Best Bachmann Model Trains Sets

Are you looking for the ideal train model or a play-toy train set for your child? The Bachmann model trains are one of the best train sets available in the market. It is a great set for collectors, enthusiast or a play-toy for your children.

It is mostly bought by adults for collection or for entertainment for themselves or their children. Most of their products are well thought out. Different kinds and types are all of high quality. If you look into different marketing or e-commerce websites such as Amazon, you’ll find out that most of the Bachmann Trains are highly rated by costumers.

This is a perfect gift for your child or yourself. All sets go well to give lively decorations to your home while making you or your children experience an interactive way of fun.

First Choice     Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set $ 3.8/5  
Second Choice      Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set $ 4/5  
Third Choice     Bachmann Industries Echo Valley Ready To Run DCC Electric Train Set $$ 4/5  
Fourth Choice    Bachmann Trains Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set $ 3.9/5  

Some train sets are just being bought to add up to the collection of model train collectors and some are being bought to be played around. Each set is of reasonable price depending on its purpose, features or mode of function.

Bachmann Trains: Collectible and Play Sets


Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set


This is a Bachmann train set is a sleek and powerful train. It’s a motorized diesel locomotive train set with an operating headlight. It’s an ideal gift for children aging 3 and up but it’s best to be played by kids aging 10 and up. This train set is durable and would last long but it is not designed to take a heavy beating of toddlers.

Even if you can play with it, it is most likely being bought for decorative functions and as a collection.


  • This Bachmann’s train set is a motorized diesel locomotive with operating headlight.
  • The set includes an off-center caboose and 2 freight cars.
  • It is power packed and has a speed controller. You can set it to go fast or slow remotely.
  • The package includes a well-Illustrated instruction manual/guide.


  • Very strong and sturdy train set and tracks.
  • The train tracks are very durable and adaptable.
  • Train locomotive runs very strong and smooth.
  • Controllers function very well and efficient.
  • The E-Z track system is very easy to assemble and put together.


  • The train and freight cars tend to decouple and/or derail when you put it in reverse.
  • Train wheels get stuck during turns or some parts of the track if the train is set to low speed.
  • The train seems to be not that fit with the tracks.


This is a great product. A reliable product that is sure to last long. The train is a great purchase. For a reasonable price that would get your train to travel miles circling around its track. You or your children will have a long time of joyful train experience with this set.

Below you will see an added bonus review about the Santa Fe Flyer Bachmann Trains. It is to help you guide and make your decisions regarding what train set to get.

The short clip shows how beautiful the train set running on a large and fully decorated train track layout. It is really fun and entertaining to have and to look at.


Bachmann Industries Echo Valley Ready To Run DCC Electric Train Set with DCC Sound Locomotive


The Bachmann Industries Echo Valley is an easy, fast, trouble-free and ready to run set up set. Out from the box, it requires you minor assembly to make it run right away.

It is an electric train set with a locomotive sound that gives you a lifelike train experience. You can hear a whistle that echoes through the walls of the valley. This is a digitally controlled train set.


  • It is ready to run electric train set that requires you minimal assembly to make it run right away.
  • The train is digitally controlled.
  • It features a great locomotive sound value.
  • The set includes Bachmann’s exclusive E-Z Track system makes set-up quick, easy and fun!


  • The train makes realistic sounds that are nice and loud.
  • Train sounds include chuffing, bell, longhorn, short whistle, steam release sound and you can set it to silent if you want.
  • Very detailed train cars and freights looks like a real mini train.


  • Train engine car is not that large or heavy. It cannot carry more than 3 freights, more than that and it can’t move forward.
  • The train tends to derail if you try to expand the tracks, a possible train track or train wheel issue.


In general, this is an expensive train set but with great quality. The train experience you or your children will get upon purchase is more likely to be realistic. The sound it creates makes it as if it’s a real train. The materials used on this product are high-grade that it will last longer and it’s very sturdy and durable.


Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set


The strong pounding wheels of this train indicate a strong and sturdy train engine. This train set with a great and reasonable price is sure to give your children an awesome train adventure.

The train set is best used as an add-on to your Christmas or holiday decorations. It goes very well under your Christmas tree, making your living room a lively, fun and more Christmassy. This is possibly related to our childhood memories because a train is usually associated with a snowy Christmas setting like with The Polar Express movie.


  • It is a battery operated train set with an operating headlight.
  • The same with other Bachmann train sets, 2 train cars, and a wide-vision caboose are included.
  • The E-Z Track connects to about 47’’ x 38’’ inches oval shape train track.
  • It is remotely operated. It comes with a speed controller and an on/off function.
  • Very easy to set-up and assemble.


