The Ultimate List of YouTube Train Videos for Children

Trains are not only fun and entertaining but it is also very educational and inspiring especially for kids. For most of us, we can still remember the first encounter we had with trains. The chug sound it creates, the choo-choo sound it produces and the steam coming off gives us the chill and excitement that nothing else can. Even until today, old people with a great train experience as a child usually gets nostalgic over hearing the sound of different classic trains, even by just watching movies or videos with trains gets us back reminiscing our childhood. This experience gives us the motivation we need, the inspiration and the dream. We build our future out of good memories and it makes us persevere in making our life more successful. It is the experience we can share and pass down to our children and their children. That is why some parents start to open up the world of train for their kids at an early age by buying them train set toys, letting them watch train videos for kids and actually getting them to ride one.

Unlike other kinds of motivational and inspirational things, objects or hobbies, trains is considered to be one of the most child-friendly toys, educational and fun. That is possible the reason why most train toys or models and toys are said to be a good learning kit for children usually aging 2 and up. Train toys and videos can teach your children discreetly about letters, numbers, rhymes and more. It can also influence them to study or pursue a career in science and technology. It teaches them different aspects of science or physics by just slowing down or speeding up. This is also a great way for letting your kids have a non-violent play style instead of letting them play video games or buying them a toy gun at an early age. They might get confuse and get the wrong grasp of the concept.

Regarding video trains as an educational tool for children, there are so many videos available on YouTube you can let them view. There are cartoon made trains that teaches them alphabets, an animated video of precautionary measures if you are near or in a train, a real train video that features train locomotives and more. You just have to look for a train video trend where your kids react more excitingly. Below are different kinds of train videos that feature Thomas the Train, Choo-Choo Train and Steam Train.


12 Thomas the Train Videos for Kids

#1 Thomas and Friends Full Game Episode

This video is from a YouTube Channel called “The Kids Club”. It is a video that features the Thomas and Friends Train trying to look for the shortest route or the best train track that would make their travel more fast and efficient. Thomas and friends on the video stumbled upon different problems they have encountered such as blocked tracks, multiple deliveries, loading containers on train cars and more. The video has 23 million views already and the count keeps going up. It is one of the most viewed children’s train video on YouTube. The problems Thomas the train and his friends encounter in the video helps in the development and enhancement of logical, reasoning and problem solving skills of your kids. This video can also be used in color identification or familiarization and promote conversational skills and confidence. This is great train videos for kids that they will actually enjoy.

#2 Thomas Train Vs Green Train

The video shows the competition between Thomas the train and the green train. Your children will have a great time as they can witness their favorite toy train come to life or become an animated cartoon they can watch with bright colors, movements and sounds. There is no narration on this video. The video covers from the assembly of Thomas the train and the assembly of the green train to which Thomas the train will compete. This video can promote and influence children to do more building and construction they could apply to their best train toy. The train to that your children use to assemble and connect will develop their fine-motor, logical, reasoning, problem solving skills and might even get them motivated to build a stepping stone to an engineering career path. The brain stimulation they will acquire will greatly widen their creativity and imagination. This video got 2 million views and is still going up. This video was uploaded by Mega Kids TV.


#3 Thomas & Friends Toy – Thomas The Tank Engine & Percy Light


This is a video of an actual Thomas the train toy. It features 2 sets of the famous Thomas train that runs around a large track on a beautiful train table on a city suburb setting. It shows the features of the toy train. The light in front of the train gives brightness during playtime at night or in a dark room. This is a video brought to you by ToyTrains4u where they actually showcase different toy train videos for kids that are educational, influential and fun. This is a great train video for kids and for adults who are in the search of the best toy trains to give for their children.

#4 Thomas and Friends & Kinder Joy Toy Cars

The next video features two train and cars for kids. This is a video of Thomas and Friends train and the Kinder Joy Toy Cars. It shows two different products into one play setting where in it features it from unpacking of the product to assembling to actually playing it. This video is actually very helpful for people who own these two kinds of play set. They can use this video as their reference to make their assembly easier.

#5 Mike Train Vs Thomas Train

This is Thomas the Train in competition with the Mike Train. The video shows two trains, a red one and a blue one that tries to win a race in an unusual manner brought to you by The Mega Kids TV. It is a 10 minute video of fun, laughter and joy for your kids. This will help young conductors stimulate their imagination and creativity. The Mega Kids TV is a video uploading channel that is dedicated to help in the development of children’s skill such as creativity and logical reasoning skills. This is one of the many great videos your kids will love.

