Are you looking for the best table and train set? Are you that tired of searching because there are so many kinds of sets that are made by so many manufacturers? We often got the habit of being picky when it comes to purchasing a play-set for our kids. That’s just right because we want our money to get the worth it deserves and preferably be able to make it last long and possibly won’t get broken and replaced. That way, even if you spend much on a train product as long as it’s durable, will save you money. This guide will help you narrow down your search by presenting one of the most well-known manufacturers, the KidKraft Train Table and Set.

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 KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table  KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table  Metropolis Train Table & Set  KidKraft 17564.0 Transportation Station Train Set and Table Toy
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KidKraft are one of the leading brands in making wooden toys and furniture. Most of their train sets and tables are made of wood but they also sell or create plastic sets. The company was established the year 1968. Over 40 years, it still continues to provide us high quality products with a longer life span. Their goal is focused on creating toys that helps in the development of your child. A train toy for example. Trains are interactive, fun, educational and inventive. It can either be a collectibles and a decorative set for you and a play set for your kids.

KidKraft Train Table and Set for Kids


KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table


This is a kid sized train table and set. It was made for kids and far likely to be an adult HO train collectibles. It is a very wide train to accommodate several kids and have them enjoy hours of creativity for their minds, unlimited joy and entertainment.

The bright and colorful train set comes with 120 pieces of durable play pieces and accessories that is great in building our young one’s creativity, imagination and develop their engineering and architectural skills.


  • The train tables have three durable bins that are made of plastic. It helps you properly keep track of things and store them effortlessly under the train table. The T-Molded Edges were made special to avoid chipping.
  • It has a great play board with a reversible flip for extra colors and details.
  • The table is very sturdy and wide with 1 1/2″ lip on the edges to keep toys and trains on top of the play table.


  • The set is very easy to assemble and set up. It includes a detailed instruction manual.
  • It is a very well-thought out product. The top of the train table has great colors, nice details and a wonderful combination of tracks and other miniaturized city cars and accessories.
  • Every pieces of the set is not cheaply made. The table is very strong and sturdy. It is wide enough to give fun time to your children or their friends.


  • The tracks are a bit loose. It causes the train to derail especially on high speed and in curves.
  • Train cars are a bit light on their weight making them tip off if you’re not that gentle in using them.


This is a great train set for kids. It can support multiple children because it is very wide. If you come to think of it, the price is very reasonable because you can buy this set in exchange of one to three child’s play-toys.


KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table


The train set provides a colorful display of a real-environment. It comes with a large play board that has landscapes, bridges, lakes, pastures and airport runway imitating a life-like setting. Every figures, accessories and vehicles are hand-painted for a quality texture and detail.


  • The set includes 100 colorful pieces that includes an airport runway, a helipad, hospital, ambulance and other more train pieces and accessories to make it more lively and life-like.
  • The table set is large enough to accommodate multiple kids all at once. This will save you money instead of buying each kid a play-toy.
  • It is adaptable and versatile. The train set versatile and is compatible with other train set tracks and cars such as the Thomas & Friends wooden train sets or Brio wooden train sets.
  • The set includes two bins for storage purposes or for keeping your train pieces in one place.
  • Train table and set is of sturdy construction. The table keeps the set intact and holds it firmly. It is very easy to assemble and comes with a well-illustrated instruction manual.


  • The versatility is great. It does fit nicely well with other brand of train sets. This is nice for someone who plans to add or to upgrade their set. It won’t cost you much if you plan to lengthen your train cars and tracks.
  • It is an out-of-the-box ready to play train set. The manual is very well detailed and it won’t give you much trouble in assembling and disassembling the set.
  • The table is light but sturdy. It has an extended edge to keep the train pieces and accessories on top of the table and keeps it from tipping off.


  • The tracks are easy to connect but do not hold together that strong. It often keeps coming off especially or a 3 year old playing.
  • It does not hold the train well. The tracks are a bit loose on its ground making the train cars and freights derail most of the time.
  • There is no remote control. You have to manually turn it on and off. No train lights or speed control.


This is a great train set for starters. It is designed for kids and not for train collectors or enthusiasts. The set is bright and colorful, very detailed and could accommodate several children. It is a wonderful and fantastic set that will help your kids learn and have fun at the same time.


Metropolis Train Table & Set


This indoor train set brings out creativity in your children. It comes with so many train pieces, accessories and a very nice, high quality train table with compartments. The set offers a fun, interactive and imaginative features to keep your children entertained.


  • It has a very nice high quality train table with espresso finish and a solid wood frame that comes with a large rolling drawer for storage purposes.
  • The set includes a total of 100 train pieces and accessories, a 2 tier bridge, a mountain and a drive through tunnel adding more fun to the set. It also has an airport with a helipad.
  • It includes a full packed with detailed illustration of the step-by-step assembly instructions.


  • The train set takes only about 10 minutes to set up. All parts are not cheaply made.
  • It is large. The set is wide and large enough for 3 – 4 kids playing. It is spacious making them enjoy the train set with their friends or siblings.
  • Every train pieces, accessories, cars, buildings are very detailed. It is colorful and bright. Makes your children more interactive and helps them in their development.


  • It cannot be controlled remotely. No speed and directional buttons.
  • Train tracks do not connect well.  It keeps coming off.
  • It is a little bit expensive.


This is a very nice set for your kids. The color and the quality of the table are remarkable. It’s large enough not to restrict your child’s movement. There is a nice compartment or drawer built in the table to keep your train pieces organized or stored in one place if not in use.

For an bonus reference about this amazing train toy – Here is a video review about one of the best Kidkraft Train Table and Set.

You can even see the child having a good time around the large table and have multiple train layout options.


KidKraft 17564.0 Transportation Station Train Set and Table Toy


This is a train with a cool combo. The Transportation Station Tran Set & Table is integrated with one of the sturdy train table product with an interactive and fun train set. You can have different combinations of the shape of your tracks and build your own design. This brings out the creativity of your child and helps them learn and have fun at the same time.


  • It includes 58 pieces of combinable train pieces.
  • There is an airplane, helicopter, airport with runway, helipad, escalators, cranes and cargo that makes the set livelier.
  • The set comes with a strong and sturdy table that could hold up your train set well, keeping it firmly placed on top.


  • A high quality but affordable train set with a sturdy table that could par with expensive ones.
  • Each pieces is detailed and aren’t flimsy. You kids could enjoy play-time outside the train set with those cranes, airplane, etc.
  • Comes with a nice manual that makes it easy to assemble and connect.


  • The track connects but it’s not that well-built. Some parts are elevated making the train tip off or derail.
  • Some screw holes are not properly aligned making it hard to screw over some parts.
  • It cannot be controlled remotely.


For a fair and reasonable price, it is very much recommended for parents who want to give their kids a fun and great time. The train set comes with a table and many wonderful pieces that they could play around. It is a product that could last long and totally give you what your money deserves.

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