Best Step2 Train Tables for Children

Our kid’s at home may look happy playing with their train set or just about any toy but what can we possibly provide them that could not just make them happy but could also benefit them with comfort and security? The least would be giving them a train or activity table where they can comfortably play around and keep them safe. It could also save us the trouble of fixing the mess after they are done playing. A train table or an activity table is very advantageous for both children and parents. That is why we are bringing some insights about one of the few known and quality tables, the Step 2 Train Table.

First Choice Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Play Table Playset $$ 5/5  
Second Choice Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table $ 4.5/5

Train tables or activity tables secures all the necessary things, parts, pieces, accessories on top of the table. It highly reduces the mess our children make as they joyfully play with their toy sets. It would also reduce the risk of losing an important accessory of their toys as it keeps things organized and clean. The table also keeps all the things elevated rather than just laying it on the ground. It promotes a good body position as our children plays.

The Step 2 Train table is just one of the few brands known to provide quality toy, train sets, furniture and other educational and learning supplies. The company is known to sell outdoor and indoor toys, wagons, play-houses, tables, swings, play kitchen toys and other educational toy products. The company also sells products related to home gardening. But in most aspects, they are motivated by the things that could help in the development and enhancement of children’s skills and intellect.

Below are the two train tables made by Step 2. It is their best-selling train table and train set for a great and reasonable price:

Step 2 Train Table

Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table



This is the Deluxe Canyon Road with train tacks built on top of the table. It features a brown color table and a brown table top with designs that mimics or imitates that of a dessert canyon road. The top part of the table comes with a hardboard lid that closes and opens the top part of the table. Put the lid on and it easily converts the table in to an activity table. Opening the hardboard lid allows your children to access the tracks for them to run their train set. The train table comes with a few pieces of accessories, including train cars.

Just for fun, here is a short video of a young girl enjoying her own set of the Step 2 Deluxe Train Table and Set:

The table offers a wide space, enough to let several kids enjoy a free playing movement. The ridge design of the table keeps the train parts and pieces on top and secures them within.

Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Play Table Playset



The next table is also a deluxe canyon road but of different design and color. It is more like that of a grey rocky canyon train set rather than the desert type. The play, activity or train table has a blue and grey combination with an open table top. The top part however, comes with a hardboard lid where you can place to convert the table and become an activity table instead of a train table. This set includes pieces and accessories such as train cars, etc.