The Best Athearn Model Trains

There are so many brands of model trains to collect. Most of them are from known manufacturers for over a century old. The quality of most tops the modern made model trains as many are still up and running to this date. But regardless of what type or brand of model trains, it is somehow inspiring as there are still so many people that dig in to the train hype. It ranges from kids, teenagers, adults and old people. Not to mention that it seems like there are more enthusiast head count on adults compared to young kids. To add up to the inspiration, we decided to bring you the best Athearn model trains to give you more options about model steam trains to add to your collection.

First Choice Athearn – HO GP50 Iron Horse Train Set, NS/Eco $$ N/A
Second Choice Athearn – HO RTR F7A, Amtrak #104 $ N/A  
Third Choice Athearn – HO GP38-2 Iron Horse Train Set, GT/Bicentennial $$ N/A  
Fourth Choice Athearn – HO Warbonnet Train Set, SF $$$ N/A  

As you all know, Athearn is one of the oldest train model company up to date. Athearn Trains history has started since 1938 and established by Irvin Athearn. The company name was derived from sir Irvin’s last name. It has been over 60 years that the Athearn has been one of the large manufacturers of model train railroad equipment in most of the US. Most of their model trains have made it into an actual production of trains. They often deliver quality and wide range models on different scales and gauges.

The company has been supporting people of its dreams from owning their first train model set down to creating their own train model scenery or layout. They sell complete materials and equipment needed to allow your imagination and creativity to materialize, your own creation of a train scenery layout. Below are some of the best Athearn model trains available in the market:

The Best Athearn Model Trains

Athearn – HO GP38-2 Iron Horse Train Set, GT/Bicentennial



This is the HO GP38-2 Athearn Model train. It features freight cars with optimized weight for maximum performance. The set is fully-assembled. It is a ready-to-run HO scale train set that you can instantly run right out of the box. It comes with a 36 inches by 45 inches oval E-Z train tracks from Bachmann. It uses a 5 pole motor with a precise flywheel. The train also has a multi-linking device for a care-free operation.

The video is a short review and unboxing of the HO GP38-2 Model of Athearn. You will also witness how it performs on the tracks and how strong and sturdy the product was made.

Athearn – HO Iron Horse Train Set, UP



The next model train set from Athearn is a collectible. The company no longer manufacture this type of model train. Adding this to your collection of model trains could really satisfy your enthusiasm. There are only a few of this left roaming around the market. It features a Union Pacific HO train with fully functioning motor that comes with detailed freight cars, all for a great and reasonable price.

Athearn – HO GP50 Iron Horse Train Set, NS/Eco



This model train, the HO GP50 from Athearn features see-through windows. There are Celcon Handrails installed for explicit details. The train set is DDC ready using 8 and 9 plugs. It also features and illuminating headlight, durable and fully functional. The paintings and details of each freight car including the train engine car is a masterpiece. This is a hobby and enthusiast quality train needed to your collection.

Athearn – HO RTR F7A, Amtrak #104



This is the Amtrak #104 from Athearn. It features an HO RTR F7A train. It comes fully assembled and ready-to-run. The set really resembles a real train, painted with realistic details and printed with colorful decorations. It has a perfect molded body that also adds some excitement to the details. This model train set has been discontinued by the manufacturer. There are only a few of this left to collect.

Athearn ATH88834 HO RTR AMD103/P40, Amtrak/Phase III # 821



This is the Amtrak #821. It almost has the same design with the Amtrak #104 but differs with the moldings of the body design. This is an officially licensed model train production of Athearn. The train has a see through windows and an exhaust stack. It comes with tons of features, not available on other types of ho model trains from Athearn. The stock of this model are low in the market, it is one of the must-collect model trains from Athearn.

Athearn 23717 N Scale RTR F59PHI Cal Train 923



The next model train is your usual passenger train available on the northern part of the US. This train model was first built a few decades ago, around 1994. Referring to the actual train, it is a diesel train locomotive with a prime mover. The engine features a water-cooling system and is charged with a turbo EMD. The train model on the other hand, features a fully assembled train model set which makes a wonderful train locomotive for your layout.

Coca-Cola Collectible Athearns Train Set HO Scale 1/87th Scale



This is a Coca-Cola collector piece from Athearn. It is not that unusual for Coca-Cola to establish partnership with so many toy model trains manufacturers as it was one of the great ways of advertising back in the days when trains were the people’s highlights and attractions. There are only a few of these, mostly even used and pre-collected by other enthusiast in the market. It is a great collection for your long line of model trains.

Athearn Saturn Car Automobile HO Scale Train Set 1997 RARE Employees Only



Next is a very rare train HO scale set from Athearn. It features a Saturn Car Automobile made by the company 2 decades ago, in year 1997. This model has been made for employee collection only and you seldom see a collection like this in the market. Fortunately there are some employees that sold it in the market for collectors and some of the train models have been roaming around the market. It is rare piece worthy of collecting.

Athearn – HO GP38-2 Iron Horse Train Set, CPR/Flags



This is the HO GP38-2 Iron Horse Model Train from Athearn. It has features the same with other Athearn HO scale model steam trains. The freight car’s weight is optimized for maximum and efficient track performance as well as the the train engine car. It features a working and operational bright headlight on the front of the train engine car. This set has been long discontinued by the manufacturer. Only a countable number of this set can be seen on the market.

Athearn – HO Warbonnet Train Set, SF



Another wonderful collection would be the HO Warbonnet of Athearn Trains. There are only 2 to 3 stocks left on amazon and a few on other marketing websites. Athearn itself does not sell this train model anymore and manufacturing has been long discontinued. It is one of the high quality toy model trains that was designed and built to last, performing highly on every day train track operations. This is a good train collection to run on your layout.

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