Best Vtech Train Set

Our children, at a given point in time, would greatly seek from us something that would entertain and cater to their interactive play needs. That something would be in a form of a toy, children’s book, arts and crafts and more. For a quick relieve, most parent’s opts for a toy. Apparently, the next scenario would be choosing the right one as we would want a toy that could entertain our kids but could also serve to educate them. An interesting choice would be a wooden, block, plastic or motorized train set such as the VTech Train Set. Most of VTech’s toy product are designed and innovated to be highly educational and long lasting.

First Choice VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset $ 4.4/5  
Second Choice VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Park and Learn Deluxe Garage $ 4.4/5
Third Choice   VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Chug and Go Railroad Train Set $ 4.3/5  
Fourth Choice VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway $ 3.9/5  

VTech is a known company that manufactures children’s toy products. They have dedicated entirely, their effort in crafting the appropriate toy set for your kids. Most of their train toy set is uniquely design and uses different shapes and colors. This is to help in the enhancement of children’s skills such as color and shape identification. Some of their train sets includes number blocks or figures. It is to influence young minds to have an interest in numbers. All this development and nurturing are obtained by kids through fun. The VTech’s train set discreetly educates children while they simultaneously have enormous amount of fun time.

In addition to the benefits, most of the Vtech train toy sets are very cheap and affordable. And despite the low price, the quality in terms of functionality and durability is highly regarded. It simply means that these toy train sets are a practical investment as they have been reliably constructed with sturdiness and stability. The product usually last longer. It is to serve your kids for a great period of time and assist them mentally and physically as they grow. You could barely think of any negativity of having a train toy set from VTech as all the reviews, rating and recommendations only points to the positive.

Below is a long list of the best VTech Train Set products in the market, made available for you. Keep in mind that most of these sets are ready-to-run toys and requires very little effort in assembling which makes it an ideal starter train set kit.

21 Vtech Train Set

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Park and Learn Deluxe Garage



This Vtech Train Set will enhance your kid’s imagination and creativity. It allows them to build their toy garage train car and race car vehicles. This amazing deluxe set features sound, phrases and music. With a single push of a light-up button, it can all be easily operated. The set includes 7 interchanging train and car track pieces of different colors. It only requires 2 double-A batteries to run the set for the garage and 2 triple-A batteries for the tow truck.

To show you how the Vtech Train Set can be both fun and educational, we provided you a video of a little kid having a good time:

The video discusses all the things you need to know about the product, from unboxing up to a detailed presentation of its features.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Airport Playset



An educational toy train is sometimes referred to as smart train. This set allows your kids to assembly and build their own airport and vehicles track. It promotes an imaginative and interactive game-play, set on an airfield. It features a cloud platform, fuel or gasoline station and a building to where interchangeable tracks connect. The set pieces are made of different colors. This is to make it more attractive to kids as well as teaching them discreetly with color identification.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure



This is the Vtech go go – smart wheels. It features a mountain top, treasure train and an entire accessory that completes a colorful train layout. It consists of a gold mountain where your kids can role-play a mining set. The gold-mine is crafted with a rotating gear, a shaft, more than 30 train track pieces and an interactive crane. You can choose to have this set in a standard packaging or a frustration-free pack depending on your preference. The price varies on the packaging chosen.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Choo-Choo Train Playset



A slightly smaller smart wheel set from v tech go go, this is the Choo-Choo train Playset. This educational train set helps and assist in enhancing your children’s set of skills. The interactive, role-playing set features a switch-system and an interactive gate that lifts up and down. The set includes 13 pieces of different color, interchangeable train track pieces. It also includes a motorized train engine car that requires 3 pieces of double-A batteries. The set is recommended for children aging in the range of 1 year to 6 years.

Here is a short demo of the smart wheel set from VTech. The video thoroughly presents the unboxing of the set and provide an unbiased review.

It contains all the necessary details you need to know about the amazing educational toy set from VTech.

