The Ultimate Lionel Toy Trains Guide

Trains are natural fun. It is educational for kids. Different sets of train will only give you positive developmental results and not at all that harmful to children. Adding to that, even adults are highly attracted to train sets. Most even try to collect different train sets from affordable to expensive as they are very helpful in relieving stress. It is also versatile when it comes to application like most of Lionel Trains production. Their model trains can be used for decorative purposes, play-set, relaxation, family bonding, holiday them and more. Their price range is also adaptable to your budget. You can have your set as a beginner for a low and affordable play set or look for a limited edition, expensive train set being a long time or expert train enthusiast or lover.

First Choice   Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set $ 4.1/5  
Second Choice      Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Ready to Play Train Set $$ 4/5  
Third Choice      Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set – G-Gauge $$ 3.1/5  
Fourth Choice     Lionel Union Pacific Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge $$$ 3.8/5  

Lionel LLC is one of the oldest companies who manufacture train, railroad models and toys which have been founded and established during the early 1900’s. Up to this day, they still continue to operate to giving satisfaction to adult train lovers and kids. Over a hundred years, they have continued to grow and innovatively designed trains to keep their customers satisfied and entertained. Their train products are known the have tremendous positive credibility in features and durability. Most of their Gauged trains are very well detailed, with remote control features, electric or battery powered engine, sounds, smoke and more.

One of Lionel Trains characteristics is to ignite children’s imagination and creativity. Their trains have been one of the foundations of good childhood memories that could trigger a child to be more successful in life as they try to rightfully project what they want to be in the future.The train is all about trying to be educational in a discreet manner. It implies a fun time while trying to give you or your children some knowledge behind its entertainment.

34 Best Lionel trains

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge



This is considered to be one best Lionel train sets. The set comes with built-in or free tracks but they give you an option to purchase and extra or additional tracks for a lower price. The 0-8-0 locomotive train includes a coal tender car, a caboose and a boxcar. The train set uses Lionchief remote system. It can be easily operated, move forward and back with a slight touch of hand. It is one of the few realistic toy trains you can have. This is perfect for kids and adult train lovers.


Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set



There are so many affordable cheap Lionel trains available for people with budget line. Apart from the different train gauges of Lionel, this is a ready to play set the moment you take it out of the box. It includes all the necessary pieces to set up your train layout on top of you or your kid’s train table. It has tracks, motorized engine, remote control features for train movement and sound. It also features a Christmas Polar Express train.

To be more specific and as an added bonus – Here is a video of how this wonderful Lionel Trains ran on tracks:

As you all could see, the details are astonishingly magnificent. The train never experiences any derails and it is simply just smooth crossing around.

Lionel Polar Express Remote Train Set – O-Gauge



This is one of the many Lionel o gauge trains. O-gauge trains are for train hobbyist or enthusiast with an expert level of train toy experience. It is also advised for an aged or adult train set due to its expensive price. You might want to consider having an expensive set for a little kid as it will be such a pain to see it get beaten up by a rough play style and destroyed. The train has an operating headlight, a smoke puff unit, sound and movement control.


Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set – G-Gauge



The Pennsylvania Lionel toy train sets are also a known collectible which you will mostly like. It is a G-gauge train locomotive with a Berkshire design. This train produces realistic train sounds such as train announcement, bells and whistles. The remote control features are marked with great details to provide easy access and control. RC also provides user with control over movement and sound.


Lionel North Pole Central Ready to Play Train Set



This is a Lionel Christmas train set that features a North Pole train central. It is a great starter train set or a decorative train set to be laid out the living room during the said holiday. The assembly is done with minimal effort. You can readily use it right out of its box. It includes a 50 inches by 73 inches oval track with great sturdiness and stability. The set requires a total of 9 batteries. 3 triple-A batteries for the remote control and 6 pieces of C-cell batteries for the train which is unfortunately, not included in the set.


Lionel Mickey Mouse Disney Ready to Play Train Set



Lionel train sets have also set a partnership with Disney. This is a Mickey Mouse featured ready-to-play Disney train set from Lionel. It is also a Christmas themed train set. This will let you join Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Minnie’s train ride adventure. It is an affordable train set packed with great features such as sound, battery operated motor, control that could go forward and reverse and more.


Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Ready to Play Train Set



The Pennsylvania Flyer series is a great set from many Lionel model trains. The details of a Berkshire designed locomotive train are outstanding and most of which have bright working headlights on the front. The train engine locomotive includes a coal tender and 2 train cars. The train tracks measures approximately 50 inches by 73 inches in dimension consisting of 24 durable and sturdy curve tracks and 8 straight tracks.


Lionel Hogwarts LionChief Train Set – O-Gauge



This is one of the many expensive but fully packed with features, Lionel o gauge trains. The classic maroon colored train is longer than any other usual train set. It has a great train engine locomotive with a working headlight and with perfect details. It includes coal tender and 3 pieces of a long passenger car. The set includes its own train track but you can never be sure of how long you wanted your layout to be so there is an option for you to purchase an extra track for a lower price.


Lionel Peanuts Halloween Train Set



There are also some Lionel trains which is built to provide more fun during the Halloween. The Peanuts Halloween set has a convenient durable and long lasting power supply and a remote control feature. The design and details are really intended for the event. It is great for an added decorative bonus for that brings out the November spirit. It has a total dimension layout of 40 inches by 50 inches wide.


Lionel 682716 Mickey’s Holiday To Remember Disney Christmas Train Set



This sparkling red Christmas train features Mickey Mouse from Disney and a wonderful Holiday to remember. It is on Lionel’s top and expensive bracket or categories of train. The details are exceptional. The train cars are large and long compared to other sets. The train tracks are also large, sturdy and strong. The train set guarantees zero derailing possibilities as it perfectly fits on the strong and stable tracks.


Lionel Trains Frosty the Snowman LionChief Remote Set

There are only a few of this wonderful Frosty the Snowman themed train sets left in the market. The set has a large oval tracks and uses FasTrack sections. It includes a frosty 0-8-0 train locomotive, 2 coal tenders, reefer and a caboose. The colors and design are sharp and very frosty. It is made of strong durable plastic and metal materials. You’d also see that the wheels are perfect on the tracks and visibly durable.


Lionel Junction Santa Fe Steam Train Set – O-Gauge



People have loved the Lionel o gauge trains with its classical and comprehensive style and design. This Lionel train set features the Santa Fe Steam Locomotive. It is an average priced train set that is highly affordable. There are a few of this left. The set includes a 0-4-0 steam train locomotive with remote control features that requires 3 pieces of AAA batteries. There is a boxcar, caboose and gondola included in the set.


Lionel John Deere Steam LionChief Train Set – O-Gauge



You can choose to purchase this train of great comprehensive design with its built-in tracks or add some extra tracks for a low and affordable price. The set features a 0-8-0 steam locomotive train with gondola, caboose and a flatcar. The flatcar includes 2 tractors built with die cast metal. There are also figures of a train engineer and a fireman included to add more imaginative play. It has a wall packed 54 watts power supply.


Lionel John Deere Ready to Play Train Set



This is another John Deere Steam train model from Lionel. John Deere train set features a farming train. The train carries around framing materials or equipment. It has an operating and bright headlight in the front. The set is highly comprehensive. It includes 3 train cars and an oval train track with dimensions of 50 inches by 73 inches. The tracks consist of 24 durable plastic pieces of curved and 8 straight tracks.


Lionel Trains Frosty the Snowman G-Gauge Train Set



This is one of the few Frosty the Snowman Lionel Christmas train set. This is much more affordable compared with the previous Frosty the Snowman set. It comes with a motorized train engine locomotive with an opening door boxcar, knuckle couplings and a coal tender. The RC features an easy to use remote with all the details needed. It enables you to control the sound system and allows the train to move forward and reverse.


Lionel Union Pacific Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge



As for Lionel o scale train sets, the Union Pacific Flyer can be obtain for a reasonable price. It has fascinating details and known or tested with great standards of durability and sturdiness. The train engine car includes a fully functioning headlight and a smoke puffing unit. It has a long length. There are a total of 6 train cars including the coal tender. The set includes a flatcar that carries a cargo. Remote control is included in its features.


