Tomy Chuggington

Are you one of those parents who has settled on getting their children a perfect and high standard quality of educational train toys? Have you ever thought of how many manufacturers, distributors, and sellers there are? It is quite tiring to choose so many products from different sources as most of them claim to have the best and the most competitive train toys in the market. Fortunately, TOMY Chuggington train toys have been long providing people with the right quality of toys they deserve and have been known by many to have a plenty of outstanding quality of toy collection to offer.

First Choice    Chuggington Wooden Railway Koko $ 4.7/5  
Second Choice      Chuggington Wooden Railway Brewster $ 4.8/5  
Third Choice      Chuggington Wooden Railway Wilson With Crane Car $ 5/5  
Fourth Choice     Chuggington Stacktrack Motorized Wilson $ 4.5/5  

You would probably ask why among the different types of toys, why settle for a train? It has been known that most kids have this fascination of trains as it signifies or symbolizes a great and fun adventure. The thought of traveling to places can also create a worthwhile dream or goal. In addition, a child would really demand a toy. They have plenty of time to spare and a toy could really come in handy as it could entertain them for quite some time. Lastly, train toys are educational as it can teach your children the basic of things such as color, shape and number identification, including alphabets. Combining all of those key features into one train toy or set could give a long list of quality benefits and can build your child’s foundation to have a more promising outcome in the future.

TOMY has been selling toys for a very long time now. They have catered both genders of kids selling dolls and girly playsets as well as a train set for boys. Most of their products are highly rated over different market websites such as Amazon. Many of it has been reviewed by customers who have actually tested the product and come to a close conclusion of giving it good recommendations. That is why we have decided to make and give you a long list of the top and the best Chuggington toys from TOMY to provide you with an easy access and will have a lot more time to think about and choose the right and appropriate toy for your kids.

32 Ready to Play – Tomy Chuggington Train Toys

Chuggington Wooden Railway Chug-A-Sonic Hanzo



This is a Tomy Chuggington train set. It features Hanzo. It is a character in the Chuggington train series that is one of the most advanced trains with remarkable speed. The toy is built from solid wood construction. There are easy-to-use and connect magnets at both front and the rear end of the train. It is compatible and highly fitting to run with standard wooden railway toys and tracks. You can have this toy at a very cheap and affordable price.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Chugineer Tyne



The next wooden train toy is from Tomy toys Chuggington. This toy production features Tyne, a Chugineer in the famous train series. The wooden toy is built with reliable durability and solid construction which ensures long-lasting fun. It can last through different child generations. The toy can easily connect to most wooden railway sets provided that it uses standard size wooden tracks and magnetic couplings. The price guarantees Tyne to be an affordable yet highly durable train toy.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Emery



This is a wooden Tomy Chuggington train that features Emery. The toy set comes in two pieces of wooden train cars, one is Emery and the other one is a short size passenger car. Both cars have magnets and metallic couplings that bond them. They are both remarkably compatible with most wooden train railway cars and can run on standard wooden tracks. The toy is recommended for children with age 2 years old and up. They are large enough to be a non-choking hazard toy.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Chug-A-Sonic Koko



There are tons of Koko train toys to choose from, this one is a Tomy Chuggington train set. It features a wooden Koko train that comes with a passenger car, each with magnets at rear and front ends for an easy connection and compatibility. You can have 2 pieces of durable and solid wooden train cars for a very low price. Koko is a main character in the Chuggington train series. Many kids would actually prefer a Koko train toy do to its characteristics based on the series. The toy can greatly work with other wood made train toys.


Chuggington Stacktrack Motorized Wilson



The next Tomy Chuggington train set features a motorized Wilson train. The set features a great main character of the lovely train Chuggington series. The toy is battery powered with a nice and durable motor. The downside of this toy is the compatibility. It does not go along with any wooden railway system but can connect with some stack track train toys. The toy has a power to run consistently fast and could climb up steeps or inclinations. This Wilson motorized train car can give more life to your child’s current or existing stack track set for a reasonable price.

Chuggington Stacktrack Fletch



This is Fletch, he is a Chuggington die cast Tomy train toys. As most of you do not know, stack track trains of Chuggington are made of die-cast materials. This includes rubber, plastic, and metals, all of which are high quality and long lasting. The combination of these materials creates a strong and durable train toy. Fletch here was created with great and realistic train details.

