Thomas Train Set

There is a long list of fun and entertaining toy set for your children but there are only some types which are educational. One of a good example of an educational yet fun and entertaining toy set is trains. It highly enhances different aspects of a child’s growth including physical and logical skills. This is why most parents opt to search for Thomas train set and other wooden toy trains as it does have many benefits to offer. It also has the right qualities to enable the train to last over a long period of time such as durability and sturdy construction.

First Choice  Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Pirate Cove Discovery Set Train Set $ 4.2/5
Second Choice      Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Track Master Thomas & Percy’s Railway Race Set $ 4.5/5  
Third Choice     Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Sort & Switch Delivery Set $ 4.2/5  
Fourth Choice      Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster 2-in-1 Track Builder Set $ 4.4/5  

Thomas the Train set also has different cartoon and animated shows being aired on television and on the internet. It is a show parent’s let their kids watch as each shows tries to discreetly educate your children to learn about letters, numbers, maze, puzzles, drawings and more. The show works by stimulating children’s brain into thinking how things work and give them a brief explanation as to why.

Furthermore, a train set is not only loved by children. The toy train set is also known to have tons of adult lovers and collectors to where they find the toy to be a great stress reliever. Some even bought a train set for decorative purposes during the holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Regardless of what the application of the train set, it weighs more with its positive benefits and have only a few or close-to-none disadvantages.

56 Amazing Thomas Train Set and Thomas Train Table


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set



The Thomas the train wooden toy from fisher-price takes you children to an all-aboard fun and excitement. They could now get a hold of their beloved train character instead of just watching them on television or the internet. This set from Fisher-Price is a starter set figure-8 which includes Thomas the train engine car and a removable coal train cargo car. There is coal storage in the middle of the train track layout to where you can push a button and load up the coal from the storage down to the cargo car. It is quite interactive and fun. The layout of the tracks which are included in the set has an average dimension that your kids can enjoy. This is a perfect way to keep your kids learning and simultaneously have loads of fun.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Sets & Percy’s Railway Race Set



This is of a larger scale train layout, Thomas the train Trackmaster Sets by Fisher-Price. For an affordable price, it will let your kids enjoy a unique train layout as it includes two Thomas train to go head to head. This is a set inspired by the famous kid’s show and made into reality. The design and theme are intended for two kids racing their Thomas train engine car from point to point. The track layout measures to about 6 feet in length and made from strong and durable plastic. It also includes two brake tracks to have a fair race as it will allow both trains to start at the same time. This is actually intended for at least two kids to play around but could work great for single play.


Fisher-Price Thomas The Train – TrackMaster 2-in-1 Track Builder Set


This is a motorized train set feature Thomas the train brought to you by Fisher-Price. It offers a full oval train track layout made of strong and durable plastic. The train is battery operated. It requires 3 pieces of triple-A batteries to make it run. You can connect the tracks to any Fisher-Price Thomas expansion pack. This train set does not include any train cars to be connected on Thomas the train engine car but could accommodate if you plan on extending the fun as it has a working coupling system. This set is very affordable and great as a starter set or toys for 3-year-olds and higher.


Fisher-Price Thomas The Train TrackMaster Sets – Station Starter Set



One of the great things about Fisher-Price Thomas trains is that you wouldn’t need a lot of budget to set off your kids to a wonderful train journey while they learn. Most of their train sets are affordable such as this TrackMaster Station set, although they have an expensive set if you or your kids desire a set with a more advanced feature. This however, has a complete oval track of an average dimension with a station in the middle that acts as a switch to turn the lights from green to red. The train is battery operated and will require you to use a triple-A battery.


Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster 2-in-1 Destination Set



The nice thing about a train toy set is that you have a variety of options. Thomas & Friends can both be availed in wooden or non-toxic plastic. This for example is made from non-toxic plastic materials and some parts metal. It features Thomas running around an oval track which can hold up a train pretty well and does not cause it to derail. The track is with a fair size which can go perfectly above a wooden thomas train table. It also has a water wheel that can spin manually and to where the train passes through. It requires some assembly which amazingly improves your children’s logical and reasoning skills.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Treasure Chase Set



