Best Lionel G Gauge Model Trains

As you all know, Lionel is one of the oldest toy train manufacturers that has given many generations of fun and joyful entertainment for people of all ages, may it be children or adult. They have dedicated most of their time to bring their product to the top through the right and proper standard of quality, high performance and innovations. In fact, their Lionel G Gauge train sets mostly are best-sellers in the market and in many ecommerce websites. Even today, production and sales continues to grow especially during the holiday of giving or Christmas.

First Choice     Lionel The Polar Express G-Gauge Train Set $$$ 5/5
Second Choice    Lionel Trains Polar Express G-Gauge Freight Train Set $$$ 4.2/5   
Third Choice    Lionel Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set – G-Gauge $$$ 3.6/5   
Fourth Choice     Lionel Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set – G-Gauge $$ 3.8/5   

The most common gift, present or toy you can give your children or young relatives for the holiday would be Lionel model trains. It is available at almost anywhere. It has a variety of types, sizes, designs, color and price to choose from. In addition, the train set is highly versatile. At times that it isn’t being played with, it can be used as a tool or accessory that adds decorative effect on your room, living room or under your Christmas tree during the holidays. Some adults even use it as their stress reliever or relaxant. Assembling, connecting and watching the train roam around its tracks and listen to it whistle, chug and rang its bells can bring about a fun and peaceful environment which can help you relax. 

Train toys are also educational. The basics of trying to connect and assemble each train pieces and tracks actually help a lot in the development of children’s brain. It also enhances several skills such as fine-motor, logical and hand-eye coordination. It also promotes a non-violent interactive play and stimulates your child to be more active. This is why most kindergarten has train toys, models and ornaments in their collection of learning and educational toys for kids. This is one of the reasons why we want to give you a list of the best Lionel trains and train cars as we want you to have only the best for you and your children.


23 Best Lionel Trains and Train Cars


Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set – G-Gauge



This Lionel Pennsylvania flyer g gauge train set is an affordable set but is made with high quality train materials. It has high and remarkable details of a Berkshire locomotive. The set includes remote and sound features. It produces clear quality and fine tempo, authentic train sounds such as bells and whistles. Remote control includes movement and sound control. It comes with an oval train track with dimensions of 55 inches by 72 inches. The set includes a train engine car, crates and gondola with fixed couplers.


Lionel Trains Pennsylvania Railroad G-Gauge Flatcar



The Lionel Pennsylvania g gauge Flatcar is being sold separately. It is a collectible train car/flat car that can connect to most Lionel train sets. This can go perfectly to your Lionel Pennsylvania g gauge or polar express set. The flatcar includes reels with molded letters that forms the word or brand “Lionel” inside. It uses fixed knuckle type couplers. This piece can extend the joy and fun of your current train set as it is very durable and sturdy. The wheels are also great. It can run through tracks smoothly.


Lionel Trains Frosty the Snowman G-Gauge Train Set



This features children’s iconic character, Frosty the Snowman. It is a perfect Lionel g gauge train set during Christmas holidays. It is a frosty style locomotive train. The set includes a tender, cupola caboose, a boxcar and a train engine car with a working headlight. The set produces high quality sounds of whistles, bells, train chugs and announcement. It has a detailed remote control that enables you to control the train’s movement and sound. It comes with a free oval train track having dimensions of about 55 inches by 72 inches.

Lionel Trains Crayola G-Gauge Freight Set



Lionel g gauge train set also includes a fun Crayola design for kids. It is an affordable train set lacks some features but could still operate competitively with other Lionel trains. It has high quality details with the design of each train car. It uses bright and vibrant colors that feature a brand of crayons, Crayola. Locomotive and tender is that of a general-style. The set comes with a free average sized train track, 12 pieces curved and 4 pieces straight. It includes a boxcar with an opening door, a cupola caboose and a working headlight. This is a battery powered train.