#6 Count 123 with Thomas and other Train Toys

Thomas & Friends not only hands out a great show for entertainment, they also have many wonderful educational videos that can be used for toddlers to teach them how to count and identify the numbers. This is a 14 minute video that discreetly teaches your kids the proper sequence of numbers and the bright colors of the train and the blocks it carries on its cars can help them identify and memorize the colors. The video also includes a simple tutorial on how to assemble each numbered blocks and connect the train to the train cars.

#7 Thomas the Tank Engine

This is one full episode of Thomas the train that features a tank engine train. It was uploaded by a random train enthusiast or hobbyist for his beloved brother. It is a 10 minute length video that shows a beautiful island where the train route is located. Here, you will see Thomas the train carry a lot of load. Thomas the train transfers machinery, large tree trunks, quarry materials and more. The lovely face of Thomas the train having conversations and receiving instructions from the station conductor will really entertain your kids. The video has a low or and old CGI effects which is intended for kids. It has reached more than 5 million views on YouTube and the count still increases as day’s passes by.

#8 Thomas and Friends Super Train Series

The video shows a tutorial of the Thomas and Friends Super Train Series. From unboxing the train up to assembling, the video will demonstrate on how to connect each pieces and accessories of the train. It also shows how durable each of the pieces. The music that plays along with the video tutorial is very catchy on a kid’s ear. It will entertain them well that they might get interested in assembling one themselves. Train toy assembly can enhance and develop our kid’s hand-eye coordination skills, logical skills and problem solving skills. It can also influence them to have a dream and follow a career with construction and engineering or even science. This can also work great for those who own this kind of Thomas the train series who have lost their instruction or assembly manual.

#9 Toy Train Hero of the Rails

This is a great train story from ToyTrains4u. They have set up a wonderful train track setting where they feature different kinds of Thomas the train. The title Hero of the rails is a made up story from the video up-loader. It describes a heroic deed of Thomas the train where he found a train named Hiro and saved him. Hiro got renovated and looked good as new. They have combined train parts from Play Doh to recreate the patchwork. This is also an educational video for kids. ToyTrains4u have dedicated most of their time in bringing your children different learning and educational compilation of videos related to their toys. Their channel offers a variety of stories, toys and surprises.

#10 Thomas and Friends: Accidents Will Happen

The video above is actually very helpful for kids. It features Thomas the train and the possible accidents the train might encounter during its trip. A train having gone to a wrong track will end up colliding with other train or go through an abandoned train yard and collide with an unused train or train cars. The video also shows a train covered in big pile of snow wherein a train might get crashed. There are also broken train tracks on the mountainous terrain that can cause a train to fall or derail down the cliff. The video uses Thomas and friends as their train models but each of them is animated so the production of this video got zero train casualties. This is a very educational and helpful video that can influence your kids to be more cautious in what they do and what is happening around them.

#11 Thomas and Friends Finger Family – Nursery Rhymes

This is a fun and entertaining video for kids that show Thomas and friends finger family. It is a full hour video that contains different nursery rhymes that greatly attracts the attention of toddlers and can help develop their activeness and listening skills. It is a video that can motivate them to go to school. It gives them the notion of the thought that going to school and learning is fun and not as boring as they think it is. The video was published by the Baby Kids Show last June, 2015. Baby Kids Show is a YouTube channel that post or upload different nursery rhyme videos and toy related, animated shows to entertain your kids. Your kids will definitely enjoy an hour of finger family song using Thomas and friends trains.

#12 Thomas The Ladybird Engine

An individual has posted this amazing Thomas the ladybird engine on YouTube. This is the episode where one of Thomas’s friends named Percy have failed its engine and is about to crash with an approaching train named Gordon that occupies the same track. Luckily, Percy’s engine started to function well and moved in reverse and run away as fast as it can. This is one of the classic Thomas and friends animated episodes. It can be seen that the effects and CGI used is of an older version. The animated production is actually combined with real trains, tracks and accessories. This is a great video for kids where they have a lot of time to spend. It is very educational as well as fun and entertaining.

