Best Lineup of Lionel Christmas Boxcars

Trains have been a joyful part of most of our lives. It has given children of different generations’ loads and countless fun and worth remembering memories. Sadly, often times, parts and accessories of out train set gets broken or lost and we would settle for what would be left as long as it continues to run through the tracks. Fortunately, parts of your train set such as boxcar are replaceable. At times, you can even change your current set of boxcar to match the theme of the occasion or holiday. A good example would be this amazing list of Lionel Christmas boxcar that you can collect and to replace your seasonal Lionel train model boxcar to the theme of Christmas or the holiday of giving.

First Choice    Lionel 2016-Christmas Music Boxcar (with New sounds) 6-83175 $ 4.3/5  
Second Choice      Lionel Angela Trotta Thomas “Lionelville Christmas” Boxcar $ 5/5  
Third Choice     Lionel Personalized Message Christmas Boxcar $ 5/5  
Fourth Choice    Lionel Smithsonian Old St. Nick Christmas Boxcar $$ N/A  

Boxcars that are individually manufactured out of being a set are actually intended to be a replacement for that boxcar you lost, destroyed or for occasional train setting. In addition, it can also be just a plain toy or play set for your kids who love model Lionel trains but can also settle for a boxcar. There are some kids that is fond just having a toy with wheels regardless of it being mechanical, battery or electricity powered, etc. But that’s another case. Below is a list of the best and amazing Lionel Boxcars you can avail in order for you to have your home set up for Christmas as Lionel is a well-known train toy manufacturer able to produce this kind of train parts, accessories and collectibles. They have dedicated all their time to provide you and your family, especially young family members, a toy product with great durability made from high quality materials.

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34 Amazing Lionel Christmas Boxcar


Lionel 2016-Christmas Music Boxcar 6-83175



Other than being able to connect with other train cars, this Lionel Christmas boxcar also includes its own sound features. This boxcar has a variety of Christmas songs or carols for you to play. It also fits perfectly to most train tracks such as O-gauge FastTrack. It has a light weight that could be lifted easily by an average train engine power.

Lionel Personalized Message Christmas Boxcar



This boxcar has only one playable built-in recorded message but can 3 more personalized messages with a length of 8 seconds. It requires only a 9 volt battery (1 piece) that is unfortunately, not included in the boxcar set. This is in general, a lovely Lionel trains Christmas boxcar to connect to your current train set.

Lionel, 6-25008, 2006 Christmas Box Car



The Lionel Christmas train boxcar 2006 does not have any sound features but is made with great details and a sturdy construction. Uses die cast metal and fixed couplings. The frame is made of a high quality, strong metal with wheels that is a great fit for most train tracks for a low and affordable price.




It has a nice operating couplers and an opening door on one side. It features Mickey and Minnie mouse along with goofy, a classic and iconic Disney characters. This Disney inspired Lionel Christmas boxcar is actually one of the best-selling new release train boxcar with remarkable quality and details, built with sturdy and durable construction.


Lionel 6-36253 Christmas Box Car 2003 Snowmen



Lionel Christmas cars of 2003 feature snowmen trying to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Its snowman design is visible on the side of the opening door of the boxcar. It uses a light color or purple and blue for a snowy look. This is actually a simple and affordable train boxcar that could extend you Christmas fun during the holiday.


Lionel 19938 1995 Christmas Box Car O Gauge



This is a classic train boxcar that is perfect for a Lionel Christmas layout at year end’s holiday. It is a vintage collectible from 1995 that could connect to most train set. It has a simple design of a 1995 Lionel holiday greeting colored in green and white. This is a durable boxcar with metal wheels that could run through different train tracks.


Lionel, 6-16291, Christmas Box Car, “Happy Holidays 1998”



A happy holiday greetings from a 1998 series of Lionel trains Christmas boxcar. This 1998 series train boxcar only have a few left in the market as the same some old models, production has been halted for quite some time now. It has an attractive design of gold and green color with outstanding details from top to bottom.


Lionel 19929 1994 Christmas Box Car O Gauge Train



This Lionel Christmas train boxcar is about to run out of stock in the market. Only a few of this 1994 collectible train boxcar are being sold. It has operating knuckle couplers. It could go great as an additional boxcar to your current train set. This can also replace your current boxcar to match the theme of the holiday.