Lionel Polar Express Train Set – G-Gauge



A little expensive product, the Lionel polar express train set – g-gauge. This type of Lionel trains is known for their outstanding detail, durability and features. It is an inspired train product from the Original movie back in 2004. It is a steam train locomotive with a coal tender. It includes a passenger car with opening doors on both sides, 3 pieces figure of a boy, a conductor and a hobo and an observation car. This set also comes with a free average size train tracks and can be controlled remotely. It includes a detailed instruction manual for easy and convenient assembly.


Lionel Trains Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Train Set



This is a Coca-Cola limited edition Lionel g gauge trains made for the holidays. It uses a general style Coca-Cola locomotive that comes with a tender, a caboose and a boxcar that features Santa, holding a coke and an opening door. It produces authentic train sounds of train announcement, whistles and bells. Sound feature along with the train’s movement is included in the remote control feature.


Lionel Trains Pennsylvania Railroad G-Gauge Boxcar



Lionel Pennsylvania g gauge boxcar such as this one will definitely add or extend more fun to your train set. It is simple and affordable but could fit and connect to almost any train cars and train tracks. It is built with great details and reliable train sturdiness as it does not tend to derail if running around the tracks.

Lionel Trains Snoopy Railways G Gauge Set



The Lionel snoopy railway g gauge is an average priced Lionel train products created with fine details that gives the set a sharp and professional look. It includes a boxcar, a tender and a caboose. The boxcar has an opening door on one side printed with Snoopy logo. It has sound and remote features the same with most trains. The sound feature where built to be included in the RC for more convenience in controlling both the movement and sound.


Lionel Trains Pennsylvania Railroad G-Gauge Tank Car



This is the Lionel g gauge Pennsylvania tank car. The tank car has nice details with ladders connecting to the top. It is perfectly colored with yellow and a P.R.R. logo on one side. It uses fixed knuckle couplers to connect with other train cars. This can run smoothly on different train tracks and could connect to most Lionel train cars. It is actually a fun train add-on or extender for a great and affordable price.


Lionel Trains Snoopy Railways G-Gauge Gondola Car



The Lionel snoopy railway g gauge Gondola car or train car is a must-have snoopy train collectibles to be added to your Snoopy inspired railway g-gauge train set. Not that the set’s length comes short but it is always nice to have this gondola car with 2 pieces of crates and a dog house made from durable plastic to be collected or to extend the train fun of you or your children and all for a low and affordable price.


Lionel Trains Crayola G-Gauge Gondola Train Car



Another great Lionel g gauge accessories or train car to add and extend the train’s fun time and entertainment. Although this can connect with most Lionel train products, it would really go perfectly to people with an existing Crayola train set. This gondola is made of strong and durable plastic with 3 pieces of removable crates having different colors. This is an affordable train piece with colorful design to go along the theme of the Crayola train set.


Lionel Hershey’s Freight G-Gauge Train Set



Lionel g gauge train sets have many limited edition or brand inspired products such as this one. It is a Hershey’s chocolate G-gauge steam train locomotive that includes a cupola caboose, a boxcar with an opening door and train tracks of 12 curved and 4 straight track pieces. It also produces authentic train sounds of bells, whistles and train announcement. It has a working headlight installed on the front of the train engine car and all can be controlled remotely.


Lionel Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set – G-Gauge



This is the Lionel harry potter Hogwarts express train set g gauge which is not only attractive to children but also loved by adults whom of which are mostly fans of the book or movie. It is designed with a handsome and fine detail of a classic steam train. Each train cars uses fixed knuckle couplings. It has a user friendly remote with detailed markings that indicates each function from movement to sound.


Lionel Trains Polar Express G-Gauge Freight Train Set



The Lionel polar express g gauge freight set is one of the well-known types of Lionel train products. This one features a classic steam locomotive train with a coal tender and a gondola with 3 removable chocolate canisters on top. It also has a center caboose. The train set includes an average size train track pieces, 4 straight ones and 12 curved track pieces. It produces authentic train sounds of bells, announcement and train whistles. Remote control feature has detailed marking with controls over movement and sound features included. Sound feature also plays a special tune of “all aboard the polar express” from the original movie.