This is one of the best-selling trains with good ratings up on amazon. The Treasure Chase set from Fisher-Price features Thomas the train running on different types of train tracks. The train track layout involves a wood-looking train track, an icy transparent train track and ordinary railway train track. Some of which are uniquely elevated. It is highly versatile and with great compatibility. It could easily connect to other TrackMaster train set or tracks. The set does not include any other train cars except for Thomas the train engine car that requires a triple-A battery to run. This amazing Thomas set can be a perfect gift for kids at an affordable price.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Thomas



This is Thomas the train wooden set. As you can see, this train is very low with its price. Thcis is due to the fact that the set does not include any train tracks or train accessories. This train however, can be used to carry other Thomas & Friends train cars and could run smoothly through any standard wooden railway tracks. It uses unique magnetic couplers to easily connect with other train set. The toy comes with great engine detail and design. This can be a perfect accessory if you or your kids have an existing Thomas the train set and plans to expand or extend the fun.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Close Call Cliff Set



There are only a few of this series left and being sold. This is the Close Call Cliff – TrackMaster set from Fisher-Price Thomas. This has an elevated cliff to where Thomas the train can turn around. The cliff features an icy mountain that will bring you to a new cool discovery. The train track is uniquely laid out. It is one of the few starter train sets which hold a nice train track features. The train can also be coupled with other Thomas train cars with no problem at all. Your kids can enjoy and learn for long hours for a very reasonable expense.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train TrackMaster Sort & Switch Delivery Set



This is on a higher price scale compared with the previous set. As you can see, it has a detailed layout and uses bright and vibrant colors. There are 2 infrastructures to where the train passes through. It features Thomas & Friends train carries a package from point to point. It includes track adapters so you can easily connect them to your previous TrackMaster tracks or if you decide to get a new one. It can be expanded as it is highly connectable. The train is motorized and/or battery operated. The tracks are design to allow the train to have a full set of speed and to go with highest performance.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Pirate Cove Discovery Set Train Set



The next one, Private Cover Discovery train set, is slightly expensive but with great features and highly detailed train track layout. The set is made of real wood which is hard and durable. It works great and can connect with other Thomas wooden railway train set. The style and details are close to being realistic. This ensures long hours of fun for you and your children, allowing you to bond well while they discreetly learn things.


100-Piece Orbrium Toys Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set Fits Thomas Brio Chuggington



This set is from Orbrium Toys. Some of their designs are compatible with Thomas, Chuggington or Brio train sets. This set features a multiple loop wooden train track layout. It includes a 3-way train track pieces which are versatile and prepared for future and long-term expansion. The set is certified and accredited by CPSC and CPSIA in terms of testing certain aspects of standards such as durability, safety, materials and hazards.


Orbrium Toys 6 Arches Viaduct Bridge



This is a wooden train track from Orbrium Toys. This track set is of standard size. It could be used as an expansion train tracks set for your existing wooden railway tracks. It could accommodate different trains from different manufacturers. It keeps them stable on top and running smoothly. This set features a Viaduct Bridge with 6 arches. This is perfect if you want to have a unique train track layout with elevations.


Fisher-Price Thomas The Train: Take n’ Play Roaring Dino Run



There are only limited stocks left roaming around the market of this type of Fisher-Price Thomas train set. The train engine car features Thomas the train with wheels and engine that is made of die-cast metal. The train cars and its tracks are made with great, strong and sturdy construction. Each cars included have magnetic couplings to easily attached with other train cars or tenders but is being sold separately. The set have sound features set from prehistoric times. The same goes for the track’s design.

This Thomas train set is actually quite fun. It does not have a motorized train car but it has a lever that pushes the train as the dinosaur roars in excitement – Here is a short video of full-time child entertainment:

This inexpensive train set can expand our children’s imagination and creativity by letting them experience a prehistoric train fun.


Kids Destiny Wooden Train Set for Thomas and Brio, 50 Pieces



Another line of brand that features Thomas the train is kids Destiny. It is a famous brand that also dedicates in designing healthy and educational children’s toy. This set, uses bright and colorful design. The train and its tracks are made of beech wood. It is compatible with other major brands, especially with Thomas and Brio. This pieces set can be expended if you plan to bring or purchase more train cars or tracks. This is a child-safe toy which passed different US requirements, test and certifications. The set is also of very good and remarkable quality, all 50 pieces of it.


Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Starter Set



This is a wooden Thomas train set that is ideally built for beginners or starters, made for you buy Fisher-Price. It is a simple set featuring 3 train car pieces. There are 2 train engine car, one is Thomas and the other one is his friend. You can alternately use two of the train engine cars and connect them the the red passenger car via the magnet coupling installed at each end of the train. The tracks are small and circularly shaped but with great sturdiness and made from real wood.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Minis Twist-n-Turn Stunt Set



As seen in the picture, the layout or design of the set is exciting and fun while the price remains to be very attainable. It includes several cool decorations and have turning crank features. The elevated whirling train tracks can be pivoted to a position you or your kids want. It features Thomas the train whirling from the top going down. The ramps are connected to a plastic beams for support and stability. This ensures your kids great fun and learning for a far longer time compared to other train sets.


Fisher-Price Thomas The Train – TrackMaster Water Tower Starter Set



This is another TrackMaster series from Fisher-Price. It features Thomas the train trying to load up under a water tower station. It is a great starter set as it has a simple train track layout and a water tower on the middle. The engine is motorized and battery powered. There is a stop track at on part of the track where it allows your train engine car to be put on halt. It can work as an extended set for your current expandable set. It has movement features where the train can move in both directions.


Thomas & Friends Trackmaster 5-in-1 Track Builder Set



The 5in1 Track Builder set from uses TrackMaster that features a nicely elevated and neatly looped train tracks. The train ends up very fun to watch due to the unique layout. The train only requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries that is unfortunately not included in the set. This set could easily be connected with other TrackMaster set due to its high compatibility. The motorized train engine runs through the tracks with great stability. The tracks are a perfect fit that does not cause any train movements to derail.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway James Engine



This is a Thomas the train wooden set. The set does not include so much at it does only come with a train engine car and a train tender. It also does not have any tracks included although the train engine and the tender could easily fit to any standard wooden tracks. This train toy is perfect if you have an existing train tracks that needs a train replacement or needs additional cars for extending the fun. The train car has an affordable price with great detail, color and durability. It also has a magnet coupler feature for easy and stable connectivity.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Battery-Operated Thomas



This is another Thomas the train wooden trains that is great to be added to your current collection. This single piece of toy is made of hard and durable wood that could extend the fun. It can run through any standard wooden tracks, especially those from leading brands. It is a motorized train engine toy with an off and on switch and made of a heavy duty, die cast metal. It is guaranteed to be a durable train. The same as most modern trains, it uses a unique magnet couplings for easy attachment and provide a more stable run as it passes through the tracks.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway King of the Railway Set



The next one, as previewed above, is another expensive Thomas train from Fisher-Price but is very much attainable. The design and layout as well as the quality of the train set and track is very much worth it. The cargo cars are made of real hard and sturdy wood with easy-to-connect magnets installed at both ends to ensure efficient connectivity. The set includes a castle where the elevated tracks connect so that the train could easily pass above. This promotes a healthy, interactive play-style to which your kids can initiate a journey on a magical castle through a train ride.


Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Percy & The Little Goat Set Toy



The nicest innovations of Fisher-Price are implemented through their train track layout. Wooden train tracks usually have the simplest design but Fisher-Price have maintained a good credibility in setting up a unique layout to where your kids can prolong their fun at an affordable price. This easy to assemble train tracks that is made of real wood. It offers realistic details and style. The train and the tracks are all built with great construction and sturdiness. This can accommodate different wooden railway tracks as long as it uses a standard size.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Play Table



This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer but there are still some left in the market. The limited stocks is worth looking and buying as it does give your children a complete set from tables, tracks, accessories and train set. It can be purchased for a reasonable price and could really give your money the worth it deserves. The table included can also be used as an activity or learning table if your kids do not intended on playing. It is a nice Thomas train table for your set.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Santa’s Workshop Express



Thomas the train has been a long featured character bought to life by Fisher-Price. This on the other hand, features Thomas the train alongside Santa. The train set is a perfect gift or present on the Holiday of giving. The train goes on to an adventure towards Santa’s workshop. The set includes a train engine car, a directional sign towards North Pole, a Santa warning sign, and two Christmas themed train set and wooden board to where your train will pass through. It could also work great as a decorative tool on Christmas under your living room tree. 

