10 of the Largest Model Train Railroads in the World

Looking for something that could expand your creativity and imagination when it comes to model trains and railroads? You’re in luck as we have decided to bring trainiacs, hobbyist and enthusiast the best model railroads in the world that comes in large designs or layout. This will help you out determine what kind of train model and railroad theme you want for your satisfaction. In addition, most of the scenery of these models is breath-taking. It will provide you further insights in craftsmanship, artistry and trains!

One of the best things about model railroads is the application. It can either be used as a play-set for you, your kids or your family as you let young ones journey into the railroad worlds or used as a layout in application of an actual railroad system that is going to be built by engineers and railroad companies. It is almost the same as creating a building model where engineers, architects and other people can actually see and based the output of what they are about it build.

Below are some ideas you can actually use or base your ideas to build your own large model railroad for home or commercial use.

10 Amazing Model Railroads


1. Model Railroad Scenery, Loxx, Berlin, Germany

Starting off our short list, this is a photo/image of the largest model railroad scenery. As seen in the photo, it takes up a huge space filled with all the necessary details the represents the actual infrastructures of some places in Loxx, Berlin, Germany. The view is spectacular, mesmerizing and breath taking! This simply shows how wide an imagination and creativity can lead up to.

Image Src: Odd Stuff Magazine

2. Elkhorn Iron and Timber

Our next model railroad is from Elkhorn Iron and Timber. This is a railroad layout built with explicit details of trees and mountains! It is one of the largest models to where you can base your own idea of what a large scale model for different train model gauges actually looks like. This layout is complete with an HO-scale train set, villages, light and dark colored trees, water details, mountain terrain and a track laid out on a bridge!

Image Src: Elkhorn Iron and Timber Co.

3. Burghausen Bahn

As you know, Germany is one of the few/many countries with so a large number or railway systems. It is also a common means of transportation of their country back in the days. This model represents the Burghausen Bahn. With a few modeling tweeks, this could actually be a great layout for your train set such, specifically HO model trains as it has a combined scenery of a village, tunnel, mountain and other more terrains.

Image Source: Burghasen Bahn

4. Gore Canyon Model

This is a large scale model railroad of the Gore Canyon. It has water details, mountain terrains and tunnels, where it was based on an HO scale model train, will run and pass through. This model can actually be an idea for some enthusiast who wants a layout that is actually based on one of nature’s amazing scenery.

Image Src: Mr. Scenery

5. Franklin & South Manchester

The next model railroad layout is inspired from the work of George Sellios. It represents a fictional place in New England. The model railroad represents the time on the occurrences of the Great Depression back in 1935. This layout is a masterpiece where every detail from rocks, houses, towers are highly comprehensive and remarkable.

Image Src: ModVid

6. Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

This is from Scenic Train Rides and the NC Museum. The work is a dedication to modeling railroads. The model is a large diorama, comprised of 6 different set of trains running at the same time and with almost or over a mile of train tracks put together.. This was made during the early 20th century or back in the early 2000’s. The museum houses a large collection of Lionel engines that sums to about 7,000 pieces.

Image Src: Stummiforum

6. In-ko-pah Railroad

Next is the In-ko-pah Railroad made and brought to you by Ray Dunakin. This railroad model for an HO train is actually built on the backyard of Dunakin’s house. The model simply shows that anyone with an inspiration and dedication can actually build model train stuff with ease as a hobby or profession. It represents a fictional setting where the environment shows a rocky dessert and a rugged railroad environment.

7. Cape May Model Railroad

This model railroad is only one of the many designs Cape May Model Trains have made. The establishment is a known and highly visited place by train hobbyist and enthusiast in the US. The designs they usually create comes with great details and on a large scale. Cape May has also been reviewed and was given a 5/5 ratings by TripAdvisor. Remember to visit the place when you’re in Cape May.

Image Src: TripAdvisor

8. Northlandz, in Flemington, New Jersey

This model railroad layout was dubbed as the Largest in the world back in 2013. It was made by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino for more or less, 16 years in the making. It boasts a large number of bridges, around 400 and 100 model train to build this gigantic railroad model. There is an estimate of over 50,000 trees and 3,000 miniature housings. The railroad model also features a large, iconic canyon.

Image Source: Daily Mail

9. HO model railroad layout – Railz Rotterdam, Holland

This is a representation of the HO scale of the Dutch in almost all generations. It was built in Railz Rotterdam in Holland where the large railroad layout was based on a large number of HO scale trains it would cater. This is also an educational railroad model as it holds the history of different types of trains in the early years.

Image Src: Bastiaan Blinksma

10. Miniatur Wunderland

Lastly, this is the Minatur Wunderland from the district of Hamburg. This would be the perfect layout for your model train stuff. There are lots of model trains for sale that could fit perfectly on this railroad model design. In addition, this is a very large scale model that is considered to be one of the expensive layouts ever made. You can choose a part where you want to build and base your idea of a perfect railroad model to start your search with the different oo or ho model trains for sale.

Image Src: Model Trains and Trams

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