  • A 6 years old child can easily assemble the set without looking much on the instruction manual, very easy assembly.
  • It’s inexpensive but highly durable. The train cars are very sturdy and the engine is strong and consistent.
  • The engine is very quiet even if you put it on max speed.
  • It’s an electronic train set that comes with a controller.
  • The train cars and freights are bright, beautiful and detailed.


  • It’s not sturdy enough to withstand the playfulness of a 3-year-old.
  • The train track connectors won’t last long. It’s very delicate.
  • This set is not that ideal for a child’s play-toy even thou it is. It’s more of a collector’s train.


This is a must for enthusiasts to add in their HO train collection. The train set is very detailed and can be controlled remotely. It is a good purchase for such an affordable price giving you a long-lasting product. The train model or set that is livelier for you or your child to spend your days and holidays and a fun, learning and interactive kind of fun.

Bachmann Trains Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set


This is a Thomas and Friends train built by Bachmann Trains. It is another HO motorized train set good for your child or as a collection. This train is the perfect product for starters and to begin your Thomas and Friends collection.


  • It is a unique Thomas the Tank Engine train because it has moving eyes.
  • The Annie and Clarabel coaches are included in the set.
  • This set comes with an E-Z track that measures to about 36″.
  • The train set is motorized or is battery operated. It is controlled remotely.
  • There is a well-illustrated instruction guide manual, very detailed and easy to understand.


  • The set includes E-Z tracks that make the train more fun and lively with its smooth and consistent run.
  • It’s on a great and affordable price, not that expensive but high quality.
  • The train engine car and freights are strong and sturdy, highly durable and very detailed.
  • It takes only a few minutes to set up.
  • The train does not derail even if put to max speed during turns and elevations, sign that it has a heavy engine that would last longer.
  • This is almost compatible with any other HO scale train sets.


  • The controller won’t last very long. A few months of use and some of its function stopped working.
  • It’s a bit expensive for a not a very high-end train.
  • The train sometimes derails at full speed on turns if other train cars are connected. It’s working fine with a single or no freights or cars connects.


The Bachmann train model sets can run for months without any major problems. It is a remarkable set that is built to last. Your child during play hours will enjoy this train play-set. It will encourage them to be more active and give them good and healthy memories of their childhood when they grow up.

This is also a cool train set or model for HO-Trainiac collectors. Most of the purchases are of that enthusiast who puts them on display for a soothing feeling.

Just for fun and also to include some of the train models, here’s several more Bachmann trains models to look for:

17 Bachmann HO Trains


Bachmann Trains Chattanooga Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set



The best train model you can add to your collection is the 0-6-0 Chattanooga locomotive train. It has a working headlight and realistic smoke feature. The set includes an off-center train caboose, 3 different and unique freight cars and over 132 pieces of train parts and accessories, all for a great and affordable price. All the pieces included makes a ready-to-run HO-scale train.

Bachmann Industries Jingle Bell Express Ready To Run Electric Train Set



Another great and affordable ready-to-run train model set is the Bachmann Jingle Bell Express. This is an electric train set that comes with its own speed controller. It requires no modification. The train set is ready-to-run or plays with right out of the box. It has an oval E-Z track which measures about 47 by 38 inches in dimension. Read through the well-illustrated manual before use.

Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set



This is a slightly-smaller version of the 47 by 38 inches ready-to-run train model set of Bachmann. It only has about 36 inches E-Z track with normal electric train set feature such as speed controller and power pack. The set also includes 2 pieces of freight car and a detailed caboose. This is great as starter model HO train set for kids.

Bachmann Trains Digital Commander Ready – To – Run DCc – Equipped Ho Train Set



If you’re looking for a great and larger HO scale, ready-to-run train model set, this Digital Commander Train from Bachmann can really make a “BIG” difference. It has an oval track that measures about 56 inches by 38 inches in dimension using an EZ-fit track system. It features an EMD FT-A locomotive and EMD GP40 locomotive. The two operating trains can alternately share 2 pieces of freight cars and 1 caboose.

Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train Set – Ho Scale



This is the Rail Chief train made and brought to you by Bachmann Trains. It features a model powered by an EMD GP40 locomotive. It also has an operating headlight to make it visible as well as closely realistic. The set uses a steel roadbed track which sets it apart from other Bachmann ready-to-run set that uses an E-Z snap fit train tracks. It includes several train freight cars and caboose.

Bachmann Trains Overland Limited Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set



This is the classic and famous Train Overland set from Bachmann Trains. It is an HO-scale train set from Bachmann that features so many freight cars in one set and a wide vision caboose. The set also features a very wise oval track with dimensions of 72 inches by 45 inches using an E-Z snap-fit track. Like most others, it includes a power pack and a speed controller for convenient use.

Bachmann Trains Chessie – Ho Scale



For those who are just looking for a wide caboose that could fit your HO scale train set model, check out this amazing Chessie caboose from Bachmann Trains. It has a bright and vibrant yellow color which can easily be noticeable. It will stand out and make some attraction attached in the center or at the back part of your train model set. It features non-magnetic axles and magnetic-operated couplers.