Lionel Canadian Pacific G Gauge Set 7-11399



This is one of the country themed Lionel g gauge train sets. The Canadian Pacific G Gauge train set is one of Lionel’s expensive set as they are known to be highly durable and reliable high performing trains. The train set has exquisitely fine details. It is a steam Canadian train locomotive with a coal tender, a train car with 3 removable box crates and a caboose, all using fixed coupling. It comes with a free train track that measures about 55 inches by 72 inches oval.


Lionel The Polar Express G-Gauge Train Set



It could work fine as a kid’s play-set but due to its expensive price, you’d prefer not to. This set is advised by most to be a decorative train set for Christmas or for any other holidays. This also works great for an adult train hobbyist, enthusiast or collectors. It has great durability and sturdiness but an expensive train like this would rather not undergo a rough beating of a child because replacement will totally cost you. The details are outstanding and it comes with sound and remote control features.





This is the Lionel Santa Fe freight g gauge train set. It is actually a ready to run, right out of the box train set. It’s not that expensive but also not that cheap. It is best for starters who wants to have a taste of how good a train journey could be. It only requires minimal effort in assembling and connecting. It is a battery powered train set with an operating headlight, assessed with Lionel quality and standards. This is only one of the few country/place inspired train products from Lionel.

Lionel Trains Pennsylvania RR G Gauge Set by Lionel



The Lionel trains Pennsylvania RR g gauge is a wonderful train set to be collected. It is a must-have for adult train lovers to be added into their train collection. It is a train with great elegance. This is a high performance train with superb durability. The set includes a steam locomotive train and a Pennsylvania tender along with 2 other train cars, available with remote control and sound features. This set also includes a free, strong and sturdy average size train tracks.

The Polar Express G-Gauge Train Set by Lionel



The Christmas themed train set and based from the actual polar express train of the 2004 movie, this is the Lionel polar express train g gauge categorized to be in one of the expensive train sets Lionel made. It is a great holiday train that could bring out the Christmas spirit within your home. This is perfect as a decorative train under your tree or a train play-set for you or your kids. It comes with all features such as sound, remote, free train tracks and train cars, all for a reasonable price. The sound quality is also remarkable. Sound quality does not seem to be affected by excessive or over time use.


Lionel Christmas Story Train G Guage



This is only one of the few Lionel Christmas train set g gauge intended for the holiday of giving. It is very easy to connect and set up. It is an affordable train set that is great for beginners. This train set includes a detailed manual for an easy assembly. It includes a train track that is made of durable plastic and is a perfect fit for the train. It can be controlled remotely thanks to its easy-to-operate RC feature. This is perfect for a kid’s toy train and for an added home decoration for during the holidays. It’s not just fun but also a reliable train set that could give you a longer time of fun and bring out the Christmas spirit within you and your children.


Lionel Trains Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Train Set Bundle



This is the same as the previous Coca-Cola G-gauge train set from Lionel. The nice thing about this set is the added bonus of one dozen C-cell batteries. The previous set does not have any batteries included. In addition, this bundle saves you a few amount of money from buying individual batteries. This is in general, a great Lionel train set for the holidays as it features the Coca-Cola product that is a popular soda product bought during Christmas and other occasions.


Lionel Holiday Christmas Train – “G” Gauge



Another great collectible, this is the Lionel Christmas train set g gauge remote control train. This is an expensive but totally worth it, train set. It has a multi-functional remote control system with lighting installed in the train engine car and in the tender. It has an entertaining bell train car that plays most of your favorite Christmas songs. There are elf figures standing in different parts of the train. This set includes a 52 inches by 69 inches oval train track.


Lionel G- 99720 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express G-Gauge



This is perfect train car to extend the fun on your current Lionel Hogwarts express g gauge train set. It could also be a replacement train car if you damaged or lone of your existing Hogwarts set’s train car. It is slightly heavy. The train passenger car is built with great details and exceptional durability. The wheels are a perfect fit for most train tracks and a coupler that could connect to most train sets. The price is also very attainable, a finely built train car product from Lionel model trains that is guaranteed to last long.

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