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Speedy Surprise Drop Set



This is the Fisher-Price: Wooden Railway Train Toy Set that features James. James is one of the train characters in the beloved kid’s show, Thomas the Train. The tracks layout is of 3 elevations. Kid’s will definitely enjoy the train go up and down the railway, all thanks to the unique train track design. The bridge drop has an easy reset feature. This product actually has a close-to-perfect rating on different marketing websites and holds many good reviews. It is a learning set that will highly benefit your children as they grow. The set is recommended for kids or children with age 3 years old and higher.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Stephen



The Thomas the train wooden toys are most likely to be collected or played with. This single piece of train engine toy from Fisher Price is made of real hard and durable wood with easy to use couplings. There are magnets installed at both ends for fast and efficient connection with other magnetic train cars. This is perfect for your existing Thomas wooden railway set and can fit perfectly to most standard wooden tracks. In addition, this wonderful toy piece won’t cost you that much.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Flynn



This Thomas the train wooden toy features Flynn. It is one of the friends of Thomas which resembles a fire truck. It has magnets installed but only at one end of the fire truck which is on the back that connects to a two wheeled water car. You can see that the truck has very nice details which are close to being realistic. This fire truck can ran through wooden train tracks from Thomas, Chunggington and brio. It is a nice collectible to add to your set or if you plan on purchasing individual train pieces for your desired layout.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Percy



The Percy – Thomas and Friends train toy is an affordable train piece made of real wood that is guaranteed to last for quite some time. The toy alone is choke-hazard free. It is recommended for children with age 2 and above but connecting the toy into other set will naturally make it adopt the age requirement of the set as you can never be too sure of the hazards to where this toy will be used. It has an easy to connect magnet couplings, perfect for adding to your collection of train cars.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Santa’s Little Engine



This is a Thomas train that features Santa Claus sitting on the back of the train car. Thomas actually acts as a reindeer that helps Santa’s move around the city to give children their gifts. The train toy is perfect if you plan on setting up a Christmas themed train set for you kids during the Holiday. Santa is being portrayed by Sir Topham Hatt, a well-known character in the series of Thomas and Friends. The toy is recommended for children of 24 months and up.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Henry



This is Henry. Henry is a beloved character in the famous kid’s train show, Thomas and Friends. Henry is a long train engine car with a coal tender carried around at the back. Both of the pieces are made of natural wood that are durable enough to withstand a rough play style of children. The train Henry and the coal tender have magnets at both ends to be able to connect with other magnetic train cars with ease. It is more stable and easy on the wooden tracks.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Rosie



Have you ever thought of a girl playing with trains? Well, there are many girl train fans out there. This Thomas the train wooden is not really gender specific for kids who plays but it features Rosie in the Thomas and Friends series. The color and design is really that of the girl train character. It is painted with a nice pink finish combining it with a red wheels. This is another toy train to be collected to complete your wooden Thomas train set.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Kevin



Another great wooden toy train from Fisher-Price, it features a construction car named Kevin. He is also one of the famous characters children often see in the show, Thomas and Friends. It is colored with a vibrant yellow that carries a cargo from SODOR. It works great for you Thomas and Friends collection of train set. Kevin can be a decorative car to your set but could also be used to run through the tracks as it can perfectly connect to other magnetic coupling Thomas train.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Diesel



This is Diesel. Most kids who have the fascination for trains can easily identify this character. Diesel is made of durable and sturdy wood construction. As most Thomas and Friends train cars, Diesel can also easily connect with Thomas and Friends as it has an easy to use, easy to connect, magnetic couplings. Diesel has a nice elegant look with its black color and silver lines that forms the details. It is a stable train car that can easily run through standard wooden track and is sure, not to derail.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Hiro



You would actually have a great time playing and collecting Thomas wooden train set as there are so many characters to play with. This is Hiro. He was features so many times in the series of Thomas and would closely compete to a race. Unlike any other Thomas train, Hiro is slightly long and looks more to be like a Polar Express train. This set includes a coal tender being carried by Hiro, both of which are made of strong real wood.

Just for some entertainment, here is a short video story of Hiro:

He is one of the most courageous and hard working character in the long list of Thomas the Train characters:


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Gordon The Big Express Engine



Meet Gordon. You would not want to give your children a short term fun. Why not or a short amount of expense, have them slowly make their popular set, Thomas and Friends be completed. Gordon is a wooden train toy set from Fisher-Price and will definitely work great to with all Thomas railway set. It is strong and sturdy, slightly longer compared to Thomas and comes with a coal tender. It passes or runs through the wooden tracks smoothly.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Bill and Ben