Bachmann Durango and Silverton HO Scale Electric Train Set



Another famous classic Bachmann Train model set is the Durango and Silverton Electric trains. It is an HO-scale set that includes all the necessary parts and accessories to build your railroad model layout with an operational train set. It includes free train tracks that uses an EZ snap-fit track design that’s fairly easy to assemble. This is great for starters or beginners or for kids.

Bachmann Industries E-Z App Smart Phone Controlled HO Scale Electric Train Set



You’d seldom see a train set that can be operated or controlled via smartphone. This is an E-Z electric train set from Bachmann which supports Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to control the train’s operation via your phone. It includes an E-Z track that’s very easy to assemble which makes it best for beginners or starters. It is said the train locomotive is one of the few who comes with an unlimited warranty features. Make sure to double check the Bachmann Trains website.

Bachmann Trains Crane And Boom Tender-Ho Scale



If you’re looking for an awesome, cool and elegant looking train car for your set or collection, check this crane and boom tender from Bachmann Trains. It is an HO scale tender that features RP25 contours with metal wheels. It has a magnetic E-Z coupler for easy connectivity. The train cars or tenders is slightly heavier than normal for optimum track efficiency.

Bachmann Industries Yuletide Special Delivery Ready to Run Electric Holiday On30 Scale Train Set



This is a yultide special model train set of Bachmann Trains. It is a great collectible On30 scale as there are only a few train specials made by Bachmann. It is also a great choice for a decorative train during Christmas holidays. It is a complete and ready-to-run train set with an included track measuring 56 inches by 38 inches in dimension using an E-Z snapfit track system.

Bachmann Industries USRA 060 Locomotive



If you have so many HO scale train freight cars and caboose in your collection, why not make use of them? This is the individual piece, USRA 060 Train Locomotive from Bachmann that featuanes a operating headlight that’s bused use on an 18 inches radius curves. The train locomotive is has a classic design and aesthetics which really pairs beautifully with any vintage freight cars.

Model Power – F2A Loco Lighted Amtrak HO



Looking further, you can also opt for this amazing diesel F2-A dual drive locomotive. This is the Bachmann Model Power HO Scale locomotive that features an Amtrak Phase I train with a powered and operating headlight. This is great as a replacement locomotive or for those who have lots of freight cars in their collection.

Bachmann Trains Thomas And Friends – Donald Engine With Moving Eyes



There’s only a few Thomas and Friends trains made by Bachmann and this is one of the few. This is Donald, a known character in the Thomas train animated series. The train set features an operational Donald the train engine with eyes that roll from side to side. It is an HO scale train model set running on HO tracks that best performs on an 18 inches curves.

Bachmann Industries Alco 2-6-0 DCC Ready Locomotive – ATSF #9444 – (1:87 HO Scale)



Looking for a DDC controller ready locomotive? This 2-6-0 train model locomotive from Bachmann Industries is capable of connecting to most DDC controllers, hassle-free. It already has a pre-wired 8-pin socket where you can instantly connect your DDC controllers right out of the box. The train features an operating headlight and an E-Z couplers for easy connectivity.

Bachmann Industries The General Ready to Run Electric Train Set



This is the Bachmann General Electric Train Set. It features a 4-4-0 American train locomotive with classic and vintage train cars, tracks and structures. The set also comes with a speed controller and a power pack. It is an HO-scale ready-to-run train set at a considerable price. This makes a perfect gift for kids as well as for beginner or starter train model hobbyist.

Bachmann Trains Prairie 2-6-2 – Union Pacific 1836



Lastly, the Bachmann Trains Union Pacific 2-6-2 Prairie train locomotive. It is one of the many amazing Union Pacific model trains made with smoke and tender. The train features an operating headlight, die-casted train chassis, a working valve gear, and an RP25 wheel contours. The train uses an E-Z snap-fit coupler which is fairly easy to use or connect much like the E-Z snap-fit track system that’s very easy to assemble.

General Summary

Bachmann Trains have been making train models and toys for generations. They have maintained and uphold their product’s quality and standard. Most of it until today are still working and operational train models that have been used by children and adults from different generations.

There are some hobbyist and enthusiast who’s lucky enough to have so many Bachmann Train’s collections because most of them are now very hard to find. Of course, there are many new models made as the company still continues to manufacture different train parts and accessories, however, nothing really beats the excitement you experience when watching an old, classic and vintage train that reminds you of your childhood memories.

Bachmann doesn’t only make HO-scale trains but also covers a variety of scales, train designs, models and tracks. They have tons of products to offer if you search widely through the scales. HO is just a popular choice but for those who are into collecting or an enthusiast for train models, there are so many “must-have” train collections from Bachmann Trains.