The Complete Model Railroader’s tool set

Being a train hobbyist and enthusiast is not that easy as well as not that hard if you just have your love and passion for it. However, being so requires you to have some ideal equipment that will allow you to attain what you really dream of, especially when it comes to model scenery. These model railroaders tool set will help you walk through each struggle you have in designing, layout and maintaining your train parts and accessories.

From cutting wires, trimming your trees, building your landscape, snipping your foams, and more, you’d need tools to be able to perform precise designing with each piece. It may seem a little too expensive to acquire all but to your knowledge, most of these tools are non-specific when it comes to versatility. They are mostly multi-purpose tools that can be used for fixing, repairing or maintaining other home devices such as screws, clippers, saw, metal cutter and more.

Additionally, prices of these tools aren’t really that expensive and have a long lifespan. There are some electrical tools that need replacement at times but a model train tools don’t really require high maintenance for optimal performance. You can just apply grease in pliers to soften the grip or apply anti-rust formulas for metal tools and a bit of sharpening for metal cutters.

Either way, you really have no choice but to obtain these tools if you want a magnificent, marvelous and mesmerizing train model layout scenery.

Here are some of the best tools that you can use to make things easier for you as you make and maintain your model trains and layouts:

First Choice Excel Deluxe Model Railroad Tool Set $ 5/5
Second Choice Bachmann Industries Track & Metal Rod Cutter $ 4.8/5
Third Choice Bachmann Industries Multi Angle Rotating Loco Cradle $ 4.7/5
Fourth Choice 44291 Deluxe Ship modelers Tool Set $ 4.6/5
Fifth Choice Carson LumiVisor Head Magnifier – Head Visor $ 4.5/5

22 Handy and Convenient Model Railroader’s Tools

Excel Deluxe Model Railroad Tool Set




This is a deluxe railroad tool-set that has pretty much, almost everything, you need to get started. It includes pliers, knives, files, screwdriver and more. The set comes in an elegant wooden box case that can hold every tool included.

Bachmann Industries Track & Metal Rod Cutter




It may look like it’s a specific tool for train modeling as it is being marketed by Bachmann Industries but this metal rod cutter is more versatile than you think. It greatly performs with precision when cutting rods you need for your model trains and can also be used for cutting other metal rods for other purposes but on a smaller scale.

Bachmann Industries Multi Angle Rotating Loco Cradle




This is a cradle that allows you to maneuver or position your train models when you’re trying to do your repair, maintenance or modifications. It locks them in place and allows certain openings that are hard to perform manually.

44291 Deluxe Ship modelers Tool Set




The next tool is made for ship modelers. It is a deluxe tool set that includes all the important tools needed to craft, repair or tighten your ship. However, due to the versatility of the tools, it can also be used for train models and for model scenery layouts.

Carson LumiVisor Head Magnifier – Head Visor with LED Lighted Magnifier




A magnifier is necessary for designs and modeling. Like arts and crafts, railroad models can be a bit messy. Adding to that, most of the accessories needed for installation are actually pretty small and a magnifier can help you see through what you need to do.

Parallel Jaw Convex/Concave Plier




This is a simple tool we often see in every toolbox at home or anywhere else. It is a parallel jaw plier that equally contours the wire you need to bend, cut or shape. It’s a basic tool that makes metal forming quite simple and easy.

Xuron TK2100 Modeler’s Tool Kit




This is a modeler’s toolkit from Xuron. The tool belongs to every workbench of most modelers. The kit includes 3 pieces of precision cutting shear, pliers, and scissors. At a great price, you’d have 3 important tools that will most likely be used very often.

Grab Iron Bending Gauge




Bending metal and iron is a simple task but you need to keep in mind that precision takes some accurate measurements. This iron bending gauge can help you see through how long, how bent and how short the iron or metal is or should be. It’s an optional tool but for a cheap price, it can add some convenience to your train modeling activities.

Mini Bending Brake




This bending brake can be used for flexing brass, bronze or thin sheet metals. It performs clean and accurate bends on an appropriate thickness of metals. The bending brake can cater a thickness of about 0.020 inches without any problems. Higher than the range can make you experience some difficulties in bending.

Surgeon’s Stainless Steel Micro Pliers (Set of 4)




Well, a single piece of micro pliers can do the trick but there are some cases that you’d be needing multiple pliers all at once, especially when you use some of it as clippers for stability. This 4-piece set is an ideal choice as each of it is exactly the same in shape and size, all for a great price.