9 Choo Choo Train Videos for Kids

#1 Learn to Count to 10 with Choo-Choo Train

This is the Mizyaka Dizyaka ENG channel that allows your kids to learn how to count from 1 to 10 with the assistance of a choo-choo train. This is a cartoon video episode for children, kids or toddlers. The video have a link of this episode for different language which helps improving linguistics. You can choose your preferred language and not just English. This video can be used for schools, preschools or homeschools to stimulate the mind of a child and widen their creativity, curiousness and imagination. It is on a very detailed animation with bright and vibrant colors that can also help in your children’s ability to learn and identify different set of colors. This is a very helpful video tool from Mizyaka Dizyaka ENG where they have dedicated most of their time in uploading videos that aids in the development of children.

#2 Choo Choo Train

The whenpigsflystudio have many video uploads that caters young minds by providing them a cartoon video with nice songs and rhymes. This is one of their videos that feature a choo -choo train with over 7 million views and closing to 8. It is 3 minute video that contains nice choo-choo sound effects of an animated train that carries along fruits, school supplies and a dog on its train cars. This will help your kids build their conversational confidence through songs and rhymes.

#3 Choo Choo Train – Train Cartoon for Children

Another great YouTube Channel you can subscribe your kids into is the Toy Factory channel. It showcases a cartoon of train, train tracks, cars and trucks running around an animated train track making choo choo and chug sounds all over town. It also shows an animated assembly of an ice-cream van with a speaker that creates a nice melody down the streets indicating that ice-cream is now available for kids. There is also a police car featured in the video that is being delivered by a truck and slowly getting it assembled piece by piece and many more. Children will have an entertaining moment watching different kinds of vehicles being assembled with a nice and cheerful music playing. This is actually 3 kinds of videos combined and edited becoming one and has a length of 15 minutes, at least 5 minutes each.

#4 Choo Choo Train Cartoons for Children 1 – ROBO KIDS TV

This is the Choo Choo Train Cartoons for Children and it is one of the nicest toy train videos for kids by ROBO KIDS TV channel. The channel offers different train, car and truck videos and each of them is linked under the description. Some episodes of segments they have are in 3D. This episode shows a car breaking down in the middle of a train track which can cause an accident. Your children will see a tow truck coming down to help the car out of the train tracks that is causing some delays with the train passing by. This is a short video clip that will make your children understand some of the dangers of not following traffic lights or rules during travel.

#5 Choo Choo Train Cartoons for Children 2 – ROBO KIDS TV

Another great choo choo train video for children, brought to you by ROBO KIDS TV channel on YouTube. This is also a short animated film with a length of more than 3 minutes that shows the assembly of a great blue choo choo train and getting it connected with several train cars. Your kids can also witness how the trains try to change cars from a passenger car to a quarry or coal cars. The video also make a wonderful choo choo sound that could stimulate your children’s excitement of trains. This is very lovely, educational and entertaining train videos for kids. ROBO KIDS TV channel also have many video uploads about car and truck cartoons.

#6 Choo Choo Train Cartoons for Children 3 – ROBO KIDS TV

The Choo Choo Train Cartoons for Children is a nice 3D animated short film from one of YouTube’s channel, the ROBO KIDS TV. This is one of their most recent upload this year, January, 2016. Let your kids enjoy as they watch a colorful 3D animated choo choo train video. The video last for about 2 minutes and it only contains a lovely music with no narration. The train just move around its track focusing on chugging and making choo choo sound.

#7 Train Song: Choo Choo Train for Children, Kids, Babies and Toddlers

This is a 2 and a half minute video of a great train song titled choo choo train for children. It is an ideal song to memorize and listen to for kids, babies and toddlers. The song has a nice music and lyrical rhymes with kids singing in the background and train making a choo choo sound. The video was uploaded by Patty Shukla Kids TV. It is a YouTube channel that focuses on giving out educational songs for children such as this lovely train song and more. The video almost got 1 million views and got so many wonderful comments about parents who got positive reactions from their kids.

#8 Days of the Week Song with Choo-Choo Train

This is a choo choo train video that teaches your kids about the different days of the week. The lovely combination of train and music will discreetly teach your children the name of each day of the week while having fun. Kids have a tendency to get bored or irritated during lesson giving moments but with this video, you can give them a fun and enjoying time while they slowly memorize what merry choo choo train teaches. This video is from Mizyaka Dizyaka ENG that creates videos and songs that can help children learn. The video has almost 5 million views and it is still growing in count.

