Thomas the Train Table

Having a train set for you or your kids does not end your train journey there. As you go further in your toy hunt, you wouldn’t want to settle for a set without a train table due to the number of pieces a train set holds. Things will scatter around the living room or wherever they lay out their trains. In order to keep things organized any within your eye’s reach, it is better to have strong and sturdy furniture to where your kids can layout their train set such as the Thomas the Train Table which aesthetically goes along with your children’s Thomas the Train or Thomas and Friends train set.


First Choice  Thomas Wooden Railway Grow With Me Play Table from Fisher-Price $$$ 4.8/5
Second Choice   Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Play Table $$$ 4.4/5
Third Choice Maxim Railroad Wooden Activity Table with 50 Pc Train Set Compatible with Thomas the Train $ 3.1/5
Fourth Choice    62 piece Wooden Train Set with Train Table / Trundle – BRIO and Thomas & Friends Compatible $ 3/5

In addition, train tables usually come along with a nice storage bin that can fit perfectly under or within the legs of the table. If none is included, then you can opt to buy a separate bin without exerting financial effort as they are very cheap and affordable. There are some with ready-made drawers underneath that provides more convenience. Also, train tables have elevated edges to keep your children’s things on top or on the surface, most of which have built-in play boards that work as a theme for their set. The versatility of the train set table is also very practical. It can be used for other learning activities such as homework or assignments and for doing arts or crafts.


15 Strong and Sturdy – Thomas the Train Table


Thomas Wooden Railway Grow With Me Play Table from Fisher-Price




This is the Thomas the train wooden railway table that features the Island of Sodor. There is a built-in play board on top which adds design and fits any type of wooden train railways. It is also double-sided for an additional fun, giving your child more options with their Thomas and Friends adventures. The table has a nice elevated edge to keep things in place, strong wooden construction and has a drawer for a great organization.

Your kid will have a great time laying a train set on top of a train table. Here is a short clip of how it actually looks like with a train set on top.

As you can see, the train table is large, with drawers and with an elevated edge to keep things on top and secure them from tipping off or falling down.

Fisher-Price Thomas Train Table Wooden/Railway Play Table




The next is a sturdy Fisher-Price, Thomas wooden train table. As most of you know, Fisher-Price has many Thomas the Train inspired play set. This is actually a complete set that includes wooden Thomas train cars and railways. It includes a train track, accessories, train cars which all nicely fit on top of the play-board on the surface of the table. There are no storage bins or drawers included in the set but you can easily afford a plastic bin without any trouble as they are available almost everywhere.

62 piece Wooden Train Set with Train Table / Trundle




If most of the wooden Thomas train table does not go along with the budget you intended, then you can opt to have this amazing train set with a train table due to a cheaper price. The table does not hold any space underneath but it has wheels that act as a leg so you can easily move it across the room. There is also 62 pieces of train tracks, train cars, and other accessories that are compatible with Thomas and Friends wooden set included in the package. It is great for starters or train lovers who are just about to have their first train set.


Maxim Railroad Wooden Activity Table with 50 Pc Train Set Compatible with Thomas the Train




The next set has a table but does not actually have any Thomas the Train characters but works great as a Thomas the train wooden train table due to its compatibility. It uses standard train wooden tracks and a magnetic coupling system to allow you to fit and attach most Thomas the train wooden train toy. In addition, the table has curved edges to avoid any injuries during falls or accidents. The large red bin, as seen in the picture, is also included. The train table and train set can be purchased for a very reasonable price.


Wooden Activity Table with 45-Piece Train Set & Storage Bin




Another great table set from Maxim Enterprise, this is a Thomas the train wooden track table which is compatible with other major brands such as Brio Trains and Chuggington Trains. The set has a square type table rather than rectangular but with sufficient space for your child to move around. There is a large blue bin included that fits nicely under the table. The train table with storage has a few inch elevation to keep things organized on top and have curved edges for safety reasons.

Learning Curve Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Grow-With-Me Play Table



If budget or finance is not at all, a problem, then you might want to consider this amazing wooden Thomas the train table. It has a dual purpose design to where it can be used as a train table with a playboard on top and an activity table, given its height and length. There is a drawer to where you can keep train accessories or school supplies depending on your preference to which you use the table.