Lionel Trains Crayola G-Gauge Freight Set



The loveliest and most colorful train set is here. This is the Crayola themed G-gauge train set from Lionel. Lionel, in partnership with Crayola, created a train with colorful details. It has an bright functioning headlight, includes a boxcar, caboose and Crayola tender. The boxcar has an opening door on one side. The set includes 12 pieces curved tracks and 4 pieces straight tracks. The train uses 6 pieces C-cell batteries and 2 pieces double A batteries for the remote.


Lionel Santa’s Helper Christmas Lionchief Set



This is an amazing Christmas train set. The Santa’s Helper train from Lionel, uses a LionChief remote system to provide great ease and access to its user in terms of controlling the train’s movement and sound. The set is highly detailed from the train engine car down to the freight cars. It includes 2 figures, one of an engineer and the other of a fireman. Steam and train chugging sound is included as a sound background. It also has a detailed manual with troubleshooting instructions.


Lionel DC Comics Batman Phantom Train Set – O-Gauge



One of the Best-selling Lionel o gauge trains is the DC themed, Batman Phantom train set. The details and aesthetics of the train is set to a futuristic time. The train is made and treated with a unique carbon that makes up that fearsome, sharp and elegant look. The set includes 8 curved and 2 straight FasTracks sections. It has unique train sound features of that of a phantom background but never forgot to include standard announcement, bells and whistles sounds.

Lionel Silver Bells Train Set



This is another sharp looking Lionel Christmas train set. The Silver Bells train set is off to give you a wonderful and playful Christmas environment during the holiday. It is very easy to set up and fully packed with its own power supply. The set is technically built to be played with instantly as you unbox it. It has remote control features that enable the train to move forward and back using a knob. The sound is also included in the RC feature.


Lionel Junction Pennsylvania Diesel Train Set – O-Gauge



The Lionel Pennsylvania Diesel Junction train is an electric powered train locomotive that requires 3 pieces of triple-A batteries for its remote control. The RC uses the LionChief RC system for fast, efficient and easy to use settings. The train set includes a caboose, a diesel boxcar and a gondola. It has only an average size track dimension of 40 inches by 40 inches wide. The train engine car comes with an operating, durable and bright headlight and a powerful motor that is maintenance free.


Lionel Thomas Christmas Freight Train Set – O-Gauge



This is a Thomas the Train featured Lionel o gauge trains that you might want to have for your kids. It is inspired from the lovely train series, Thomas and Friends. The train theme is also set to Christmas holidays. It includes a train engine car with a happy face of Thomas and a removable hat on top. The themed train set includes a bobber caboose, a wagon car filled with snowy Christmas trees and more. It has an easy to operate remote control with a user activated sound and movement settings. It is within most people’s price range, very affordable and durable.


Lionel Gingerbread Junction O-Gauge Train Set



There are only several themed Lionel o gauge trains available. This is a Gingerbread O-gauge train junction set from Lionel. It has durable and sturdy operating couplings at each end of the train car. The set includes a flatcar filed with a pipe load of candy canes, a gondola with removable sweet canisters and a candy themed train engine car. The train cars connected measures to about 34 and a half inches in length and runs through a 40 inches by 60 inches train tracks. It also comes with 2 figures of a fireman and an engineer. The lovely and delicious candy train has smoke puffing and remote control features.

Lionel Thomas And Friends Remote Train Set – O-Gauge



There are many affordable and cheap Lionel trains and fortunately, there are Thomas and Friends themed available with the price range. It is an electric operated train locomotive with RC features that allows you to control the speed from low to high and easy switch to make it move forward and reverse. Thomas has 3 removable faces you can choose from, all with moving eyes. The roof is also removable. Assembling and connecting is fairly easy. It comes with a great manual which gladly includes troubleshooting steps in case of failure. The set requires only 3 triple-A batteries for the remote.


Lionel Trains Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Train Set



This one could work during Christmas or any other holidays. There are only finite stocks available for this amazing Coca-Cola, Lionel o gauge trains. It is a general style, Coca-Cola steam train locomotive that includes a caboose, a chocolate bar filled Coca-Cola tender and a boxcar. Lionel, in partnership with Coca-Cola, created a electric powered train with great details and aesthetics. It is fully backed with remote and sound control features. The set can be controlled to move in both directions. This is all for an affordable and pocket friendly price.