#9 Christmas Movies/Cartoons For children

Another great short video upload from Mizyaka Dizyaka ENG channel on YouTube, the Choo-Choo train celebrates New Year’s Eve at candyland. The video features a choo choo train that runs around candy made houses with great holiday music. Your kids together with the choo choo train can light up the Christmas tree this holiday with this amazing train music video. Watch the animated train as they set up a treaty Christmas theme with an outstanding fireworks display. This is nice and recommended for toddlers aging 2 to 4. The video currently has 2 million views for the last 1 and a half year of child viewing.

7 Stream Train Videos for Kids

#1 Trains for Kids: Steam Train

This is a video of a real steam train running on Owosso to Alma, Michigan. It ran last October, 2011. Nothing can beat an actual live footage of a real train running on its tracks, blowing steam and making a chug sound all over. The video has 2 million views which were uploaded by a YouTube Channel called Trains for Children. It is an 8 minute video showing the train trailing and not giving any attention on how windy the day was. The channel offers a variety of train type videos from tank engine trains, freight trains and a real life Thomas the tank engine train.

#2 ULTIMATE Train Video for Kids

If your children love the ideals of a train, then this is a great 4 minute video that will bring wonders and fun. This is a short video that showcase different kind of trains your children will surely love. It is a combination clip of electric trains, steam trains and diesel engine trains. This video is from some individual who are just into trains and would like to share his or her favorites to young, train loving children. It has currently 2 million views and it is great for kids with age between 4 and 8.

#3 Steam Engine for Children – Haki Dorynien

This is a Steam Engine for children which are close to being a 2D animation. It is a story of a steam engine train along with its passenger and the mechanics of what the train do, how it moves and the sound or noises it makes. It is actually a poem like narration integrated with a moving graphics of a train and animal passengers that will attract your children and give them a good time.

#4 Steam Locomotive Toy Movies for Kids

The video is from appMink with almost 19 million views for the past 2 years, 2014 to 2016. This video teaches your kids how to build or assemble a steam train. Along with the nice music and the tutorial, this video could actually influence your child to build their dreams of being an engineer, mechanic or a scientist. It will widen their creativity and imagination, molding them to be someday put into good use.

#5 Steam Trains Galore!

The video above is a train clips all put into one video. It is a 28 minute video that features many pictures and shots of real life steam trains. The video has reached 15 million views on YouTube and it was posted or uploaded by CoasterFan2105 Channel. It contains no music, narration or effects. The purpose of this video is to showcase a live moving steam train for your kids to witness. The chugging sound, blowing steam and the train horn that makes choo choo sound will definitely excite your kids watching.

#6 Talking Locomotive – Children

Lots of Videos for Kids-Marshall Publishing is a channel from YouTube that posted this short video about how steam train work. It is being narrated by a locomotive train. The train narrator explains the mechanics of the train engine car from the tender that holds the coal, the water and the working magic of steam. The middle half of the video features several examples of a steam train. This actually teaches kids science discreetly while they enjoy the clip.

#7 Train Uses – Steam Engine

This is a non-narrated short video from Kids TV Channel that shows the uses of a steam engine in a 3 to 4 minutes video. It also shows the assembly of the steam train. Your kids can watch as their favorite and beloved train toys come to life through animation. This video reached 8 more than 7 million views for only a year. This is one of the recent videos that kids loved to watch. It can stimulate their brain and enhance their imagination with the help of colors and objects combined. Kids TV Channel has different videos related to train. You can subscribed to their channel and have it available for you and your kids to watch.


This is a gallery of different train videos made available for you and your family. Young members of your family will have a long time of video marathon fun with different trains and lessons. Trains are considered to be one of the most educational toys or things children can engage into. It teaches them to improve many personal skills such as communication, logical, reasoning, hand-eye coordination (during train toy assembling), problem solving skills and can boost up their self-confidence with the knowledge they’ve acquired from counting numbers, color identification and alphabet.

Trains are usually an affordable play set and long lasting. It is a toy that lasts for months or years. As you can see in some of the videos, there are some adult people who spend their spare time assembling toy trains. Trains and toy trains hold no age limit. Anyone, young or old can love and have a moment with trains. There are even countless train adult enthusiasts and hobbyists out there that have train collections far more than any kid can have. They know more about the kind of train, specification, year built, materials used to build, mechanics and more than a train conductor.

You might enjoy our previously listed compilation of 10 train videos for kid as well; we consolidated the posts here for your convenience!