Lionel 2005 Christmas Boxcar Happy Holidays Snowman



This is a 2005 snowman Lionel Christmas boxcar. It is made with metal frames opening doors on one side. It has a O-27 minimum curve. This is made with a die cast sprung trucks. It features a snowman on its design that along with a nice red and green color combination. This is perfect to create your Christmas themed train set.


Lionel 6-25066 2009 Christmas Boxcar



The Lionel trains Christmas boxcar 2009 series is a great collectible to fit your ideal train set for Christmas. It can replace your old or new boxcar having different themes. The green and red color combination boxcar with an opening door will run around smoothly on the train tracks under your Christmas tree.


Lionel Angela Trotta Thomas “Lionelville Christmas” Boxcar



This is a made in US Lionel train boxcar that features Angela Trotta Thomas. It has great details made from high quality materials metallic frame. The boxcar wheels also have remarkable durability. The design also features Lionel serving you and your children since the year 1900. It comes in a neat dark blue color with an opening door on one side.


Lionel 6-36207 Vapor Records Christmas Boxcar



Only a few stocks left for this wonderful Lionel Christmas boxcar. This train boxcar is a manifestation of a wonderful partnership between two great companies. Lionel features in this boxcar, Vapor Records, a well-known recording company. It holds the usual high quality Lionel train and boxcar products and made to fit and connect easily.


Lionel 2010 Holiday boxcar 6-39332



This is the 2010 Lionel train Christmas boxcar. It is actually nice that Lionel tries to keep a wonderful Christmas with trains and through their boxcar as boxcar can be easily replaced and does not cost so much. You can actually set up your train set having the same engine car but have a collection and a variety of boxcar to choose from depending on the occasion.


Lionel 6-25061 O Gauge 2008 Christmas Boxcar



This is a great Lionel Christmas train cars of 2008. It is an O-gauge boxcar that could fit to other O-gauge train cars and run perfectly through an O-gauge train tracks. The design is fun as it shows a house-type boxcar with a window design. As most boxcar, it also has a white colored, opening door on one side.


Lionel Smithsonian Old St. Nick Christmas Boxcar



The Smithsonian Lionel Christmas cars can definitely lift up your home’s Christmas spirit. It is has a dark green color that features Santa Claus. It has a detailed metal handrails, ladders and platform. The boxcar itself is has metallic frame and a metal brake wheel with sturdy construction. This is an expensive collectible boxcar but a great investment as it is guaranteed to last for so many Christmas holidays to come.


Lionel Thomas Kinkade “The Polar Express” Boxcar



This is The Poar Express – Thomas Kinkade Boxcar from Lionel. It is a perfect boxcar for all polar express train Lionel has manufactured. It is intended to extend the fun and entertainment of your family as it connects easily to your polar express train set. The details, aesthetics and design go along very well with any type of Christmas train set from Lionel.





Lionel has made some limited edition boxcar and one of them is this amazing and a must-have RR CLUB CHRISTMAS BOXCAR. There was only a few of this produced so it is nice for adult train lovers, hobbyists, enthusiasts or collectors to grab one in a few remaining, highly detailed, white color boxcar with opening red doors boxcar.

Lionel Trains 6-16776 Holiday Boxcar Christmas Railsounds 1997 TMCC Silent Night



This is the 1997 Christmas Holiday boxcar of Lionel model trains. Unlike any other boxcar that uses typical color, this one is painted all silver with design of a snowflake, celebrating the 1997 year-end holiday of giving. Not the same with the Lionel o personalized message Christmas boxcar, it actually plays the “silent night” song upon command.


Lionel American Flyer 2016 Christmas Boxcar 6-47974



Lionel Christmas boxcar is a popular choice during the holiday as it can be detach off your train set and replaced with an appropriate boxcar for the intended holiday and vice versa. This one has bright and vibrant colors of yellow and blue with designs of a rain-dear flying on a night sky filled with twinkling stars. It could connect with all Lionel train cars.


Lionel 2012 Christmas Boxcar



This is an expensive Lionel 2012 Christmas boxcar fitting for the price. It shows great craftsmanship with the details of the boxcar from tip to toe and most parts made with a strong and durable metal. It is compatible only to an O-gauge train set and tracks. There is an opening door on the side and an operating coupling system.