Lionel Canadian Pacific Passenger Train Set



This Lionel train set features the Canadian Pacific Train. It features a diesel train that is powered electrically. The set includes a dome car, a coach car and an observation car. The length of this train is average. It does have its own free train track. The train includes a transformer. This train is built from high quality materials. It may lack some features such as remote and sound control but this can durably withstand long years of different play-styles. The details are also highly comprehensive. It may come a little bit expensive to some but there are only a few of this manufactured and this is guaranteed to give you tremendous amount of fun over a long period of time.

Lionel Trains Snoopy Railways G Gauge Set



Some might criticize a cheap Lionel trains but the affordability of the set does not at all affect the quality. They may take down some of the features such as sound quality, number of sound, details and speed control but Lionel actually tried to make their entire product suitable for different play conditions. This train set also holds the credibility of a durable Lionel train. It is a simple G-gauge train set with remote control features that allows you to move the train forward and reverse. It also produces bell and whistle sounds. The set has a working headlight installed. It has a coal tender, a boxcar with an opening door and electric powered train engine car included in the set.

Lionel Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set – O-Gauge



Lionel welcomes you to a magical train ride. This is the Hogwarts Express train for the movie, Harry Potter. It is an O-gauge train set. The set includes 2 passenger car or coaches, a combination car and a classic 4-6-0 steam train locomotive. The train cars have interior lighting installed and a fully functioning and bright headlight. The set comes with a free train tracks. The tracks are consisting of 8 pieces curved and terminal FasTrack section. There is also a powerful and durable transformer included to make the train run with stability and power.


Lionel 6-83659 Pennsylvania Keystone Special Set



This is the Pennsylvania Keystone series, Lionel train sets. It has an average or mediocre price but with superb quality. It does have an electric train engine that allows it to move on the track on its own. It has great detail design on all of its train cars. The set includes a boxcar, a coal tender and a flatcar. The train has RC features for to enable the user to control the movement of the train, forward and reverse. The set is known to be very sturdy and stable as it runs along the tracks.


Lionel Trains Dinosaur Diesel LionChief Remote Set



This is the Dinosaur Diesel Lionel toy train sets. There is only a number of this Lionel train model left. The set is very colorful. It uses fun and vibrant colors with drawings or designs set back on prehistoric times. It includes a hatching transport flatcar, caboose, gondola and a boxcar. It is set to be controlled remotely using LionChief remote system which makes movement very easy to maneuver. The LionChief also allows you to control the sound feature remotely. You can make the train whistle, rang its bells and announcement by a push of a button. The remote uses alkaline batteries, triple-A which unfortunately, not included in the set.



Lionel New York Central Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge



You should hurry up and grab this amazing city train themed, New York Central, Lionel Flyer train set. This is actually very hard to find. The length of the train is fairly long. It is complete with a large coal tender, a freight car filled with tanks of gas, a flatcar with a helicopter figure, a bright colored boxcar and a caboose. It uses a powerful and maintenance free engine motor. The train engine car’s body and frame are made of die cast metal. It also uses silver and metallic rims which make it very smooth and sturdy on the tracks. The train’s movement is controlled by a transformer. It can go forward, neutral and reverse. It also has smoke puff unit, a working headlight, sound system and more.

Lionel NS Heritage Freight Train Set



This is one of the best classic Lionel model trains or toy trains with exceptional, comprehensive, detailed design. The train engine and the other train cars are large and strong looking. The length is longer than the average train length. The sturdiness and durability of the train’s construction are superb and remarkable. The train is made from high quality metallic frames and durable plastic. It includes a tank car, a boxcar, a GP-80 train engine car and more. The caboose has interior lighting installed. The set can be controlled via a CW-80 transformer.


Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set – O-Gauge



This is the Peanuts Lionel Christmas train set. It is an O-gauge train locomotive that features snoopy on a Christmas themed train ride. The package features a gondola with snowy Christmas trees loaded on the back, a boxcar with an opening door on one side, lighted caboose, operating couplings and more. The train set movement is controlled by a transformer. It can go forward, reverse or on neutral. The train engine car is constructed with die cast metallic frame and in most parts of its body. It also includes an engineer and a fireman figure.

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