Just for some entertainment for your child, here is a short video animation of Chuggington Character, Fetch:

There are solid and secure couplings at the front and rear of the train to provide a more stable connection. Tomy offers you a great price which makes it a great time to start collecting each toy characters.


TOMY Kids Chuggington Stack Track Jackman and Sprayer Car



The next is a stack track Chuggington die cast Tomy trains that features Jackman that comes with a free Sprayer car. Jackman is a firefighting truck with a crane located at the back of the truck. It smoothly runs on stack track Chuggington train tracks and could connect with most die-casted train toys with secure couplings on both rear and front ends. Jackman is built with realistic design and decoration, great durability and made from non-toxic die casting materials such as metal, plastic, and rubber. It is great for kids with ages of 2 years and above.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Musical Car



This is a Tomy Chuggington wooden railway train car that plays wonderful and fun Chuggington theme songs. The wooden train toy is best used as an optional or extension train car for your kid’s existing train engine cars or train sets. The toy cost only a few and it is quite affordable. It comes only as a single train car with a fairly small size. The toy has magnets and metals installed at each end to provide compatibility with other wooden train sets. This is good for children with an existing set and for kids with age 2 years or higher.


Chuggington StackTrack Irving’s Rubbish Cars



This Chuggington die cast Tomy train features Irving with a Rubbish train car. The toy set comes in two pieces of durable and colorful train cars made from die-cast materials, constructed from non-toxic and hard plastic, rubber and metal. The set has a fair and reasonable price with solid and secure plastic train couplings at both ends. The train toy has a unique and realistic design for a cheap affordable price. Tomy gives you a chance to collect all sets of train characters from Chuggington.


TOMY Chuggington Stacktrack Chug Patroller Wilson And Claw Car



There are many varieties of Chuggington train designs and characters you can choose from. The next one right here is a Tomy Chuggington train toy that features Wilson carrying a large Claw car. The die-cast made toy comes in two pieces of heavily detailed with comprehensive designs. The decoration is close to being realistic. It is ideal to be connected or attached with different Chuggington stack track train toys or sets due to a superb, durable construction of its couplings that makes connectivity easy and stable.

For a fun and exciting bonus, here is a video of the different type of stack track set Chuggington:

Some adults might love the Chuggington train series but most of the character train toys is ideally a set for kids.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Chugineer Fletch



Like with the previous train item, this is Fletch. This train toy, however, differs from the previous product as it is made from solid wood construction. The toy is also designed with amazingly lifelike details. It has been made with great craftsmanship and remarkable durability. It has an easy-to-connect metals and magnets installed to make it work or be compatible with all wooden railway train sets. It has a size and wheels that are a perfect fit, running on top of wooden train tracks. You can have Fletch for your kids at a very reasonable and attainable price.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Jackman



Previewed before, was a Jackman stack track, this time around, Tomy toys brings you a famous Chuggington train name, specifically Jackman. This wooden toy has a magnetic crane located on top that moves or can be maneuvered. Your kids will have a fun time playing around with this train car. In addition, it also uses a magnetic coupling system which allows it to connect with standard wooden railway toys. It works great, paired with other wooden train cars. The functions that the toy offers surpass its cheap and affordable price. It is more than what your money could get.


Chuggington StackTrack Harrison



This is Harrison. It is a Chuggington cartoon made as a die-cast toy from Tomy that comes in a purple or lavender color. The color tends to be more feminine but it’s actually a good toy for both genders. It is very strong and sturdy. The materials used are that of die casting materials such as metal, rubber, plastic, etc. Harrison has nice and realistic details with a strong and secure coupling installed in the back and front of the train car. It is highly connectable with other stack track toys. The toy is ideal to be paired or organized with your children’s existing stack track railway system.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Koko



Koko is the most famous character among all others in the great Chuggington train series. This Tomy Chuggington features Koko with a simple but yet, very realistic design and comprehensively life-like details. It is made of hardwood and built with durable construction. The Koko train toy usually has the highest ratings compared to other Chuggington character train toys. Reviewed by so many, this toy right here has a close, perfect rating on countless eCommerce websites. You could have this amazing wooden train toy for a not-so-expensive price.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Wilson With Crane Car