Thomas And Friends Train Tables – IslAnd of Sodor Wooden Playtable




Another great but somehow, an expensive set is this Thomas and friends wooden railway train table from Learning Curve. It is actually a top of the line table that features Thomas. You can easily fit any play-board on top. The table features colorful drawings and 3D molded images of Thomas and friends. The wooden table is thick and large to be able to withstand great amount of weight and pressure as your little one plays. The product is known to have a great sturdiness and exceptional durability.

50 piece Train Set with Train / Play Table – BRIO and Thomas & Friends Compatible




This is a 50 pieces train set that comes in with a table. It may not be an actual Thomas wooden railway train table but it is highly versatile and very much compatible in being so. The wooden train railway set included uses a standard track that fit most major brands such as Thomas, Chuggington, and Brio. It also uses magnetic couplings with its train cars for an easy connectivity. For a great and reasonable price, all this, including the large bin that fits nicely under the strong and durable table can be easily obtained.


Constructive Playthings Wooden Train Toy Table with Track and Accessories Set (100-Pieces)




There are also some other toys that do not have a theme design of Thomas the Train but could greatly fit and Thomas train cars. This table here from Constructive Plaything comes with wooden tracks and accessories. It uses the same standard tracks for wooden Thomas trains, making it highly fit to make them run. There are a total of 100 pieces in this set which gives you a chance to expand your wooden train set and provide you with a strong and sturdy table. This is best for children of ages of 2 or higher.


KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table




The next set is a wooden train table and set from Kidkraft. It comes with all the needed train parts and accessories to build a complete set. This is one of the best set you can get if you’re a starter. The train tracks fit most wooden train cars from major brands, may it be Thomas, Chuggington, Brio and more. A great thing about this set is you can easily organize all the pieces included as it comes with 3 large, durable plastic bins. The table is made with solid construction. It can hold all the parts and even the weight of a kid leaning on without losing its stability. The set with all the parts and kits included comes at an affordable price.


48 Piece KidKraft Rapid Waterfall Train Set and Wooden Table




It may seem hard to find a specific Thomas the Train themed or inspired wooden train table but there are actually a lot of train tables and sets that could accommodate Thomas train sets and cars. This is 48 pieces set from KidKraft. The set comes with its own train table along with all the necessary parts and pieces to start building a complete set. It uses standard size wooden tracks that could fit any wooden train cars from major brands, including Thomas wooden train sets. It is one of the cheapest, complete set you can get with a quality that could closely compete with expensive ones.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Train Table and 130 Piece Train Set Package



This table and wooden train set are from Melissa & Doug. It is one of the major brands/companies of wooden toy sets. This product features a wooden train table that comes with a 130 pieces package of accessories and train pieces. It could work great with any wooden train toy from Thomas. This is a great set for starters as you do not need to think about how to build a complete train set. The table features a pull-out drawer where you can easily organize all the pieces that are not in use. The table holds great stability and built with reliable strength and sturdiness.

Wooden Train Set Airport Express with Childrens Table Kids Cars Airplane Helicopter




Our next Thomas compatible wooden train table is from KidKraft. The set does not have any Thomas inspired train car pieces or design but it could fit them perfectly. It also uses standard wooden railway tracks, compatible with all major brands, including Thomas. This table comes with so many train pieces, enough to build a large scale city train toy set. It includes several pieces of train cars, runways, helicopters, figures, houses and more that adds detail and promotes imaginative play for kids.


50 piece Train Set with Train / Play Table – BRIO and Thomas & Friends Compatible




As you all know, Maxim Enterprise is also considered to be a large and major brand that produces wooden railway toy sets. This is there 50 pieces train set that comes with a large size play-table. It perfectly fits Brio, Chuggington, Thomas, and Friends wooden toy sets. This table is ideal for people who look for a complete set. It saves you the trouble of looking for individual train pieces. This is also a practical choice compared to buying train wooden toys, piece by piece. This set greatly promotes an ideal, healthy, imaginative and creative play for kids. It helps them enhance their basic set of skills and reasoning.


KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table




Another one of the best KidKraft creations of the wooden train toy set is the Ride-Around set. It features a set of 100 pieces, enough to build a large and wide wooden train toy and track set. It includes pieces that add details and for imaginative play such as airplane runway, airplane, helipad, helicopter, hospital, figures, cars, road signs, infrastructure and more. This say may not have any Thomas the Train characters but it would fit them all perfectly. It uses the same size of wooden railway tracks which makes it highly compatible and a perfect fit for all major brands of wooden toys.