Northwest Short Line Chopper II




This line chopper or line cutter features a thick, strong and comfortable handle that allows you to maintain a stable position that increases accuracy and precision when cutting a line. Additionally, it has a cutting mat where you can easily measure the length of your cuts. The mat is also replaceable which means you can also easily re-position it to an angle that’s fitting for your wire’s measurement.

Woodland Scenincs – Hot Wire Foam Cutter – 9VAC




Next is a handy tool that helps you cut or slice foams at a precise manner. It is an electrical tool that when plugged, heats the wire located at the end of two parallel rods, allowing you to easily let the hot wire pass through thick layers of foam with ease and comfort. The handle will also help you get a firm grip so that you can maneuver the tool to any point where you want to cut or slice your foam.

Hobbico Builder’s Cutting Mat, 18×24 Inches




This is a large and spacious cutting mat. It measures or has a ruled area of 387 millimeters by 540 millimeters. It has a thick layer that allows your knife to have a safe cut as it passes through the wires or other scenery accessories you are trying to cut. The mat is non-slip and reversible, which also means additional protection not just with your cutting tool but also for the surface of your workbench.

Trix HO Locomotive Wheel Cleaning Brush




A normal brush would work for cleaning your locomotive and other train model accessories but this right here was intentionally made to do the specifics. It clearly and undoubtedly cleans every corner of your locomotive’s wheel thoroughly. It can also be used for cleaning train tracks. The brush only works for HO locomotives and train tracks due to its design’s size.

Excel Blades Hobby Knife Set, American Made Craft Knife Kit




Apart from your regular toolkit that includes different tools such as pliers, screws, cutting tools, measuring tool and more, this right here is more of a cutting tool kit. The box set includes a high-grade knife, K1, K2, and K5 knives. It also has 13 different blades you can switch and use depending on the use or how deep and precise the cut you want to do.

Thin-Beam Square




Simple as it looks, it helps you measure the things you want to be cut and allows you to mark them with great precision and accuracy. This type of measuring tool can also be used for other purposes at home or at work which means that it’s highly practical to have this inside your toolkit or toolbox.

3 Piece Phillips & Slotted Screwdriver Set




An assorted screwdriver set can also help you with different attachment struggles you have with your model train layout and locomotive problems. This screw driver is made by Phillips, a well-known brand in tools and hardware. These are durable and versatile screws that allow you to screw or unscrew different types and sizes of screw bolts.

Excel Blades Professional Wood Carving Set, American Made Hobby Knife Kit




This simple excel knife set one of the best cutting tools you need to look for. These are durable knives with excellent quality with removable blades that can be switched depending on the size or the deep of the cut you want to make. There are a total of 13 blades included for different purposes as well as different types of cuts.

WOOC1185 C1185 Easy Rock Carving Tools




The easy rock carving tools help you to attain easy modification with most parts of your model scenery layout as well as to carve out plastic coverings of the train parts and pieces you have. You can easily shape and carve your mountain or rocky terrains. This is a great way to expand your model railroad layout.

Bulls Eye Drill Jig




This drill jig is specifically made for the comfort of train hobbyists and enthusiasts which tries to modify, maintain or repair their train locomotive by adding some screw holes to different parts or sections. This device allows you to easily drill a hole into the steel or metal parts of the train locomotive for your screws. This is also a handy tool that can be used for tracks and other metal accessories.

55676 Coping Saw with 4 Extra Blade




The next model train railroader’s toolset you must have is a coping saw. This allows you to cut through thick planks of wood that you need for your layout. Without this, ordinary knife cutters will have a hard time cutting through planks of wood and might even get damaged. It includes 4 extra blades for replacements.

Woodland Scenics Low Temp Foam Glue Gun




Lastly, what else do you need but something that helps you stick or glue things together? This is a low-temperature glue gun that allows you to stick the foams together. It heats the HMA or the Hot-Melt Adhesive to just the right temperature so that the foam won’t be melted as well. It is intentionally designed for sticking or gluing sensitive materials but can also work great for gluing other kinds of stuff as well.


There are always other optional tools you can use, to the very least, that would make things easier for you when you plan on setting up your own ideal layout. You can either borrow from other people who have or you can use old tools of different sizes but lower your exceptions when it comes to preciseness or accuracy of the results.

Here’s a short video that talks about some of the essential tools needed for model railroader:

It may seem impractical but an enthusiast or hobbyist would have all these tools and careless of their expenses as their masterpiece, a magnificent and breathtaking scenery, is all worth the price.