Another great toy set from Tomy, This is Wilson as most of you know. It was shown previously in our list and this time. This wooden train toy comes with a crane car, both of which are compatible to be attached to most standard wooden train toys that use magnet couplings. Wilson and the crane car are both made from hard and durable wood. It has a super and solid construction which can last for decades and could provide a longer time of fun. The toy is great for kids aging 2 years old and up. It can be availed at a low and really affordable price.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Camouflage Brewster



The next Tomy Chuggington train toy features Brewster with a cool camouflage design. The concept of the details and design of the toy is based on an actual scene in the animated train series of Chuggington. It has great compatibility and a nice structure. The size of the toy is larger compared with Koko and some other wooden train character toys. It has magnets and metals installed at each end that provides an efficient and fast connection with other wooden train toys. It is an also a great collectible as it can be seen in the “Chug-ou-flage” episode of the series. This toy is recommended for kids of 2 years or higher.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Chugineer Zack



This is Chuginner Zack, Tomy Chuggington wooden railway train toy with a large and bulky shape and body. The details of this wooden toy and the colors used are exceptional. The toy is strongly made out of wood. You could really rely on the durability of the toy. It can continue to serve children of different generations and could survive a beating of a child. There are some concerns about choke hazard but this toy could hold up as it has a fair size that could not be swallowed by your child. The compatibility is also very efficient due to the magnet couplers, built at the front end and rear end of the train toy.


Chuggington StackTrack Koko



Koko train car character from Chuggington is also available on stack track series. This one right here has some slick and awesome details. The colors are very sharp and shiny. The glossy looks really tell that is way far from being a wooden train toy. There are strong and stable couplings located at the front part and back part of the train car. Koko, as all would know her, is a famous and most loved train in the animated series. She has unique, strong and very challenging characteristics. You can have this toy for your kid at a very, very reasonable price. It works great to be run through stack track railway systems.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Chug Patrol Wilson



This is a Patrol Wilson Tomy Chuggington wooden railway train toy. The train toy is made from imported wood which is fairly strong and very durable. It features a design with rescue lights, stripes, and a chug-communications. It also has a smaller train car included that carries a magnetic crane. The magnet crane extends and swivels depending on your child’s preferred angle or position. There are easy-to-connect magnets installed at both ends to ensure a fast and reliable connection with other wooden train cars.

Here is a short video that showcases Chug Patrol Wilson:

You can have Wilson and the added crane car at a very low cost.


Chuggington StackTrack Wilson



A Chuggington die-cast Tomy collection, Wilson, a great and a strong character in the Chuggington animated series. This toy train is manufactured using hard and durable die cast materials such as metals, rubbers, and non-toxic plastics. It has comprehensive details and a realistic design. This stack track has an amazingly smooth and glossy finish. The toy is sold at a cheaper price but the quality is being maintained to a higher standard. Tomy gives you a chance to collect your children’s Chuggington train characters by selling affordable train products.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Asher



This Tomy Chuggington features Asher, another great and fun-loving character in the long list of trains from the animated series. Asher is a firetruck train car with a movable crane on top. It has easy-to-connect metals and magnets, loaded in a circular slot in front and at the back of the train. Asher is compatible to run and connect with any wooden train characters including other wooden train cars from major brands such as Brio and Thomas. Start collecting them all up for your children with ages 2 and higher.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Wilson



The same as the previous set, this toy features Wilson made out of solid and real wood. The design however differs. The Wilson train toy is made with remarkable and reliable durability. This toy could last longer than what you have paid for. It will give you more than what your money is worth. This toy is great compatibility over different wooden train sets. You could easily purchase this train toy to be an optional or added train car to extend your children’s fun with their existing wooden railway trains system. You can have Brio or Thomas connected with this toy.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Brewster



Brewster is a nice but tough character in the wonderful train series. Tomy Chuggington wooden railway features you a Brewster train character with realistic details with a fun smiling face. The train toy from top to bottom is associated and conceptualized from the actual Brewster train car in the animated film. It is large, bulky and strong looking. The toy is built using real wood that is super hard and extra durable. This is recommended for kids aging 2 years old and up. You can grab the chance to purchase and collect different amazing Chuggington train character toys for a low and easy price.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Skipper Stu



