Top 25 Glass Train Christmas Ornaments

One of the things we do if we are into celebrating the spirit of Christmas is to prep our home with the things that represents the Holiday’s spirit. It would mean decorating your home with the things that could bring out the Christmas vibe from you and your family. These decorations can either be a snowman outside your house, Christmas tree in your living room, assorted Christmas lights and the most common of all, ornaments, which have a variety of designs and theme to choose from and the common or popular choice would be the glass train ornaments and a Christmas train model boxcar as it has great versatility with its applications.

First Choice    Thomas Train Kurt Adler Ornament Gift Boxed (Thomas Tree) $ 3.8/5
Second Choice     Gunmetal Grey Crystal Studded Train Ornament by Matashi $ 4.9/5  
Third Choice     Kurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Santa on Christmas Train Ornament, 5.5-Inch $ 4.6/5  
Fourth Choice     Waterford 2015 Annual Train Engine Ornament $ 4.1/5  

Glass train ornaments is the best decorative choice to entirely fill up your Christmas tree, an awesome option for an office desk decoration, a good trinket to add more fun to your train set, living room table bauble and more. The application for this type of Christmas decoration is very wide and highly versatile. It all depends on how you use your imagination. In addition, trains are highly regarded by kids and most of adults to be the best representation for the Holiday. These are due to the fact that trains brings back and have given us great childhood memories where it reminds us of how trains used to circle around our Christmas tree or the movie we saw, “The Polar Express” back in 2004, etc. and we often relay those train experience with the holiday.

There are so many ornament options and styles to choose from and are usually chosen based on their uniqueness, popularity, colors used, design and Christmas themed to be applied. The great thing about Christmas train ornaments is that it usually fits any theme you intended for your home decoration. The bright, vibrant, shiny and playful colors used do the trick. It greatly boosts a person’s Christmas moral by the first look. It brings fun, joy, entertainment and the Spirit of Christmas with it.

25 Amazing Glass Train Ornaments


Kurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Santa on Christmas Train Ornament



The lovely Christmas Train Ornament from Noble Gems features Santa having a wonderful time riding the train. This ornament measures about 5.5 inches and is made of glass which makes it a little bit delicate but if carefully treated, could last for so long. It is a Christmas train themed ornament using shiny colors of red and green. It is has great design detail for a low and affordable price. This works great for your Christmas tree.

Northlight Multicolored Glass Train Decorative Christmas Ornament



This is a multicolored train Christmas ornaments that could work for different themes during the holidays. The glass train uses a gift wrap design that is nonspecific to a single theme. It can work great for a Santa themed, snow themed, gifts themed Christmas decoration. It weighs only 0.25 pounds and has a dimension of 2 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches for a light weight and ideal size for a Christmas tree.


Old World Christmas Santa On Train Glass Blown Ornament



The design features Santa sitting on top of a small train instead of sitting inside. It has a durable ring on the head of Santa to where you can insert your strings. The ring is strong enough to carry the weight of this train Christmas tree ornaments. Although it is intended for your Christmas tree, the flat bottom surface enables it to stand firmly on its own that makes it perfect for setting up an office or home table decoration. The manufacturer, Old World Christmas, is also known to create over 1,400 designs and most of which are best-loved by ornament collectors. In addition, this is one of the most expensive pieces of ornaments in the market but the price is naturally high in exchange to its sturdiness and durability. It can withstand some heights of falls and certain amount of impact. The price also varies as the manufacturer had produced only a certain number of productions of this design making it a great ornament collection.


Old World Christmas Small Locomotive Glass Blown Ornament



This is an affordable Christmas tree train ornaments that uses old and traditional techniques. It is greatly handcrafted. It uses perfectly curved molten glass with the design exclusive only from the manufacturer, Old World Christmas. It is painted with bright and vibrant glittered colors. This is an ornament to fit any Christmas decorative concepts although it is ideally made to be a Christmas tree ornament.

Locomotive Train Blown Glass Christmas Ornament



BestPysanky brings you a fun and colorful train ornaments for your kid’s tree-hanging decoration entertainment. It is hand painted beautifully with colors red, blue, green, black and gold. It has a length of 5.25 inches but slimmer in height compared with other train ornament design. It is made of great glass construction that can withstand some impacts in-case of falls.


