Classic Toy Trains

There many types of toy train available for hobbyists, enthusiasts and/or kids to choose from. You can either choose between modern trains, electric trains, wooden trains, Thomas trains, Brio Trains, Chuggington Trains and more. But what about Classic Toy Trains? It refers not to the time it was made but mostly by design. Most of these classic trains are built and manufactured at the later years up to the current but are still called classic toy trains due to its concept, design, and purpose.


First Choice Melissa & Doug Wooden Farm Train Set – Classic Wooden Toy $ 4.5/5
Second Choice Melissa & Doug Stacking Train – Classic Wooden Toddler Toy $ 4.5/5
Third Choice Blue Cast Metal Classic Train Toy with Sounds and Lights $ 3/5
Fourth Choice Classic Toy Train Set with Realistic Smoke & Sounds (3 Cars) 13pcs by Kinder Toys Network $ 3/5

Classic toy trains are usually intended for kids, beginners, and educational toys. It is a starter set that comes at a cheap, reasonable and fair price. You’d seldom see a classic train toy of an expensive price. Relating to that, it does not usually come with a train table, a play-board or sometimes does not have train tracks. There are also some classic toy trains that do not have efficient compatibility over other train sets.

It might be, however, irrelevant as classic toy trains are meant for newbies and kids. It also is considered to be a great educational toy for kids at a good price. The train set is not that great for hobbyists and enthusiast but it can highly benefit kids and young minds by helping them in learning and developing their skills. Who wouldn’t invest in a cheap toy that educates your children? The toys are remarkable, worth it.

Classic Toy Trains


Classic Toy Train Track Set For Kids Features Railway Steam Train Toy Set




This is a classic train for kids from Env Toys that features a detailed steam train. The set comes with its own plastic tracks where it fits and runs through perfectly. The train set is battery operated. Unlike other types of wooden train sets, this train can actually run without a pushing effort from your kids and can entertain them for a long period of time. There are 2 pieces of trees included in the set for additional details.

Melissa & Doug Classic Toy Train Stacker




One of the most amazing, best-selling and highly regarded as the educational toy is Melissa & Doug’s, classic wooden train stacker. The train set is made of wood, carrying blocks of shapes that stack together on top of the train set. It greatly enhances children’s set of skills and develops their minds, preparing them for good use in the future.

Melissa & Doug Stacking Train – Classic Wooden Toddler Toy




Next is a longer version of the stacking train from Melissa & Doug. This classic wooden train set comes with 18 pieces, including blocks. The set is painted with different colors. This is to familiarize kids with color and shape recognition. The wooden train set promotes a healthy imaginative play as well as enhances hand-eye coordination skills and more.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Farm Train Set – Classic Wooden Toy




Melissa & Doug bring you another classic wooden train toy set. This is the Farm themed train set with 3 linking cars and a train engine car. The set also includes cow animal figure and other things that a farm train carries such as fruit, vegetable, and milk boxes. The wooden train set comes at a great and affordable price. It is painted with a variety of colors and comes at different shapes for enhancement of color and shape recognition.

Blue Cast Metal Classic Train Toy with Sounds and Lights




This blue metal casted train toy is from Master Toys and Novelties. It has shiny and glossy details. The set features sounds and lights that usually bring loads of joy and long hours of fun. This die-cast metal train does not come with a train track but can perfectly run on smooth floors. The train toy measures to about 6 inches in length, 2.5 inches in height and 2 inches wide.

Deluxe Classic Electric Train Model Toy Set with 3 Cars and 12 Feet of Tracks




Liberty Imports bring your own classic electric train toy. This deluxe set comes with 3 train cars and a 12 feet train tracks. The tracks feature a wide 8 figure layout with pillars that creates a strong and stable elevation. The set includes a total of 71 pieces of wonderful pieces. It uses a battery-operated train with bright headlights and can produce realistic train sounds.

Advanced Play Motorized Kids Classic Thomas railway toy Train track play set[/easyazon_link]




The next classic Thomas Train set is still from Advanced Play. It still features the same concept where a large T-Rex can be found and the train uses it as a tunnel to pass through. The difference, however, comes with the layout of the train tracks. This one uses a simple track, flat on the ground, with no elevations. It is also slightly cheaper. The train is also motorized or battery operated.

Classic Toy Train Set with Realistic Smoke & Sounds




This is Kinder Toys Network, battery-operated classic train toy set. There is a total of 13 pieces included in the set. 4 of them feature a detailed train car and a train locomotive that measures to about 5 inches in length. The rest of the pieces are the tracks that form a simple oval shape where the train set can run through stably. The train locomotive does not have an operating light but puffs realistic smoke and produces realistic sounds.