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Ardent train enthusiast and hobbyist try to find the best train tools and accessories they need to build that perfect and perceptively absolute train model layout they possibly can. Provided with the right tools and equipment, the passion can turn into art where one would distinctively enjoy the numerous kinds of train layout created through hard work and dedication to the craft. However, looking for different types of accessories you need is a struggle as there only a handful of train stores in most areas and online. Fortunately, Model Train Stuff, with their efforts put together, has made it possible for model train hobbyist, enthusiast and professionals to search for the things they need to build what they want.

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The company/store address is M.B. Klein, Inc. 243A Cockeysville Rd. Cockeysville, MD 21030 USA. There’s only one registered retail store and that’s third to the first and the 2nd location which was formerly located in Baltimore. The company actually expanded their market online instead of investing stores nation and worldwide. It’s actually much convenient that way for the store.

Building and managing multiple stores across different states and countries can be a handful. Allowing your store to be showcased through online marketing allows more accessibility at a lower and manageable cost. You’d only have to manage and process orders coming to the site to be delivered.

Additionally, it would be comfortable for enthusiast and hobbyist to just check the site and see if the material, tool or accessories they need is available in the store rather than crossing cities just to find out that there’s no product on stock.

The store also has a phone available for customer’s reach. One can easily ask for questions and inquiries through 1.888.872.4675. They really entertain customers and try to find the best possible solution to the problems they have or options for the product they need.


Model Train Stuff is known and owned by MB Klein, Inc. It is actually a locksmith shop and a hardware store that was founded in the early months of the year 1913. For more than 50 years it has stayed that way. However, things began to change. There was a big expansion over Baltimore where the highway was expanded and rebuilt as a solution to growing traffic congestion. The construction included the store’s original location where they were forced to relocate at a new location to the south of the original but is now located in Baltimore City, USA in the summer months of the year 2007.

The MB Klein, Inc. was founded by Morris Benjamin Klein. Later through the years, Morris’s son, Ted Klein, joined the management of the store doing work side by side with his father and made so many accomplishments. Through him, the store was slowly converted into a train model shop. The idea came to mind where the store was reselling train stuff from Kramer Brothers which is a hobby distributor and Ted would resell them back in their store. To save him the trouble from a huge profit cut, he realizes he could earn much more with reselling the products directly and become a distributor himself.

Ted tried to convince Morris and later on, the locksmith shop was later converted into a model train store. It was a perfect timing as Lionel trains were the best and ideal toy every kid during that time ever dreamed of. The trains were also a perfect representation of Christmas were it was set as one of the greatest gifts during the holiday a kid could have.

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It was about the year 1970’s that the transition occurred and was successful and the sales were as good as ever. That time, HO-scale was also getting some popularity and has been marketed from different parts of the country with high remarks and reviews. That said, it allowed people with small dorms, houses or apartments to have a model train of their own as HO-scale is one of the early indoor train models at a considerable size. It means well for the business to expand through the new scale model.

The store became popular in the city and later made a name in the country. Today, it is still considered as one of the few train model headquarters by hobbyist, enthusiast, and professionals both young and old.

Here’s a short video about the new Model Train Stuff website:

There’s so many stuff you can check out, all of which are important to build one of your train models desires.

Model Train Stuff Store

The store is a train enthusiast and hobbyist haven. It features so many train model set in different scales ranging from O, HOn3, HO, N, and Z.

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You can choose between buying a fully functional, ready-to-run, train model set or you can actually buy them piece by piece. They are offering options where you can buy a full-set train model or you can use the filter option that allows you to filter the things and narrow down your search for a specific train model parts or accessories.

This is actually great as model train hobbyist and enthusiast would less likely settle for a set and would instead choose their train model parts individually, some even on different brands and design.

The combination of different parts allows you to modify your train model set and layout depending on the needs and wants of what you dream of.

You can search the product by brand name, road name, scale, manufacturer, and category.

The site also features the different things you need for wonderful scenery such as making your own trees, rocks, mountains, tunnels, houses, cars and more. There are also available tools and supplies for all the necessary tools and equipment you need to build your layout. Furthermore, they also sell sound cards, decoders, throttle controllers, speakers, boosters, all the stuff that involves DDC, sound, and power.


The company and site, model train stuff, also known as MB Klein, Inc. is a store that allowed people to come close to their dreams. It may seem farfetched train models have been an inspiration and motivation to many and it includes both children and adult. There are only a few countable stores available that offers online shopping and who’s determined to get the buyer’s need available and ready to ship.

The site offers shipping and returns. Of course, the shipping cost is calculated and depending on some factors which could alter the price. Additionally, the company requires the owner signature of the purchased product if it went above 750$.

The return policy covers up to 30 days return or exchange. You can also have order cancellations if you changed your mind, provided that you have filed a request for cancellation within 24 hours of your order via phone-call or email. However, there may be some charges as shipping can get a bit costly.

Just make sure to check out the site’s shopping policy and Return & Exchange Policy.

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