Noble Gems Snowball Express Red Train Glass Blown Christmas Ornament



Another great train Christmas ornaments to purchase from Kurt Adler/Noble Gems. Unlike their other ornament production, this glass train measures at exact 5 inches in length. It mostly uses red color in most sides and parts of its design. It features a stack of snowball being carried by the train’s tender. This great ornament can be bought for a reasonable price, not that cheap and not that expensive, perfect to have a few pieces to be hanged up on your Christmas tree.


Kurt Adler Polonaise Glass Christmas Tree Ornament



This is an above averaged priced Christmas train ornaments suited for your tree on the holiday. It weighs very light and it features a design of a train under a Christmas tree. It is made of durable glass that measures about 6.69 inch in height. This is an imported piece of ornament from Poland brought to you by Kurt Adler/Noble Gems.


Kurt Adler Polonaise Teddy Bear in Train



One of the best things about Kurt Adler ornament productions is their variety of choice from price, style, design and color. This is one of their expensive collectible train Christmas tree ornaments that feature a bear conductor. Each part is painted with bright, vibrant and a fun color combination. The ornament is made of sturdy glass with a measurement of 4.75 by 3.74 by 2.5 inches. This is perfect to lighten the mood and would make your Christmas tree livelier.


Large Locomotive Christmas Ornament Train Engine



The Burton & Burton is also known to manufacture and sell Christmas toys and products. This glass ornament is one of their amazing glass-work collections which is fairly large and showy. It features an old world style. It is made of a thick strong glass molded to form in the shape of the train. This ornament uses red and golden colors that shine. The details are nicely done. This piece of ornament comes in a reasonable price.


Thomas Train Kurt Adler Ornament Gift Boxed (Thomas Tree)



This will greatly attract the eyes and will probably fit the liking of your children. It features Thomas the Train, the most loved and iconic train character being distributed by Hit Entertainment, licensed by Kurt Adler. It has a short measurement of only 3.5 inches but with exceptional details. The train looks sharp and elegant with bright blue glittering colors. This will really get your tree ready for the holidays as it is only one of the few Christmas ornaments Thomas the train.


Snowman in Train with Gifts Blown Glass Christmas Ornament



It is hard to look for a cheap but durable piece of Christmas train ornaments but fortunately, JWM Collection made it possible for you. It costs only a few but could definitely bring out the Christmas in you. This train ornament measures approximately 4 inches in length. There are only few of this left and being sold in the market so better try to grab yours now. It makes a perfect ornament as well as a souvenir or gifts for your friends and relatives who loves trains.


Sesame Street Elmo Train Ornament



This is a short and small Christmas ornaments. It has two kinds of design that features Elmo on Sesame Street sitting on top of the train and the other in a chair full of gifts. It is nice for those who want a train ornament set for their tree while trying to feature some of the childhood character on a kids show such as Elmo. It measures roughly 5 inches in length and one purchase will give you two pieces of different Elmo ornaments.


Waterford 2015 Annual Train Engine Ornament



The Waterford is featuring an annual 2015 train ornament. It is a limited edition train ornament that most kids enjoy. This can be an exceptional present for young relatives on the holiday. It can also be a souvenir items for that special someone who love trains. This nice plain glass is crafted by a master craftsman in Europe. It does not have any fancy colors but even without it, the detail is very remarkable.

Northlight Glass Santa Claus on Holiday Train Decorative Christmas Ornament



It is perfect for a Santa themed Holiday setting for Christmas. This Christmas ornaments train Santa is very fun and enjoyable to look at along with your model trains and train boxcars. You can either let it sit on top of a desk or table to provide a Christmassy environment or hang it up on your Christmas tree as there is a hole built on top of it to where you can easily slide through your thread. You can have this wonderful piece for a very affordable price.


Christopher Radko Glass Choo Choo Claus Gem Santa on Train Christmas Ornament



This is a funny one. The design of the train ornament features a smiling Santa head train. The part of where you insert your thread through is shaped in a star. It is made of light weight durable glass painted with lovely and vibrant colors or gold, blue, green and red. Its length is a bit short compared with other Christmas train ornaments but could still give you a long time of decorative fun.

