Best Lionel O Gauge Model Trains

Train has been the ideal toys for children tested through different generations. It is an educational play-set that discreetly enhance your children’s skills and helps in their development while simultaneously giving them loads of fun and entertainment. The long list of credible and practical toys, specifically trains are endless and here, we will give you a catalog of cheap model trains and best Lionel O gauge trains as it will greatly narrow down your search by a notch, saving you a great deal of time, effort and in most cases, money.

First Choice    Lionel Polar Express Remote Train Set – O-Gauge $$$ 3.7/5  
Second Choice      Lionel DC Comics Batman Phantom Train Set – O-Gauge $$$ 4.1/5  
Third Choice      Lionel Polar Express Freight Train Set – O-Gauge $$$ 3.6/5  
Fourth Choice      Lionel The Scout Ready to Run Freight Train Set – O-Gauge $$$ 3/5  

In addition, train lovers are not limited to children or people of young age. There are so many adult train lovers who collect trains. They are train hobbyist and enthusiast or collectors who still find train entertaining regardless of their age. It acts as a great stress reliever. Train running around, making chugging noise, blowing out smoke and emitting bell and whistle sounds can work as a relaxation tool for some adults. Trains can also be a good add-on decoration during the holidays. It works great as a moving decor under a Christmas tree being a Christmas Train. Along with its sound, it can really bring out the Christmas spirit of you and your family. It can also bring out the November spirit as you try to set up your home for a fun Halloween decoration.

Looking for the best kind, type or brand of o scale model trains can be a hectic and tiring en devour. For long time or professional train collectors, lovers or enthusiast, it might not be a problem as they have read on so many reviews that describe most of the train product’s features, advantages and disadvantages. The tiring and hectic search would for those who does not have enough experience or is just about to start their magical train journey. They will come down to an endless list of train possibilities and would confuse them a lot of which product is the best or to purchase. Why not limit your search to those well-known train toy companies or manufacturers that have been long serving people of all age, toy model trains of their lives.

Below is a list of the best Lionel O gauge trains that can greatly help you to purchase the right train toy suited for your preference.

List of The Best Lionel O Gauge Trains

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge



This is one of the best-selling Lionel o gauge train sets out in the market. It is a 0-8-0 locomotive train that includes a tender. It also has tank car, caboose and a boxcar included in the set. It can be controlled remotely wherein user can operate its movement, forward and reverse. This set includes a durable and sturdy train tracks but you are given an option to purchase it with more.

Lionel Polar Express Remote Train Set – O-Gauge



It is a slightly expensive Lionel polar express remote train set – o-gauge that is known with great credibility. This train is a ready-to-run best-seller train for those kids and adult train lovers who wants to play with the set right out of the box.

Check out this basement layout with tubular tracks using an O-gauge Lionel train model.

It has an RC and produces a sound that features the official movie, The Polar Express.

Lionel Hogwarts LionChief Train Set – O-Gauge



This train is an inspired Harry Potter hype train. It is The Hogwarts express Lionel train o gauge set where people, especially kids and teens, loved so much. It uses FasTracks, 8 curved, 2 straights and a terminal section. It includes a passenger coach and a combination car and also packed with reliable power-supply.

Lionel Junction Santa Fe Steam Train Set – O-Gauge



It is a Lionel o gauge train with an electric locomotive that includes a FasTrack with dimensions of about 40 inches by 40 inches. It includes a caboose, gondola, switcher and a boxcar. The remote control feature is easy-operating that allows user to control the movement and the sound.

Lionel Union Pacific Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge



This is a slightly expensive o gauge train sets Lionel made or manufactured. It includes a flatcar and 2 pieces of piggy back trailer. It puffs real smoke and produces authentic train sounds. It is a 0-8-0 locomotive train with an operating headlight and a tender.

Just for fun, below is a fastrack update in 2013 for Lionel O Gauge Trains:

This a great set for kids but ideally intended for adult train lovers.

Lionel Junction Pennsylvania Diesel Train Set – O-Gauge



One of the great set is the Lionel o gauge Pennsylvania train set. It is good for train lovers of all ages. It has a wide train track dimensions wherein you can choose to buy an extra track to extend the fun. It is controlled remotely. The movement and sound setting is included in the RC. It is with great construction and a reliable sturdy train tracks.

