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Best Hornby Train Sets for Model Railway Enthusiasts

Train sets are considered one of the best play-set and collectibles for most kids and some adults. It helps children develop a great mind through learning, fun, interactive and non-violent toy set. It is just a matter of looking for the right train set for you with the right brand or manufacturer. Every play-set has its pros and cons and varying the pros to fit in your train’s chosen preference could get you into a hard decision making situation. That is why you need to limit your search with only the best quality toy model trains that will definitely give the most features and benefits you could imagine like with this Hornby Train Sets.

First Choice Hornby The Flying Scotsman A1Class #4472 OO Train Set $$$ 4.4/5
Second Choice   Hornby R2784x Railroad Br 4-6-2 ‘mallard’ Class A4 00 Gauge Steam Locomotive $$$ 4/5

This train sets are well known to be expensive but of very high quality train products. You can choose over a variety of HO train sets and models that is good and best for trainiacs who collect. It can also be a train set for a child that is sure to last long. They sell both expensive and inexpensive sets to accommodate adult train enthusiast and a child. Their train play-toys are very strong, sturdy and durable. It is sure to last long and would definitely give you and your children long lasting fun and excitement.

Hornby Train Sets: Collectibles and Toys

Hornby The Flying Scotsman A1Class #4472 OO Train Set


This is one of the most famous train set made by Hornby. The popular train set as dubbed as the “Flying Scotsman”. It has A1 class apple green colored train set. This train set will make you experience and relive the wonderful moments of train travel back in 1900’s.

The train set comes with a wide train tracks and a controller. It is an exquisitely and remarkably detailed locomotive train with train carriages.


  • The train set is known as the “Flying Scotman” locomotive that includes two composite coaches and one brake coach that are OO scale coaches.
  • It has a controller provided that enables you to set the train speed and remotely turn it on and off.
  • It’s very high end but it’s easy to set up and operate. It includes an illustrated train set manual that lets you assemble each piece easily and how functions work. You can run the train the moment you get it right out of the box and has everything you need.
  • There is a MidiMat included that makes the train track circuit sits easily and holding it firm. The train mat is approximately 1600 x 1800 mm. The train tracks are HO scale tracks that are compatible with other Hornby Tracks and can be develop into a much fun and effective layout.
  • It is an electric train set that comes with a US transformer and can be directly plugged into the wall.


  • The quality is very high. It is one of the most outstanding classic model electric trains that are highly detailed. It is very strong and sturdy. Durability will make it last longer compare with other trains.
  • This is a great hobby product for collectors with its classical design. The analogue controller is upgradable and can be integrated with other Hornby train products. It gives you the opportunity to put different Hornby trains on tracks and control them with one remote.
  • The composite and break coach has a nice lighting which stays lit even when the train is stationary.
  • It is a toy figure of a real train of the year 1900’s and has realistic movement from acceleration to deceleration.


  • Even thou a child will enjoy this set the same with an adult train enthusiast, this train set is not really designed for kids. The integration of its analogue controller and the train tracks to other Hornby train products is very complicated to a child.
  • It will actually last very long and is very sturdy but a bit expensive to be a child’s play-toy.


This is a very nice train set. You will never get disappointed if you plan to exchange your money for this. This is a must for HO-Trainiacs who collects and plays with train as a hobby. It is classical and is a lifelike train that will let you experience how train was back then.

Just for fun about how awesome a Hornby Train Sets are – Here is a short 20 minute video from unboxing up to installation and play time:

Simple as it looks, the Flying Scotsman Train set is one of the best selling Hornby trains in the market.


Hornby R2784X 00 Gauge Br Class A4 Mallard With Decoder Railroad Locomotive


A collectible train toy set that’s not really intended for kids. The product is made to commemorate the world’s speed record of the Mallard train. It represents the train even before the day the record resplendent.

The set includes LNER teak coaches and other coaches on the railroad range. It also has a MidiMat where you can place the train track or circuit that extends completely.


  • A MidiMat is included that has a size of 1600 x 1180 mm that serves as a layout to place your train set and track. It also gives the tracks support making it a bit firm than it is without it.
  • It has a large oval tracks that includes a siding and a buffer stop. The train track circuit is wide and long and can be combined with other Hornby train tracks and building packs. It is simply and can easily be built up into an effective model railways layout that is quite fascinating.
  • It has a nice and full packed function train controller that lets you speed up and slow down the train remotely. The set also includes a PSU or a power supply unit and an accessory Bag to keep your train things properly organized or stored in one place.


  • This train set is very highly detailed. The looks of it makes an almost perfect miniaturized Mallard train with its fine and distinctive livery blue color.
  • It is complete with train lightings that continue to light even if the train set in not moving.
  • This train set is good with your children is also a collectible. It is not only a representation of an actual train but also acts as a perfect play-toy. It is educational, fun, entertaining and not at all violent or a hazard to your kids.
  • The railways or train tracks are very sturdy and very nicely made. It is a high quality tracks that can support the train and does not make it derail even to full speed or in turns.


  • It is quite a very expensive train set. The cost makes it not that ideal for kids to play with. Kids have the tendency to play rough and could beat a train down. You don’t want to get a 3 year old a train set worth that much just to see it get smashed. This is a train set that is fitting for a child aging 10 and up.
  • The probability of it getting damaged from continuous or repetitive assembling and disassembling is above medium rate. With the amount of money you will pay for it, you’d rather have it set up and leave the train engine cars, freights and tracks as is after you play with it.


A very expensive train set but the quality and durability of it is remarkable. Each pieces of the train set is not cheaply made and could continue to be affective over a long period of time. This is one of a set that you will long to collect if you’re a train enthusiast.


Hornby R2670 00 Gauge 0-4-0, open wagon, Clsed Van, Brake van Railroad Train Pack


This is not a play-set or toy. It is a train model made by Hornby for modelling use. The train or railroad models of the Hornby are fitted and set with the standards of other Hornby and Thomas railroads so that it can be connected or hooked up.

The model train is also a good start-up kit for people who just started to buy their train set. They assemble it piece by piece without costing them so much all in one purchase. Somehow they could try to test the engine of their train of how many train cars it can accommodate.


  • It is a detailed train model that you can choose to paint.
  • The model is usually used or bought to extend one’s current train set because it fits well with most brands or other train sets.
  • It has a locomotive engine, battery operated, simple but efficient.
  • An easy to use and run right out of the box set.


  • This is a strong and sturdy set that could adapt easily with other train sets.
  • The track holds the train firmly and does not cause them to derail.
  • It is an OO scale train but it’s not that far compare to an HO scale train set.


  • The train set moves a bit slow and comes with few features for its price.
  • Oil paint does not work well with the texture.
  • This train set is not that high end. It doesn’t have any remote controllers and lighting.


This is a good set if you plan to start with an affordable or cheap model trains, a stepping stone that you want because its parts can be used for a new and much high end train set because it is versatile. Replacing it won’t make it useless. Train cars, freights and tracks can still be recycled by connecting it to other train sets.

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