This is Bill and Ben from Thomas and Friends wooden railway train collection. The pack actually includes both trains. You do not need to purchase each trains individually. Each train engine car is double painted and with a sharper and realistic details. It is made only with the finest wood and with some parts using die-cast metals. There are magnets installed in the front and back to enable or allow you easy connection. It runs smoothly without derails on a standard wooden track.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Battery-Operated Percy



This is another Percy collection from Thomas and Friends. This one however, is battery operated to enable Percy to move around the tracks without the need to push. It has an on and off switch but does not have any control. It can only move in one direction. The material from which Percy was made is a combination of plastic, wood and metal. It is a perfect size and fit to be laid out to a wooden railway train track.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Victor



An affordable piece of train toy from Fisher-Price, this is Victor, another iconic character in the famous show of Thomas and Friends. Most parts of Victor is made from the finest natural wood. The wood part is highly durable and is constructed with great sturdiness. For a small amount of price, this could really go well in completing your set of Thomas and Friends. You can extend the fun for your children as you extend their train options. Don’t miss this detailed train engine car as there are only few of this left in the market.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Rocky



This is on a higher price compared to some of the previous train toy collection of Thomas and Friends from Fisher-Price. This is Rocky. Rocky has a longer length and comes in 3 pieces where each piece is goes smaller as it extends. It is also made of durable wood which makes the set strong and long lasting. 3 parts of the train have magnets installed as couplings for fast and efficient connection. This train toy has remarkable details and nicely done paint.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Connor



Worry not as there are still many stocks of this icon left in the market. Have your chance to grab Connor for your kid’s Thomas the Train collection. It is perfect for gifts or presents on their birthday or during the Holiday of giving. It does not cost much but assured with great quality and durability. Connor is built with strong wood with some parts made of non-toxic plastic and metal. Connor is neatly made and designed with great details. It has magnets to enable you an easy connection and has an average length.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Edward The Blue Engine



This is Edward. You might not want to get confused with Thomas and Edward because of the color. Edward looks more like Thomas but differs in some aspects. Edward is made of wood and plastic. It could easily connect to other engines and train cars, all thanks to Fisher-Price’s magnetic coupling system. It has some stylistic design and comes in two pieces, one is Edward and the other is a tender to which Edward carries. This is highly affordable. Nicely goes for other Thomas and Friends set.  It is choke hazard free and good for children aging 24 months and up.


Fisher-Price Thomas Wooden Railway – Roll and Whistle Emily



This is rather a unique Fisher-Price Thomas wooden train. It features the character Emily which is constructed and made with strong wood and sturdy wheels. It has a light and sound feature which greatly assists, improve and enhance sensory and thinking skills while playing with the set as your kid rolls it up will aid in the development of his motor skills. Emily has a larger size compared to other Thomas set and requires AAA-battery for the light and sound feature. Emily is highly durable and would last for a long time. It can also be a good lead train car for other Thomas train cars collection your kids have.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Caitlyn



Meet Caitlyn. Caitlyn is also a member and a beloved character from the famous Thomas the Train show. The train toy is easy to use and very easy to connect. You can simply place it with other train set with magnetic couplings and you are good to go. This will work wonderfully being used along with other Thomas and Friends set. Caitlyn measures with a fair length and includes a coal tender with magnets too. She has great details and colored smoothly with red. It is perfect as a gift for your young friends, family, relatives and kids who are a fan of trains or the show.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Circus Train 3-Pack



Seeing the picture above, this train toy car would only go nice as an extender for your train set. It has magnetic couplers as well installed in each end for easy connection. It includes animal shaped figures made of wood in each train car. This can convert your child’s train set to a fun safari ride. It will provide more creative and imaginative play as they can picture out a journey to the wild. This is intended to be connected with other Fisher-Price Thomas train set but could also work great for other train set with magnetic coupling.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Luke



You might not be familiar with this but your kids probably do. This is Luke from the famous train show. This is one of the awesome Thomas the train wooden toys brought to you by Fisher-Price. By now you can actually say that FIsher-Price has tons of collectibles to offer. As most of their Thomas Train set, Luke is also made of high quality hard wood with an easy-to-use feature due to its efficient magnet connectivity. Luke is colored green and with great details. You can actually have Luke for your kids in exchange for a short amount.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Winston