Do you have a young conductor at home who’s passionate about trains and railroads? Perhaps they’ve gotten on a train once and have always been amazed by how all the cars pull each other on the train tracks. There are a lot of educational videos on YouTube presented with colorful bright animations. These train videos for children list features a variety of videos to enhance the young and imaginative minds of youthful train fans. Each video is made and gathered into one for the purpose of aiding in the development of your children’s skills, from their reasoning, logical, creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination, communication skill and more up to building up their confidence and self-esteem. Nothing can do a much better job doing this than trains, may it be train videos, toys or real-life trains.

Trains are not only fun for children but also for most adults. For grown up or adult enthusiasts and hobbyists, trains are more of a nice way to spend extra time. Some people prefer to travel via trains to different places because they find it more fancy and entertaining given that they have no issues with time or else they’d be taking a ride on an airplane towards their destination. Some adults even try to buy and collect train toys for themselves. Regardless of your age, trains are just fun, educational and entertaining in nature. It is the perfect thing you can have for holidays, get together, family bonding and other occasions.

The train also brings out the nostalgic feeling within our self. Every time we hear those horns blowing, smoke steam puffing and train wheels chugging, it brings good memories. We remember how wonderful our childhood was and we start to think about sharing the same thought and creating the same kind of memory for our children. It has gotten us inspired, educated and knowledgeable making us who we are now and we want our children to experience and grow the same way as we did. We want nothing but the best for our kids or children and trains are one of them.


10 Best Train Videos for Children

#1 Bob The Train | Alphabet Adventure | ABC Song | Nursery Rhymes | kids songs

Audience: 1 to 2 years old


One of the most popular train videos on YouTube, this video by Kids TV has 307 million views making it the one of the most played nursery rhyme video on the internet. Bob The Train goes on an alphabet adventure today! He will teach your kid the ABC’s in an easy-to-follow tune which we’ve all heard growing up as well. The catchy nursery rhyme is perfect for a developing young mind and a good way to help your child take their baby steps in literacy with one letter at a time. Learning the ABC’s will be more fun with this colorful video with Bob The Train. Among the other 9 videos here, this is the most popular one. Other Kids TV video uploads is very far if compared in numbers or view counts.

#2 Bob The Train | Animal Sounds Song | Nursery Rhymes | Children’s Songs | Kids TV

Age Range: 2 to 4 years old


With well over 104 million views in only a year, this nursery rhyme video by Kids TV features Bob The Train yet again. A one and a half hour long video, it features a compilation of songs about animal sounds, the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and more! The video description also features timestamps to help you pick up where your children left off in a previous viewing. The fun animation of Bob The Train as a DJ on top of a platform playing fun and catchy tunes will endear him even more to your child. What’s even better is that Bob friends are in this video too! The video is about an hour and a half long. Kids TV never fails to give your children a quality entertainment they deserve and teaching them the basics of something they can apply to school and their life as they grow up.


#3 The Color Train Song! | Learn Colors with the LittleBabyBum Train!

Age Range: 2 to 4 years old


This cute 3D animation by LittleBabyBum has a little over 118 million views given that the video is only 2 minutes long. It features a colorful balloons attached to a brightly colored train engine to help your child associate the different words to what color they see on the screen. It’s a quick watch and can be repeated numerous times if your kid wants to do this fun activity again. The short animated film helps your kids slowly memorize the association of numbers and colors without them knowing. It allows them to learn discreetly and quietly while giving them tremendous amount of fun.

#4 Learn Letters With Max the Glow Train – TOYS (Letters and Toys)

Age Range: 2 to 4 years old

Max the Glow Train is featured in this adventurous 21 minute video by coilbook. With over 82 million views, it proves to be one of the more popular educational videos that can help teach your child the alphabet with the help of animated toy train sets, cars, planes, helicopters and more. Your child will also be taught the different names of fruits such as mango, lemon, orange and kiwi. Other things your child will see in this video are the different shapes and toy animals on the screen. We might not know what makes it very attractive having so many view counts on YouTube but it is sure to give a lot of families with young children or toddlers a great learning and educational entertainment. This 20 minute video has made its way to the top ever since it was uploaded last February, 2015 and the count still continues to add and grow each day. It is at least a credible basis or implication that the video is highly beneficial for children.