VTech 80-146700 Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset



This Vtech gogo features a large smart train set that includes all train accessories to build a unique and colorful train layout. The set is complete with a train station, a train motorized engine, 32 pieces of assorted color train tracks and more. It is a ready-to-run set that is built with SmartPoint technology that optimizes the set’s sound features. There are 10 different locations to where the train engine car runs through. Each point will trigger a non-repetitive sound, phrases and/or music. The set requires 3 pieces of triple-A battery that is not included in the package.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Deluxe Track Playset



The next Vtech go go smart train set product is a deluxe set that features smart wheels. This set is slightly smaller and comes very cheap and affordable. You can choose to purchase this set in either a normal deluxe set or a ramps track set where the prices differs slightly on both. This educational set allows your kids to build their ideal train layout and to push cars right across the tracks. The tracks consists of 30 different colored pieces that fits the train car nicely. The set is also compatible with some VTech train set products.

This product may come simple but the Vtech go go smart train set can still provide loads of entertainment for your kids and educate them. The video short below will briefly add some more information about the product.

The simple set still contain high end characteristics such as durability, size, stability, SmartPoint System and more from and expensive Vtech toy product.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset



One of the great things about a Vtech go go train station is the uniqueness of the design. This set here features a top-down train track layout. The set features multiple loops that expands upward instead of sideways. It is a close comparison to a stack-track set from Chuggington. Of course, this set is only compatible to attach with VTech smart train products. The 4 level set is an educational toy that  enhance their children’s skill such as hand-eye coordination, logical, reasoning skills and more by allowing them to assemble and build-up each of  the pieces.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Chug and Go Railroad Train Set



The next Vtech go go smart wheel train features the Chug and Go Railroad smart wheel set. There are only a few product of this left from VTech distributions and you better not miss the chance to grab a set for your kids. This is a cheerful set that includes an electronic train station. It introduces and helps develop young minds with colors, time-concept and language. The sound feature includes multi-language phrases. Most of it are in English and some in Spanish, German and French.

This type of Vtech go go smart wheel features 2 tunnels and a clock tower where the train passes through. To give you a better outlook, you can watch the video below:

A Vtech set is complete with a motorized engine car, tracks, infrastructure, figures and all the accessories needed for a complete set. All these for a great, affordable and reasonable price.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway



Another affordable Vtech smart wheels train to fit your child’s toy needs, the Ultimate RC Train Speedway set. This set has remote control features. The remote control is shaped in a wheel to add more fun and attractiveness. It uses SmartPoint Technology wherein there are 9 different SmartPoint locations, distributed around the tracks. Each SmartPoint location the train engine passes through, triggers the sound feature and gives off phrases, music and sound. The train smart wheel set requires a total of 5 triple-A batteries, 2 for the remote and 3 for the train engine car.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Carry-All Cargo Train



This is a Vtech go go smart wheel train station playset that features a Carry-All Cargo Train. This product is about to go out of stock soon. It is imperative to get your children a set if you opt to have a wonderful educational toy for them. It encourages a healthy pretend or role-play. It is to expand and develop their creativity and imagination. The set includes 25 assorted color pieces with a motorized train engine. This set is recommended for kids aging from 1 to 5 years old.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels- Construction Playset



This go go smart wheel train station playset features a construction smart wheel. The construction theme and setting will give your child a better outlook and pretend-play of being in a construction site. It includes a rotating crane installed on top of a tall structure or platform. It also includes a colorful train tracks surrounding the crane platform. There are 6 SmartPoint location as it corresponds with the SmartPoint system. Every time the train car reaches the SmartPoint, a sound feature will trigger.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset (Discontinued by manufacturer)



This type of Vtech train station playset has already been discontinued by the manufacturer. There are only a finite amount of this animal zoo themed playset, making it a great toy collectible and an investment. This brings our children on the life of different animals in the zoo. It will widen their imagination and provide a wonderful role-play game. It features 7 different SmartPoint location using SmartPoint Technology. The set have different sound, music or phrases depending on the SmartPoint location reached.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Deluxe Track Set