KidKraft 17564.0 Transportation Station Train Set and Table Toy




This is small-medium size wooden train table from KidKraft. It’s perfect for a small home as the set does not consume a lot of space. The table comes with a built-in play-board which creates a wonderful city theme set. It includes 58 amazing wooden pieces, complete with tracks and accessories that enhance and helps in the development of our children’s skills and logical thinking. There are cranes, airplanes, cargo, figures, road signs, buildings and more. This table could also fit any wooden train toy of Thomas. This is also very cheap and affordable with quality in close comparison with expensive train wooden tables.

Metropolis Train Table & Set




This is another wonderful wooden train set and table from KidKraft. The nicest thing about KidKraft is the versatility of the product. This set can, especially the wooden tracks, can run with or is compatible with most Thomas wooden railway set. It is a bundled set of table and train set. There are 2 designs/colors you can choose from; Honey Finish or Wood Finish. The price varies less on the design was chosen. The train table with storage features a rolling storage trundle. It is very spacious both inside and out. Fit all your train parts on top as you assemble and store it in one place inside the sliding trundle. The set has a total of 100 pieces.

KidKraft Euro Express Train Set



Previous train sets are mostly large. This, on the other hand, is small to the medium size set from KidKraft. It does not include any tables but it sure is great on top of any wooden or plastic made train tables. This set features a long-winding wooden train set and track. It comes with figures, airplanes, runway, station, road signs, trees and other more that adds details and widens your kid’s imaginative options. It is also compatible with wooden train sets from Thomas and Friends and other major brands such as Brio, Chuggington, etc.

KidKraft Super Expressway Train Set & Table




KidKraft just keeps it coming. This train table and the set are compatible with Thomas the Train sets and other major and known brands such as Chuggington and Brio. The set comes with a complete, 75 pieces set and a strong and sturdy, wooden construction table. It has a 2-tier, winding train tracks that are fairly easy to assemble. A few steps following the detailed instructions will finish the whole set in no time. This is one of the cheapest table and train sets that could accommodate multiple children playing. The space it provides allows several kids to move freely as they play.

Conductor Carl Train Table & Play Board Set (80 Piece)




Our next table and train set for kids are from Conductor Carl. This set from CC is compatible with almost all wooden railways set from other brands, especially Thomas the Train. It is a cheap and affordable bundle of table and train toy set. It includes wooden tracks crafted with great precision and accuracy. There are a total of 80 pieces in this set, all of which are certified and comply with CPSIA standards. It is safe and non-toxic for kids. This set encourages young minds in an imaginative and interactive role-play and helps them with their set of skills such as logical, reasoning, problem-solving and more.

Kids Destiny Deluxe Wooden Railway Set




Another great set to look for is Kids Destiny’s wooden railway set that is compatible to attach with Thomas wooden railway set and all other known and major brands. This set, however, does not include a train table but could most likely fit and work well if set up above one. The train set includes 100 pieces consisting of tracks, coaches, engines, bridges, buildings, trees, figures and more. The layout is large and has many elevations. You need to provide little adult supervision for assembly and refer to the detailed assembly manual included in the set.

KidKraft Waterfall Junction Train Set and Table Toy




This is the Waterfall Junction train table and set from KidKraft. There are a total of 112 pieces included in the set. It features a train track layout running through a rocky waterfall. The tracks have many elevations and a bridge. The train table’s legs are designed to carry 4 large plastic bins which are also included in the set. This provides great organization before and after playing, all in one place, under your train table. Some of the train pieces have special functions such as moving cranes. This is highly compatible with wooden Thomas the train and other brands of wooden railway toys.

Maxim Enterprise Inc Wooden Train Set, 60-Piece




Lastly, as most of our products set or bundle is on a mid-end price or a little over some people’s price range, Maxim Enterprise gives you a chance to have one of the cheapest train sets that could attach or connect with Thomas the Train sets. It only includes a wooden train toy set, no train-table. This works well as an expansion set of beginner’s set for newbies who are just about to have their experience in wooden train toys. It goes nicely at almost any wooden train tables as well. The set includes a train engine car and 2 cargo cars with magnetic couplings. It also has free wooden tracks and other accessories that complete a detailed wooden train set layout.