As most children’s play-set, a train set aids and assist greatly with the development of logical and motor skills of children. The fact that train set needs to be connected and assembled will certainly enhance their skills at a younger age while maintaining a fun and healthy environment. That is where ikea wooden train set would come very handy and useful. All of their products are eco-friendly and uses non-toxic materials which includes paints and plastics. In addition to that, their train sets are highly regarded, most of which have good ratings and remarkable number of recommendations from satisfied customers.

Ikea is a well-known company to manufacture and sell creative designs specializing in home furniture such as tables, cabinets and more. Their concept is trying to have each piece removable or detachable. This is to provide great mobility and transport as you can easily disassemble each part of the furniture. Each part is being held on to by screws or bolts to keep a stable and sturdy construction.

With the help of their innovative designers and engineers, they have tried to expand their scope and applied their concept to children’s play-set. It is due to the fact that connecting and assembling will definitely enhance or improve children’s imagination, creativity, logical/reasoning skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more. They also are trying to create a children’s play toy, being it a train set to be more affordable while trying to maintain a good sense of durability. This is to be able to give satisfying and joyful results and being able to compete with expensive and known brands that does not cost much.

5 Fun and Entertaining Ikea Wooden Train Set


IKEA 3-piece Magnets train set, lillabo



This is one of ikea wooden train set which is very affordable and fun. There are only a few of this left and it will definitely be a win in your part to grab your children one set now. Ikea uses a magnetic coupling system to where you children could easily connect each train car comfortable and efficiently while being able to maintain a strong sense of stability and balance as the train runs through the wooden tracks. The tracks are the same with other known wooden railway tracks such as Brio, Thomas the train and Chuggington. The original set includes a wooden train track but unfortunately, this set only includes 3 pieces of magnetic train cars. You can choose purchase other brands of standard wooden railway tracks due to its compatibility. This is perfect for starters or beginners who wants to learn basic things through fun and entertainment.

IKEA LILLABO train basic set



This is a 20 pieces ikea wooden train tracks and set. It is an original product imported from japan. It costs farm more expensive as the previous set but still very affordable in general price. It develops logical thinking skills and your child’s motor skills as they try to combine and connect the rail system of the train. The set measures to a full set of 300 centimeters. It includes an instruction manual that are very detailed and with visualization. The manual shows a simple 8-figure train tracks connected but you can choose to add more wooden tracks and try to inspire your children to be more innovative. The train ca0sr also use magnetic couplings. The train engine along with 3 pieces of train cars are made of durable wood painted with non-toxic materials. It is a great play-toy for children aging 3 and above.


IKEA 20-piece train set, lillabo [Holiday Gifts]




Le train Rirabu / LILLABO set


Ikea 20 piece Wooden Train Set – LILLABO



As you can see, even the train tracks have a fancy way of connecting. The train cars itself mostly uses unique magnetic couplers for an efficient connectivity. It will teach your children some knowledge on magnetism and how it works. There are only few brands and train toy inventions that use this coupling system and for a low and ideal price, you could actually let your kids experience this new and amazing feature.

The set usually involves some assembly but at a minimal effort. Your children can easily identify which part to connect with each other. Of course, it is still advised to provide minimal adult supervision as they play even though the set has uses non-toxic materials and choke-hazard free. For a small amount of investment, your kids can actually have a good foundation for their childhood. It can slowly teach them how basic things usually work and provide them with better understanding of why things move in such fashion.

There are only a few disadvantages of a train and that is in terms of quality, durability and price as some are very expensive, lowly detailed and breaks easily. But looking on an intellectual perspective, a train will only do well to your children and a small or none-at-all chance of harm or danger.

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