#5 TuTiTu Preschool | The Numbers Train Song

Age Range: 2 to 4 years old


This short musical animation by TuTiTuTV features a train that will help your child learn the numbers from 1 to 10. A basic and well thought out video, the numbers are clearly displayed on the screen while the catchy tune plays in the background. Your child will be able to memorize the song easily. They can sing-along with just a few viewings of this video. The video has been viewed over 68 million times on YouTube for the past 4 years since 2012 and the number still continues to grow and grow each they. This video is highly beneficial, educative, inspirational and motivational. This can give your children the entertainment they need to have a new outlook about learning and that they’ll see it as fun.

#6 Alphabet Train Food Train – Mother Goose Club Rhymes for Kids

Age Range: 3 to 5 years old

This enjoyable five minute video uploaded by Mother Goose Club features a cartoon train with a cargo of food with the associated letters next to them. The lyrics of the easy-to-follow tune are displayed on the top of the screen and can also be found on the description section of the video. The other half of the video features a dedicated sing-along version with only the words shown on the screen to help your kid sing along when the video is played again from the start. This video has almost 70 million views within only a year. Basing on that, the popularity this 5 minute video shows how many families and children are entertained. It shows that they people’s children benefit greatly in both learning and fun. Showing this to your kids will definitely make it their favorite.

#7 Bob The Train | Transport Adventure

Age Range: 3 to 6 years old

Bob The Train is back for more adventures in this video by Kids TV. The Bob The Train Transport Adventure video features a quick two minute adventure through the different modes of transport. Your children will learn which vehicles fly in the air and which of them drive on the road. Your kid will be entertained by the colorful characters in this animation as they introduce themselves and what they do as a mode of transportation. This can also influence them to learn more about science and technology relating it to cars, trains or any kind of vehicles. Getting themselves familiar with different vehicles at an early age can get their self-confidence boosted and will imply that learning things is fun which makes it advantageous when they go to school.

#8 Help Shawn The Train teach the car about traffic signs!

Age Range: 4 to 7 years old

This educational cartoon by coilbook features Shawn The Train as he helps the car and your kid learn about the different traffic signs. In the seven minute video, they will cross the railroad and meet with Donald The Diesel Train who teaches your child the importance of pulling over when there’s a fire truck coming, stopping at a red light, stopping when a school bus is loading or unloading and how to drive more safely when passing a construction site. Your child will be introduced to accurate representations of traffic signs, lights, railroad crossing signs and vehicles including cars, fire trucks, trains, school buses and construction trucks. The video actually helps with your child with the proper identification of signs on the streets wherein they can apply what they have learned on this video. Being said, they can be more cautious of their surrounding when they try to cross the road or drive when they are grown up.

#9 Bob The Train | Adventure with Numbers

Age Range: 2 to 4 years old

Bob The Train continues with his adventures in this cute mixture of cartoon artwork and 3D animations by Kids TV. Here, he will teach your child the different numbers with context clues displayed on the screen to help your kid associate the character of the number with how much they see. The video length is about two minutes bought to you by Kids TV – Nursery Rhymes And Children’s Songs. The short animated film about trains will secretly teach your children how to count numbers and be familiar with it while they are having a fun time watching.

#10 Bob The Train | If You Are Happy And You Know It | Popular Nursery Rhymes From Kids TV

Age Range: 3 to 7 years old

This Bobs The Train feature video by Kids TV is has a catchy and well-known nursery rhyme playing in the background. The colorful and cute animation of Bob and the animals will teach your kids the If You Are Happy song as well as other popular nursery rhyme in this hour long video. It is a full episode of songs and rhymes for kids. The video last about 1 hour and 20 minutes that is sure  to  give children a longer time of fun and entertainment with the animals and trains singing along together. It is one of the most viewed nursery rhyme videos that has over 12 million view counts.


With the amount of train videos available on YouTube, your child will never run out of things to watch! They’re both educational and fun making sure that your child is learning while they’re being entertained. Train regardless of it being in a video, a toy, a real train or a story book, it is, in general, the best educational thing your children can learn from. It helps them build up and gets their confidence boosted by learning numbers and letters at an early age. The train set toys and vidoes enhances and develop their skills such as problem solving skills, reasoning skills, calculation, hand-eye coordination from assembly and connectivity, logical skills and in some cases, fine-motor skills. It can even get them inspired and motivated to expand their comfort zone into different fields of science, technology, physics or engineering. There is nothing much better than discreetly letting your kids have something to look forward to or something they can build their dreams and hopes.

We do hope that this video gallery helped a lot with the learning and entertainment of your children.

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