Lionel 682716 Disney Christmas Train Set



This is a great collectible train to have. It is one of the few Disney inspired Lionel o gauge train sets for sale that will look great with Disney Boxcars. It uses three pieces triple-A batteries that are not included in the set. It is a 4-4-0 locomotive style train that includes a boxcar, an animated gondola and a wooden tender. It also includes a FasTrack with an average dimension but can be purchased with an added track.

Lionel Junction Union Pacific Lion Chief Remote Train Set – O-Gauge



A great thing about all Lionel train is that it can accommodate different Lionel o gauge train accessories. The compatibility of different types of Lionel trains is great as most can use the same kind of tracks and can be connected with other Lionel o gauge train cars.

Check this short video out and see how fun, exciting and detailed Lionel Train Sets are:

This one is an electric train that has remote features and an operating headlight. it uses traction tire for perfect fit and stability.

Lionel New York Central RS-3 Freight Train Set – O-Gauge



There are many Lionel o gauge train layouts and this train is perfect for play-set having a city train layout. It has a boxcar, a window caboose, and an RS-3 Diesel engine car. It has a 54 watts power with an operating RC to activate sounds and train movement. It uses a maintenance free motor which saves you a lot of trouble from keeping the train going smoothly.

Lionel Thomas Christmas Freight Train Set – O-Gauge



This train belongs to the category of Lionel o gauge Thomas the train. It features a Thomas the Tank Engine train with a removable Christmas hat. This set includes a wagon full of trees and presents, a caboose and a FasTrack having 40 inches by 40 inches dimension. Sound features are also included. It makes bells and whistles sound as well as special train announcement. It can be controlled remotely and uses any standard triple-A batteries that is not included in the set.

Lionel Gingerbread Junction O-Gauge Train Set



The Lionel train engines o gauge has a gingerbread inspired model that is ideal as children’s play set. This is also a great train set for an intended added decoration for your home during the holidays. It has a nice train track lay-out size and comes with a candy themed flatcar, gondola and caboose. It is another smoke puffing unit from Lionel. It includes a fireman and an engineer figures.

Lionel John Deere Steam LionChief Train Set – O-Gauge



Another super but expensive train set is the John Deere Steam LionChief Train Set from Lionel. It has a bright and vibrant green color ideal as a farm train. The details and the quality of the design is remarkable. It has a nice and reliable train power.

Below is a short video summary of the John Deere Steam LionChief Train Set – 2016:

The set includes train figures, die cast and detailed tractors, caboose and a gondola. It uses a O36 FasTrack, 2 straight tracks that measures 10 inches and 8 pieces of curved train tracks.

Jeff Gordon #24 O-Gauge NASCAR Train Set



This train set is a Lionel train sets o gauge at an affordable price. It includes a transformer that enables you to control the train’s movement, neutral, forward and reverse operation. It includes a tender with an installed air whistle and an operating headlight. The design, color, aesthetics are intended for adult train loves but this set can also work great for kids.

Lionel DC Comics Batman Phantom Train Set – O-Gauge



As seen in the picture, this will totally attract train lovers from kids to adults. It is guaranteed to be loved by most as it is a Batman Phantom themed Lionel train set o gauge. It has a unique carbon cover to strike or impose a fearsome train. It comes in a price but would still be an affordable set compared with other Lionel train products. It has a unique sound feature that produces Batman phantom sounds and can be controlled remotely.

Lionel New York Central Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge



This is the Lionel New York central flyer train set o gauge that is nice for a city train lay-out. It has an elegant look and made with remarkable design detail. This set has a transformer that controls the neutral, forward and reverse movement of the train. It produces a nice peach and reliable tempo of train sounds such as train chuffing, bell, whistle and announcement. It is made with an operating headlight and a smoke-puffing unit on top.

Lionel Thomas And Friends Remote Train Set – O-Gauge



Another great Lionel o gauge, Thomas the train featured train. It has a moving Thomas the Train eye. This is an electric locomotive than can be controlled remotely. RC setting includes forward, reverse and a speed control. Thomas the train face is detachable and can be replaced with two other types of faces that are included in the set.

Chicago Cubs O-Gauge Major League Baseball Team Train Set



If you both like baseball and train, you would totally dig this train. This is a major league baseball, large train set with high quality details and a good color combination of blue, white and black. It includes 3 train cars and 1 engine car. This train entertains greatly, adult train lovers but is not a bad train set for kids.

Lionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set – O-Gauge



This Lionel o gauge train set is a high rated Lionel product with operating couplers, an illuminated caboose, an opening door boxcar and a gondola filled with snowy trees. It is a perfect train set for Christmas as it can be an added decoration or a play-set. It can also bring out the Christmas spirit of the house as it puffs real smoke and produces different train sounds that bring back our childhood memory.