If you are not that familiar with the different characters of Tomy Chuggington train set, then we would like to introduce to you, Skipper. It is not a main character of the train series but Skipper has been featured in so many episodes of the animated train film. This toy is based on the actual design concept in the series. It has great details and painted with a sharp and glossy color. It is created from real wood which is fairly strong and durable. It does not break easily and can withstand pressures being played by a toddler. The toy train is recommended for kids with ages of 2 and higher and comes at a great price.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Action Chugger



There are only a few of this left so you better not miss the chance of collecting this for your kid. Tomy Chuggington train features wooden Chugger train toy. It has a fast, slick and blazing design of yellow and red which indicates speed and power. Chugger uses magnetic couplings to allow itself to connect and be compatible with major brands of wooden railway toys such as Thomas and Friends or Brio. The toy has opening jet wings on top and on both sides. It is more playful compared with other train character wooden toys.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Speedy McAllister



Next up, is McAllister. This toy is from Tomy Chuggington. It features a Speedy McAllister crafted with detailed designs and made out of a durable piece of wood and other non-toxic materials. The toy has a fairly large size and comes with a great and affordable cost. The compatibility is the same with the previous toys in the list. It can connect with most major brands of wooden railway toys. McAllister is best for children aging 2 years or higher. The strong and sturdy toy can run smooth and firmly on standard wooden tracks.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Dunbar



Compared with the previous Tomy toys Chuggington trains, this Dunbar character toy is a little bit expensive. It is possibly due to the design and aesthetics of the train car and also with the limited supply of the toy. Dunbar is a great collectible to be added to your children’s long list of character inspired wooden train toy. It is built with a strong and sturdy construction of wood and plastic materials. It fits nicely and perfectly to any standard wooden train tracks.


Chuggington StackTrack Action Chugger



This is a stack track edition of Chugger. This Chuggington die cast Tomy train toy has super durability. The materials used to craft this nice little toy are a combination of rubber, plastic, and metal. It is painted with a smooth red, yellow and orange finish to give it a more powerful and trailblazing appearance. The train toy has nicely-done details. The design is slightly longer compared with other character inspired train car. The die-cast construction of the toy also includes a strong and steady coupling located at the front and at the back of the train.

Chuggington Stacktrack Tunnel Borer Machine



The next Tomy toys Chuggington set is not a character inspired train toy but could greatly work out as an extension train cars or alternative cars depending on your child’s preference. The set comes in two pieces of train cars. Both cars are larger and bulkier among all other sets in the previous train items in the list. It is compatible with any stack track series of Chuggington. This is made from die casting materials and crafted with solid construction. It is designed to fit and keep a stable stand on the tracks, especially during turns.


Chuggington Wooden Railway Payce



This is a Tomy Chuggington wooden railway train that features Payce. The toy is highly rated and comes with good customer Chuggington reviews. It is a simple and affordable train car based on one of the actual characters of the animated train series. Like with most wooden railway train toys, this also uses two pieces of magnetic couplings located at the rear and the front part of the train. Due to that design, Payce is highly compatible with other wooden train toys.


Chuggington StackTrack Muddy Wilson



Other than Koko and Brewster, Wilson is also a child’s favorite character. This stack track train toy series of Wilson features a muddy design based on one of the episodes of the series. It is very realistic and nicely detailed, all for a great price. The toy is made from plastic, metal and other die-cast materials which makes it simply strong and long-lasting. The toy has tight and secure couplings, compatible with any stack track train cars.


Chuggington StackTrack Old Puffer Pete



This is Old Puffer Pete, a great and respected, Tomy Chuggington character train toy. Mr. Puffer Pete was built with great aesthetics and realistic design. It uses the elegant color combination of black and red. The toy also has nice and strong couplings that can hold up quite a pressure if connected with other train cars. It is compatible to be attached with other stack track train series. Old Puffer Pete is not that expensive, you can simply purchase it without any financial effort. It is a great train character collectible from Chuggington Toys.