This is a car driven by Sir Topham Hatt. As said before or in the earlier part of this article, Sir Topham Hatt is also a character in the fantasy train series, Thomas and Friends. The car is also a character in the show named Winston. This set includes both characters. The car is nicely detailed, with Winston’s name labelled on the side. Although this is a car, it can still run through or be used in a wooden train railway track with ease. The design makes it a perfect fit and does not at all cause any derails.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Ryan Train



This is cute and more attractive to girls. The train name is Ryan. Ryan is also included in some of the shows of Thomas and Friends. Ryan has a cute purple/lavender color which makes him very attractive and eye-catching. This wonderful train toy is made of natural hard and durable wood having some of its parts made of metal. Ryan also has magnets installed at the end. The details of Ryan however, surpass some of the previous train toy and also of a lower price. It can fit and connect well with other Thomas train set and wooden railways.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Fearless Freddie



The famous fearless Freddie is now available for your children. Freddie is one of the famous characters in the late series of Thomas and Friends. The design of Freddie is neat, clean, elegant and bright. It is painted with a nice silky white finish combined with some parts gold. The whole body of the train toy is from hard wood. The details are highly noticeable and stylistic. You can have Freddie as a gift for your child for a very low and affordable cost. It is versatile and with great connectivity. You can easily slip and slide Freddie to other magnetic coupling train cars of Thomas.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Ferdinand



Fisher-Price Thomas wants you to meet one of their Thomas the train wooden trains, Ferdinand. You might be getting lost track of how many train characters are there in the series Thomas and Friends. Fisher Price are known to give you all the collectibles you need to complete your Thomas set. This here, Ferdinand, is one of the many real wood trains that are easy to use and connect. For a very attainable price, this train piece can actually give your children a fun time as it can go greatly with their existing wooden train set.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Oliver and Oliver Train



For a little higher price, this is a 2 pieces set of Thomas and Friends character train set. This is a Thomas wooden train collectible that can be greatly added to your children’s existing or current wooden railway set. You can save some amount due to the package of two. Both of which have magnet couplings for a stable and easy connection. You can grab other magnet based couplings of other engines and prolong the fun of your kids. This is a great way of you want to give them a chance to extend their set.


Thomas Wooden Railway – Toby The Tram Engine



You might wonder if this is a train. The amusing and fun design of Toby is actually a passenger train car. The details make Toby look like a classic wooden train. Toby’s body is made of wood and some parts at the bottom is made of plastic and metals which are safe and non-toxic for kids. This is recommended for kids from 2 years old and up. There are no choke-hazard pieces included and this could actually run through wooden tracks and connect easily with other engines.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Gator – Tracks To Bravery



This is the brave Thomas the train wooden toys, Gator. He is one of the most courageous train characters in the series. Gator’s design and aesthetics are much larger compared with other train characters ever created. Gator is bulkier and weighs heavier. Fisher-Price used premium wood quality materials to create Gator. It has realistic design and details with a nice shiny finish. You and your kids can avail of Toby for a very reasonable price.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Percy’s Musical Ride



Another great Percy collection from Fisher Price, this is Percy’s Wooden Railway Musical Ride. It has a box car with a calliope where your kids can easily press it to play music and sounds. This is much better compared with other Percy collection, although to only additional feature would be a music box. The music box can actually be detached and connect to other train engine cars as it also uses magnet couplers.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Battery-Operated Hiro



This is a battery operated, wooden Thomas train set featuring Hiro. It is much expensive with other non-motorized wooden train but is still on the affordable range. This train engine car can freely move on its own but lacks a little movement control or feature as it can only move forward or in one direction. It needs only 1 double-A battery to run. Let your kids have their moment to create their own Thomas and Friends adventure with this motorized Hiro train.


Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Talking Thomas



You might confuse this one to the previous Thomas the train wooden toy. This one actually has a sound feature. It utters fun sounds and phrases. It will greatly increase your children’s sensory skills. The train also has a working headlight for a fun ride during dim or dark weathers. The train set is made of real, high quality wood and can easily connect with other train engines. It requires 2 pieces of non-standard batteries for the sound and headlight feature.


Fisher-Price Thomas The Train Wooden Railway Bertie



Fisher-Price introduces to you one of the cast of Thomas and Friends, Bertie. Bertie is a wooden Thomas train set made from genuine, durable, hard and sturdy wood. It works great as a decorative accessory for your layout but could also be one of the best train wooden cars for the tracks as it has moving wheels that runs through perfectly and smoothly on a standard size wooden track of Thomas, Brio and Chuggington.

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