Model Train Videos

There are so much to learn about model trains considering its history and the advancement it took to get to what it is now.

Back then, model trains are far bigger and wider compared to what we know and see now. It might not be new to hobbyist and professional modelers but some or most people still don’t know that what they are looking at have really some story and history to tell.

The concept of train modeling or model train’s stuff was first brought about in the year 1840’s. Of course, the model is huge where one cannot enjoy the luxury of it at home.

Adding to that, early train models and scenery layout have been used as a reference for commercial planning and more. Some models even have been used during the world war as it is one of the possible means of transporting war supplies and equipment and needs a careful planning.

However, over the years, train models have been decreasing in size.

The largest model train is the G scale having a ratio of 1:25.5 and the smallest is the Z scale with the ratio of 1:220.

The decrease in size is actually a great improvement in the train model industry. It allowed people with smaller homes, apartments, and dorms to be able to experience the fun and joy of model trains at a lower price and a space-saving manner.

Additionally, the idea to make a smaller train model actually made a big difference in profit compared to larger models.

Different companies have been trying to make different standard scales for model trains and been assessing which would highly hit the market.

Today, one of the most popular scales sold is the HO scale which has the size ratio of 1:87. It brings joy to people of different age at home, from children to adults.

The model train just brings back and creates new memories that are just worth remembering.

Below are some of the great model train videos you would definitely love and enjoy!

20 Fun, Educational and Entertaining Model Train Videos


Jim Zimmerlin Model Train Collection

These collections are big but it’s not that big compared to the previous large scale version of model trains. This is one of the reasons why smaller scale trains are popular as it can bring the fun back to your home.

Train Tsar Fun Train Collection

This is only the few fun and amazing videos from Train Tsar Fun! They try their best to make many more videos of model trains and other collections making it accessible for people and some might serve as an inspiration for newbie modelers.

BLMA Models Collection

BLMA Models have a variety of amazing train layouts made for different scales and gauges. This one right here shows how detailed each scenery and how amazing it is to look at when the train starts to go around.

G-Scale Amtrak Passenger Train

This is the Amtrak Passenger Train. It is an prototype of the actual Amtrak Passenger Train on a G-scale size. It’s pretty amazing looking how detailed the model train is. You’d also see that it requires much larger space for a G-scale model train and would hardly fit a small home or apartment.

Model Train Show

This is probably the largest model train show in the history of the world. There maybe a few more in the future but for the moment, let’s take a good look of how amazing the collections are in this video.

House of Model Trains

A little house full of model trains. Yes, like we’ve said. The smaller scales of model trains allowed people at home to have a vast collection of these amazing train models. Some even have created in an imaginative and innovative way of model train track layouts that adds more fun to the collection.

Footage of the Orlando N-trak Club’s Permanent Layout

This video shows how the train ride experience would be on a model scale. They’ve installed a camera on the train itself to have a new perspective of the view from the model train layout.

HO-Scale US Model Trains

This video shows the different model trains in the US including old ones to new ones. Each running on a magnificent train model layout with exceptional details from rocks, trees, bushes, homes and other scenery.

2012 Amherst Model Train Show

This is the 2012 Amherst Model Train Show. It is an annual show that features railroad museums, train railroad modeling, train models, train model accessories and more. Up to this date, the train show is still annually active.

Real Train Sounds on HO Model Trains

Here’s a short video that features how realistic train models are when it comes to sound. Adding to that, details are also quite remarkable as you’d mistakenly view it as an actual sized train on a different perspective.

BNSF Stack Train and BNSF Coal Train

Here’s a fun way to cross tracks with another train. This is the BNFS Coal Train crossing with the BNFS Stack Train. I don’t know about you but looking at it seems very relaxing.

Large Scale Model Train for Kids

Who said model trains are only for enthusiast and hobbyist? Here’s some of the train model toys your kids can play. Your kids will just love a train model in action!

Railroad Train Operation – HO Scale Model

Here’s a short video that shows how train operations would look like on a smaller scale. The great thing about model trains is the representation of the scenery that shows how the actual train would look like running in different terrains.

Amazing HO Model Train Action

Watch an HO model train come alive and in action! See how smooth, mesmerizing and soothing the sound and scenery can offer. This HO scale train is one of the popular choice and watching this video would probably tell you why.

Amazing Detailed Model Train Layout

This video of an amazing train layout would tell you how much love and passion it requires to create the model railroad layout which includes each model pieces and accessories that comprises it. The detail of each will tell you how much time and effort was given to it by the artist, train hobbyist or enthusiast.

Vintage Model Trains

This model train videos will show you that the old or vintage models can work just as fine as the new one and can be equal when it comes to details and aesthetics. This vintage train models can also be a great collectible as some are no longer produced or manufactured.

NS TopGon Model Train – HO Scale – BLMA Model

Another great BLMA video of their magnificent train collection! This is the NS TopGon Model Train on an HO-scale. This video was taken few years back in 2009 yet it still continues to amaze people of how great the model train is.

2010 Model Train Show in Brisbane

This is from an Australian train model show that featured many train and railroad models back in 2012. It was held in Brisbane, Australia. There were trains on different scales running on the train model layout. It’s a remarkable train scenery you’d never forget.

Mike McGinley’s Model Railroad Layout

This video features Mike McGinley’s very own model train railroad layout. Of course, the model train is part of it but the video was to feature more about the amazingly detailed model railroad layout.

Plano Model Trains

Lastly, this short video features some fun and excitement about different train model stuffs. It is only one of the many videos made by Plano dedicated to the hard-working and passionate train model enthusiast and hobbyist.


Model railroad trains and layouts is not just a hobby for most but also comes with great passion. It takes long devoted time to even create such wonderful scenery as seen in the videos.

An ordinary person who owns different model trains may be considered a collector but a hobbyist certainly knows how to drive those passion and love for trains to create breath-taking scenes and layouts.

However, regardless of what you are, as long as you love trains, railroad train model and layout is definitely something you’d sought to watch. It takes of stress, provides you with a relaxing ambiance and view as well as bring back those loving memories we had once when we were a child.

We certainly hope you liked our top 20 picks for the best model train videos!