It is nice to have a boxcar that plays its own theme music. This wonderful boxcar celebrates the joyful time of Christmas. It could connect easily with your existing train set and convert it into a Holiday train, playing Christmas songs and carols as it runs around the track under your Christmas tree. It is a little bit expensive but can surely bring out the Christmas spirit in you.


Lionel 19922 1993 Christmas Box Car O Gauge Train



This is a nice affordable Lionel Christmas boxcar for the intended holiday. A few boxcars like this can really set up your train and your living room to be more appropriate for the occasion. There are only a few of this left and it is really a win if you can add this one into your set. It is made of durable plastic and some parts metal.


Lionel- 19939- Limited Production Employees’ Christmas Boxcar



This is the Limited Edition Employees Production of Lionel Christmas Boxcar. There was only a very few of this made. It is a collectible train product from Lionel for a reasonable price. It is built with durable and sturdy wheels. The boxcar has a moderate weight which can be easily pulled and connect to an average power train engine car.


Lionel Christmas Parade Boxcar 6-26859



One of the fun boxcar you can have is this amazing and fun parade Lionel Christmas cars. The design features a street parade, the usual parade the world performs to celebrate the Christmas every year. It is made with fine craftsmanship with metal frames and wheels.


Lionel 6-19910 1990 O Gauge Christmas Box Car Hannukah Seasons Greetings Minora



If you are hoping to score an affordable and yet quality competitive boxcar to transform your seasonal train into a Christmas holiday train then this boxcar is what you need. It is compatible with Lionel, K-Line, MTH and 3 other O rail train products. It is a 1990 Christmas holiday series with operating couplers and a metal frame.


Lionel 6-36833 Christmas Music Boxcar w/ Music



This is a Christmas season greeting train boxcar from Lionel. It has sound features installed inside the boxcar that plays you favorite Christmas music and jingles. It is perfect to be connected with a train with no sound feature but could also work great for any other types of train. It could run smoothly on a train track without derailing.





Another Angela featured Christmas train boxcar from Lionel. This is to showcase renowned/well-known artist, Angela Trotta Thomas and her painting. It has die-cast sprung trucks and an opening door on one side. It is an affordable boxcar that shows a Christmas and an artistic spirit.


Lionel Trains 9421 Maine Central Boxcar O27 BOXED Made in USA Pine Tree Line MEC



This Lionel trains Christmas boxcar Maine Central which is a US railroad company back in 1856. It has a classic look and a plain but vibrant color yellow. The design shows the meaning of M.E.C. It has an opening green door on the side and a fair boxcar length.




Not like most Lionel Christmas boxcar, this one is a large scale boxcar. It has the same length but with more height and width. It has a classic color of light blue and a snowy design with trees and rain dears. It is built with reliable sturdiness and durability. A combination of durable plastic and high quality metals are used to form the frame and the wheels.





This is an ANGELA TROTTA THOMAS collectible for an affordable price but with great and outstanding quality. You’d see a remarkable and detailed craftsmanship and design the moment you un-box this train car. The artwork is from the famous artist herself. It has an opening door, colored with red and e metal frame for a sturdier boxcar.





Lionel Christmas boxcar, American Flyer Series features the Christmas holiday of year 2000. It lacks the colors green and blue that are usually used to celebrate Christmas but the design and detail of this set could trigger a fun and entertaining spirit. This is an S-gauge boxcar that could connect to any S-gauge train cars and tracks.





This is Lionel trains Christmas boxcar with a holiday greeting from the year 1999. It uses the color of gold, white, red and green to make a classy and elegant but at the same time, fun and exciting look. This is an average priced train boxcar that is perfect for replacing your set of train car to make it more Christmassy during the holidays.





The Lionel Christmas train set has many boxcars you can choose from and it’s actually nice that you can just match your boxcar to the theme you are going with during the holiday. This on the other hand, features vapor records. It is a recording company that made a contract with Lionel to be showcased in one of the Christmas boxcar production of Lionel.

Lionel, 6-19945, 1996 Holiday Boxcar, “Merry Christmas”



Lionel Christmas train cars have a long list of boxcar. This is last in our list of the best Lionel trains Christmas Boxcar, the Merry Christmas – Holiday boxcar. This is the 6-19945 Christmas collectible series made with metal wheels and axles. It can run through 027 and an O-gauge rail track by different manufacturers. This has an operating coupler and an opening door on the side.