Compared to the previous zoo, go go smart animals, this next deluxe set comes with an affordable price. Of course, the number of pieces, the SmartPoint location, structures and figures are on a lesser count. The set only has 4 SmartPoint locations and the tracks forms a simple figure-8 by default but is versatile enough to be customized depending on your preferred layout. This would be a great starter set for beginners who would want to start their VTech train set adventures.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels – Utility Vehicles 3-pack



The next product is perfect for your Vtech train station. This gives you a chance to expand your smart wheel vehicles without purchasing a whole set. It provides more imaginative play options for your kids. The set includes a smart wheel tanker truck, a smart wheel train and an SUV. The toy cars have a perfect hand-size fit. It features an activated light up button that plays sounds, phrases and music. It also has an electrical SmartPoint Technology that is compatible over 50 SmartPoint locations of any Vtech train set.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Police Station Playset (Discontinued by manufacturer)



Sadly, this is another go go smart wheels train set from VTech that has been discontinued. Although there are still some amount of product sets left in the market. It is affordable and cheap but holds the same quality with other VTech Go! Go! Set. It is a smart educational train set with a motorized police car that requires 2 triple-A batteries. The set, with the car and tracks offers 6 SmartPoint location that activates sounds, music and phrases. It is highly recommended for children aging 1 years to 6.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Roll & Spin Pet Train[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="center" height="500" identifier="B01D2TC6NE" locale="US" nw="y" src="" tag="simandan04-20" width="500"]



If you notice by now, most or all of the v tech train set has a recommended age which is much lower than usual train sets. It is because all of the set including this amazing Smart Animal Roll andd Spin Pet Train are crafted largely, making it a choke-hazard free toy. This set features a spinning disc and track bars. There is also an elevator where your kids can move the car up. It has 6 SmartPoint locations and a motorized police car. There are batteries included but that of a cheap quality that are used for Demos.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels 3-in-1 Launch and Play Raceway



This is a basic, simple and classic fun Vtech train toy set. It features a 3-in-1, ready-to-play train set. This is The Launch and Play Raceway set. This is an affordable set that enables your child to build 3 different track layout where the single race car can run through. It uses 2 pieces, triple-A batteries. There is an included battery but won’t last long as it is used for Demo purposes only. The car tracks have 2 SmartPoint location where it plays sound as the car passes.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Tree House Hideaway Playset


The next set features another go go smart animals VTech toys, the Smart Animal Tree House. It has 6 manipulative point distributed at different area of the tracks. It has a single loop and elevated track layout with swings to where a panda figure can sit, a ramp and a basket top. This affordable set greatly benefits and assists your children in developing their motor skills.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset



Going on a higher notch, this is one of an expensive Vtech go go train, Smart Wheels, Amazement Park Set. Although expensive compared with other Vtech products, it is still within the range of being affordable. This practical toy set investment requires some assembly but only with minimal adult supervision. It will greatly develop their motor, logical, reasoning, hand-eye coordination skills and more.You can choose to purchase the set on either standard packaging or frustration-free packaging.

VTech – Smartville Alphabet Train Station



This is the Vtech alphabet train ideal for starters or beginners. It is a ready-to-run deluxe set made from durable and non-toxic plastic. The alphabet train features a 25 pieces smart parts and 12 different learning activities. It also features sound system where kids can press on the lettered tracks and it will vocal out the designated letter. It is best for children aging 1 year and higher. There are no small pieces included which makes it safe and choke-hazard free.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Fire Command Rescue Center Playset



This smart train playset from VTech features a rescue center. The fire-station is a perfect combination of learning and fun. It greatly promotes pretend play or role play. That type of play-style greatly tends young minds to be more creative or imaginative. The set offers 6 SmartPoint and comes with a motorized engine car that uses 2 pieces of triple-A batteries.