When we come into a discussion that makes us think about what would be the best toy for our kids or for some people who wants to collect, the usual thing that comes to mind are trains. Why is that? Trains are not only educational, fun and interactive toy but also do not promote violence or any unhealthy influence such as toy guns, knife or violent video games. Looking at a train set reminds us of our childhood that is full of good and enjoyable memories and we have that wanting to make our kids experience the same.

Train toys are one of the toy sets that is very durable and usually last over a long period of time. It can serve you and your child in many ways. Others buy a set for them to add into their train collection or if not, start with one. Some people buy it as a set that gives a little life and movement to your living room, most of the time, as decorations that looks nicely with your Christmas tree.

There are so many kinds of trains you can have your preference set on. There’s the general or multipurpose train set which is versatile and very adaptable, the Wooden Train Sets and Electrical Train Sets. You can also have yourself a good train table set for your trains.


If you look around your child’s play area, chances are most of the toys are made of plastic. Lurid colours and obnoxious sounds paint the landscape. Nothing seems natural anymore. And most of the plastic is thin; it will snap apart or wear itself down and because it is cheap you won’t feel too bad about having to replace it.

Electric trains are the opposite. Made of metal and often with wooden scenery, electric train sets are meant to be cultivated. They last through childhood and have the ability to be kept, treasured and used by the next generation.


Ultimate Train Toy: Things You Should Know


There is a bunch of things you need to know about trains and all your doubts about which is which would be catered. This ultimate guide has all the necessary information and products you look for.  Check below for a brief intro to the different categories on this site.



A train set or model can either be electric or battery operated or not. The train’s purpose will depend on your taste and preference. You need to look for a train set that will satisfy your need for a fun, interactive and memorable train experience.

There are trains that run through the track but needs a little pushing to make its wheels moves. Some trains are just for displays, complete with wheels and detailed designs but you can’t be able to make the wheels turn. These kinds of train sets are for enthusiasts or collectors. It requires you to assemble the train, paint some details on it and add it to your collectibles.

Below is one of the best selling train set:

Lionel Polar Express Train Set – G-Gauge

Most of the trains are set out and bought as a play set for children. These play set must be built with sturdiness and with great durability because kids are continuous and non-stop when it comes to playing. Hours and hours of train time exhausting your train’s engine and battery. It must be built to withstand heavy beating of kids aging 3 and up. You should also consider health hazard of your kids and yourself. Some trains puffs out smoke that is too strong for the nose.

Some other train sets can be used as decorative toys. A locomotive train set with a nice engine that emits smoke is very tantalizing to watch under your Christmas tree. It serves as a good entertainment for your guest during the holidays.


A model train or play set is mostly preferred by people to be more classic. It is because we are being reminded of our childhood that we want our children to experience the same. A train being a high end and fully geared complete with new sounds is not usually the train’s people look for.

The classing ambiance that is bought by wooden railways and the mountain tunnels makes you nostalgic. This set is good for both train enthusiasts, collectors and children aging 3 and up. The wooden train set always look good if placed in any train tables, carpet or floor. It is versatile in decorative aspects.

Here is one of the top wooden train sets you should look for:

12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection fits Thomas, Brio, Chuggington

A wooden train set holds a classic look but some of it that are being sold are made with locomotive engine that enables you to enjoy it moving around the wooden tracks. It can also come with classical train sounds, the “Choo-Choo” and the chuckling of the wheels that makes you more exciting.



A train table is an option. You can choose to have your train set played out on a carpet or the floor. The drawback without using a table is that when your kids play with your train set, the chances of the accessories scattering around the area and getting it lost is very much likely. Most train tables have compartments or drawers that you can store train set accessories that your kids aren’t using. It helps you organize things with ease.

The following is our best selling train table:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi-Activity Table

A child can roughly play with the train, having a train table would somehow protect the train set from damage making it last longer that it’s supposed to. Most of the train tables sold in the market have elevated edges to restrict movement, protect the train from derailing and gives more stability to the train tracks.

Train table products can either be expensive or inexpensive. There are tables that do not have many functions except to hold the train set on top. Other tables with many features like a drawer or a storage unit will cost you a little bit more. Of course, no matter how much the price of it, the most important thing that it is very strong, sturdy and would last over a period of time.


Trains are fun and exciting, an interactive play-set good for children but it can also provide you laughs and humor with so many train and rail jokes. Train jokes are very humorous. It is a healthy stimulus to your brain making it more active and process information fast. Railway jokes can get your children thinking in the most fun way. No one dislikes trains and the thought of a joke from it would be seen by most as hilarious.

This is one of the most read train and railroad jokes:

I Love Toy Trains – Oh No!

This is one of the nice things about trains. It can never get you bored with anything it relates itself to. Thinking about it makes most of the children excited. A train and railway jokes are good to start your children’s day. It can even give a smile and a chuckle before they go to sleep. The jokes never get old.


Train related books are classical, adventurous or magical. Most of which won’t give your child horrors or nightmares during their sleep. This is a good genre of books to read to your children before going to bed. It not only promotes good sleep but helps their brain develop.

Below is one of the children’s favorite train book:

Steam Train, Dream Train

There are so many bed time and train books you can look for all of which is a good read for your child and very affordable. It also serves as a collection for them when they grow up and to pass it down to their children as well. A train book isn’t a bad investment because it prepares your child to make a bright future rather than letting them play around with other stuffs that might influence them to be violent. A book never loses its value and is a lifelong treasure that if read and understand won’t be stolen by anyone.