Best IKEA Wooden Train Set for Children

Why you should consider the IKEA Wooden Train Set for your child?

As most children’s play-sets, a train set aids and assist greatly with the development of logical and motor skills. The fact that a train set needs to be connected and assembled enhances the child’s motor skills at a very young age while engaging in a fun activity.

This is where the IKEA wooden train sets come in very handy and useful. All of their products are eco-friendly and use non-toxic materials, including for paints and plastics. In addition to that, their train sets are highly regarded, most of which have good ratings from many satisfied customers.

IKEA has design experience!

Ikea is a well-known company that manufactures and sells creative designs specializing in home furniture. Their concept is to have each piece removable or detachable. This is to provide greater mobility and a sturdy construction base.

With the help of their innovative designers and engineers, they have tried to expand their scope and applied their core concepts to children’s play-sets. Connecting and assembling wooden toys will enhance or improve children’s imagination, creativity, logical / reasoning skills, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

The IKEA  train sets are affordable having in mind the durability of the material. The maker is trying hard (and with good results!) to compete with more expensive and established toy train brands.

Best IKEA Wooden Train Set!

We have looked at their current wooden train offers and, after some deliberation and testing, we have settled on the following wooden train set as IKEA’s best!

This is a 20-pieces wooden train tracks and set. It is an original product imported from Japan. Although it’s more expensive than other wooden toy trains, it’s still affordable when you consider the fact that it will will last for years. Basically, your child will outgrow the toy train!

Get this toy train set now!

Train Set Review

Assembly requires the child to combine and connect the rail system of the train and is thus great for the development of your child’s motor skills. The full set is 300 cm long .

It includes an instruction manual that is very detailed and visually stimulating. You could read this together with your child before the first assembly. The manual shows how a simple 8-figure train track connects but your child could choose to add more wooden toy train tracks or even a toy train bridge and be more innovative. The train cars use magnetic couplings. The train engine along with 3 pieces of train cars are made of durable wood painted with non-toxic materials. It is a great play-toy for children aged 3 and above.

The set involves some assembly but at a minimal effort. Your children can easily identify which parts to connect with each other. Of course, it is still advised to provide minimal adult supervision while they play.

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