables for girls. You should know that a train table or an activity table is a uni-sexual tool.

It is where children of both genders can work with their learning activity or lay-out their educational train toys. If not, at least why not buy character clothing to surprise your children. Toys are very helpful in child development.

You should know that the benefits of a train set, train toys or train table for male children are also that beneficial for a girl toy train set. You just have to be more open with what your children want and needs and look for the optimal toy that focuses on aiding in the development of their mind and body.

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