Blossom Bucket Santa LED Train Ornament Christmas Decor



A unique train Christmas tree ornaments made for you by Blossom Bucket. It actually has a LED light installed within the glass ornament to make it livelier and fun. A set of this can actually replace a Christmas lights being curled up around your Christmas tree. Purchasing so many of this for lighting purposes would cost you more as each piece requires battery. Although batteries are included, the next year round, having so many of this will require you to purchase so many batteries.


Glass Journey Train Christmas Ornament



This is a rather please Christmas train glass ornaments from Katherine’s Collections. It is made of strong glass painted with shiny and vibrant red colors filled with glitter accents. It approximately measures 5.5 inches in length by 4 inches in height. It is an averaged priced Christmas tree ornaments and there are only a few of this left being sold. Even though the design is intended for an adult outlook, it could still bring about every child’s Christmas spirit during the holiday.


Holiday Ornament NORTH POLE TRAIN Blown Glass Ornament Train Locomotive



What a jolly holiday Christmas train ornaments this is. The material used is a blown glass molded into a perfect train shape with an approximate height of 3.75 inches. It is a North Pole train locomotive filled with glorious gold and silver glitters with exceptional details. It is slightly expensive but totally worth it due to its remarkable design, color combination and a sturdy glass construction.


Waterford 3rd Edition Train Box Car Ornament with Enhancer



Instead of a common train engine ornament, the Waterford made their wonderful, collectible 3rd edition train boxcar ornament. The clear glass is molded and cut with finesse. The handcrafting skill used to create this piece of high quality train ornament is outstanding. The price is a little bit expensive for just an ornament of 2 and a half inches wide and about 2 inches tall. The price varied due to the exceptional crafting skills that gave the ornament an elegant and professional look.


Gunmetal Grey Crystal Studded Train Ornament by Matashi



This is classic gunmetal train ornament from Matashi. It is made of a metal frame embedded with crystals shaped like diamonds in most corners. The train design is actually just one of the many choices you have. It can be purchased being a car, a golf cart, a motorcycle, a scooter and more. It has a dimension of 3.25 inches in length by 1.25 inches in width by 1.5 inches in height. It is not that expensive and can be a viable gift or present for train lovers.


Waterford Holiday Heirlooms Christmas Train Engine Ornament



Another great Christmas train ornaments from Waterford. This is a holiday heirloom that measures to about 3.5 inch in width made of glass with a wipe clean feature. Dust, thumb marks and other residues that leave a footprint can be easily cleaned off by just wiping it off. The design is of vibrant festive colors. It is perfect not just for Christmas but for almost any other Holidays. This comes a little expensive but it will totally give you your money’s worth.


Marquis by Waterford Train Ornaments



This is a set of 3 Marquis train ornaments from Waterford. It still holds a festive design intended for Christmas. Each piece of ornaments has remarkable and satisfying details that go along perfectly with the colors used. Each piece has an average dimension which makes it perfectly light for your tree to be able to hold its weight. It has strong and sturdy rings on top with space wide enough to accommodate many types of thread.

MLB Boston Red Sox Blown Glass Train Ornament



The glass train Christmas tree ornaments from Boelter Brands has 3 different designs to choose from. The price of each train ornament varies with the design chosen. It is made of strong glass with glitter design along with a fine printed logo. Even though the design varies with the price, it is far less likely to be an expensive ornament.


Christopher Radko North Pole Express Little Gem Train Christmas Ornament



This is the Christopher Radko which is approximately measures 3 inch in width. It is a small but expensive set due to the thickness and sturdiness of the glass. Small bumps or fall cannot easily break this piece of ornament. In addition, the fine details and the color-works of the train ornament looks very promising, fun, exciting and just right for the Holiday.


Marquis by Waterford Christmas Train Ornament



Lastly, another set of Marquis train Christmas ornaments from Waterford. Buying this set that includes 3 pieces of train ornaments might save you some amount instead of buying it individually. Each piece measures to about 3 inches. It is made of a glass blown molding with terrific, high quality details. This would go perfectly with your model trains and train Christmas boxcar. The train also has a bright and colorful design. Each has a ring installed on top so that it can serve its main purpose being a delightful Christmas tree ornament although it can also work as a nice table, desk or any flat surfaced furniture decoration.