Lionel Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Vintage Steam O-Gauge Train Set



This is great Lionel Collectible. It celebrates the 12th anniversary of coca-cola. This is a vintage steam train set of a general locomotive. The set includes an opening door reefer, a flatcar, a tender and a boxcar. The train set movement and sound is controlled via the transformer. The sound feature includes train chuffing, braking, bell and whistle sounds.

Lionel Polar Express Freight Train Set – O-Gauge



The Lionel polar express train set o gauge train set is the most popular of all Lionel Line of products. This Freight train is a Christmas themed polar express with an operating headlight and a smoke unit on top. It is made of a die-cast metal frame and body. There is an interior light illuminating in the caboose. It includes a detailed boxcar and gondola.

Lionel Hershey’s O Gauge Train Set



This is a limited edition Hershey, Lionel train set o gauge collectible or play-set. This is perfect for Christmas but also works great for all types of holidays, even Halloween. It can also be a good children’s play set as it is candy or chocolate themed train set that kids usually love. It uses a maintenance free train motor and body and frame made of die-cast metal. The train works efficiently on the tracks due to its traction tire.

Lionel 9538 Blue Comet Faye Pullman Car O Gauge Train



If you are looking for a Lionel o gauge train cars, this would probably be the best choice. This is not a train set. This is only a train passenger car that is highly compatible to be connected to most Lionel train products. It comes in an elegant blue color with amazing details for a low and affordable cost.




This is a city train that represents the Philadelphia Berkshire Engine train. It has a transformer that allows user to control the two train car set to move forward, backward and neutral. It has a real air whistle installed inside the tender. It has a die cast metal frame and a smoke puff unit installed on top.

Lionel Thunder Valley Quarry Mine O-Gauge Electric Train Set



This is a 0-6-0 locomotive train with a dockside switcher, a boxcar, a gondola, a rock load and a removable shovel on top of the flat car. The total train length is superb. It measures about 48 and a half inch and a train track with dimension of about 40 inches by 60 inches. It produces real smoke and has an electronic train whistle. The train has an operating headlight and a train car with illuminating interior lights.

Lionel Thomas And Friends O-Gauge Train Set



Thomas the Train is a popular kid’s train. This is a Thomas the Train inspired Lionel train set o gauge that is perfect as a gift for young relatives, friends and your children. It features Annie and Clarabel figures. The train set has a detachable Thomas the train faces and 3 interchangeable faces are included in the set. This is a remote controlled train set that can move forward, reverse and neutral.

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer O Gauge

Read Customer Reviews[/easyazon_link]


The Lionel Pennsylvania flyer o gauge train set is one of the adult trains set being collected. The design and colors of this type usually favors the liking of an adult though it can perform to be a great children’s play set depending on your kid’s preference. It is operated via a transformer. The set has an air whistle installed inside the tender. It also has an adjustable search light installed.

Lionel Boy Scouts Of America O-Gauge Train Set



It is an expensive train set, perfect for you boy scouts. The Lionel o gauge scout remote train set is a die cast locomotive train set that includes a bulkhead flatcar, a tender, operating car and a boxcar that has opening doors on its side. It has a transformer that enables the user to control the whole train set. It has an electric steam whistle with switch located in the tender.

Lionel Junction Little Steam O-Gauge Lion Chief Remote Train Set



This is an affordable train set ideal for starters or beginners. Design, detail and aesthetics are intended for a child’s play. It includes a small size train tracks. The set has a remote control feature that can operate the train’s movement and sound. There are 3 specific buttons for each sound, designed in the remote control.

Lionel Trains Medal of Honor O-Gauge Transformer Set



The great combination of black, red and green brings about an elegant Military Christmas train. It is a general style train locomotive that includes 2 flatcars, one with cannons and the other filled with cannon balls and one passenger car. Although it is a military train, it works just as perfect as a Christmas train due to its exceptional color combination.

Lionel The Scout Ready to Run Freight Train Set – O-Gauge



Last on the List of the best Lionel train sets is the Lionel o gauge scout remote train set. This is a freight train that holds a plain, dark blue color. Although an average design and detail, the train set is actually belongs in the list of expensive Lionel set due to its durability, strong construction and sturdy train tracks. It is guaranteed that this train will provide long hours of fun for so many years to come.

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