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Searching for an ideal toy train sets is not that hard as there are so many products varying with age to choose from. The only tiring, hectic and effort-some process would be choosing which product to buy. Each product has its own review that showcases its features, advantages, disadvantages and more. It is hard to weigh if which product would suit you best due to the fact that you do not want to have a failed purchase that would cost you some amount.

First Choice  Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set $$ 4.1/5  
Second Choice      MOTA Classic Toy Train with Real Smoke – Signature Lights and Sounds – Full Set with Locomotive Engine and Cars, Tracks $ 3.2/5   
Third Choice     Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set $$ 4/5   
Fourth Choice      Bachmann Trains Chattanooga Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set $$ 3.6/5   

One of the questions is why people need to undergo such task of comparison? Toy train sets are fun, educational and entertaining. They are a toy set good for toddlers, young children, teens and adults. It technically has no age limit. But toy trains usually are expensive. That is why you need to assess its attributes thoroughly before diving in with the purchase. Fortunately there are some long lasting and durable products at an affordable price but at an expense that it lacks some technological features that could lead to being bored with the set and will just be kept stored.

We then decided to create a list or gallery of the most efficient and viable, best-selling toy train products to where you can vary your judgment. These products are highly rated in most eCommerce websites and fulfilled the needs of the many. They are highly recommended and reviewed by satisfied customers who have actually tested the product. It ranges from the cheap and affordable ones to the most expensive set your money can buy. The products that will provide you the real value of your investment and give you what you deserve.

29 Amazing Toy Train Sets

MOTA Classic Toy Train with Real Smoke – Signature Lights and Sounds



This is an affordable motorized train set from MOTA. It was features so many times on Fox and Friends, a segment on FOX channel. It is a perfect gift of present for kids or relatives with the fascination for trains during the holidays. The set is complete with all the necessary features to make the playtime more fun such as sound features, smoke puffing system, its own train tracks and more. It has also been approved and certified by safety regulations, ASTM F963.

Lionel Polar Express Ready to Play Train Set



The next set would be from Lionel. This can be a good toy trains for toddlers or for adults. It comes in an averagely reasonable price. The set is manufactured with great aesthetics and remarkable details. It features a Christmas, Polar Express train which is an appropriate set during the holiday. You can have it as a gift for your kids, yourself or friends. You can even use it as a train decoration to add more life on your Christmas tree.


Best Choice Products Kids Classic Battery Operated Railway Train Set



This is a battery operated toy trains for kids. The set includes a motorized train engine car and 3 train cargo cars. It also has a fully functioning headlight installed to make it more realistic if being played at night. There is a free, simple oval shaped train tracks made from durable plastic. This set is recommended for children, 6 years old or higher. The train set is certified by ASTM for safety and standard regulations. It is perfectly safe and approved with great quality.


Classic Train Set for Kids with Smoke and Realistic Sounds



Another classic toy train sets for kids brought to you by Liberty Imports. The set comes in a total of 13 pieces made from hard and durable plastic materials. The set features a working and fully functioning train headlight, a smoke puffing unit with a non-hazard smoke and provides kids with realistic train sounds. It includes an 11 feet track, 8 curved and 2 straight tracks. It is a toy for your kids, a decorative train during Christmas or a perfect gift for birthdays and holidays.


Orbrium Toys 12 Pcs Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection



Taking you back to a toddler friendly and affordable classic wooden train toys, this toy trains for toddlers is a set of 12 pieces. It includes different and greatly designed train cars that come in a classy and elegant wooden frame. Each train car pieces have magnets and metals installed at each end to allow your children to have an efficient and fast connectivity. it also makes it highly compatible with other train cars from popular brands. The set conforms and go by the standard regulations of CPSIA and ASTM. It is child and choke hazard safe.


KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set



If you are aiming for a large set for a small price, complete with tracks and accessories in providing an imaginative play, then the Kidkraft Top Mountain toy train sets would be an ideal prospect for you. The set includes 61 pieces, all with train cars, trees, helipad, airport, mountain elevation, figures and more. The track has a long winding design. It can provide fun as well as improve your children’s set of skills. Working out in preparing and assembling the set to their intended layout can stimulate their brain.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set



The next set if from a well-known children’s toy manufacturer, Melissa & Doug. The set comes in 100 pieces of durable toy railroad tracks made of real hard wood with smooth finish. You can have loads of fun trying to design your own lay out of tracks. It also includes over 30 pieces of train accessories that makes the set livelier and to promote a nice imaginative play style. The train set has 6 pieces of freight train, 4 pieces of cargo train cars and a few of a flatbed cargo trucks, all this amazing pieces for a great and attainable price.


KidKraft Figure 8 Train Set



This is a simple, affordable but with great quality toy train sets for kids from Kidkraft. The set uses a simple Figure 8 train tracks. It has a total of 38 pieces, including the accessories and infrastructure your kids need to expand their imagination as they build their train set layout. The set comes with a few pieces of train cars with magnet couplings. It is highly compatible to run on standard tracks and be connected with major brand products.

Christmas Train Set- Around the Christmas Tree with Real Smoke, Music & Lights



This can work out great being a toy train set for adults as well as for kids. The design, details and aesthetics of the train is intended for an adult, decorative use during Christmas. It can blend in perfectly with an ornaments-filled Christmas tree but can also highly entertain kids as they watch the train go around the tracks, puff out smoke as it sings the famous “Jingle Bell” theme or melody. The head of the train engine steam locomotive has a working train headlight. The tracks measures to about 424 cm in length easily snaps fit together.


Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Ready to Play Train Set



This is a battery operated, Pennsylvania train series from Lionel. It is a feature full toy trains for kids. The set can be controlled remotely. They can easily maneuver the train to go forward, stop or reverse. The sound features are also included in the RC. Play bells, whistle and announcement sound with a push of a button. The details used are that of a Berkshire style train locomotive. It uses 6 pieces of C-cell batteries for the train and three triple A batteries for the controller. The train track size is about 50 inches by 73 inches in dimension.


Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Train Set – O-Gauge



If you are looking for a toy train set for adults. This would be your best choice. It comes in an expensive price but totally worth it. There is a free train track included but the manufacturer gives you an option to where you can add a few amounts for an extra piece of tracks. The train details and construction is of a higher quality. It includes a 0-8-0 steam train locomotive with coal tender and 3 pieces of average size dome tank cars, a fair length caboose and a detailed boxcar. It also has RC features using LionChief remote systems.

Just for an added fun and also as a means of showing you how this amazing toy train set for adults actually looks like – Here is a video of it:

You can see that the set is large and has a spacious tracks. The train tracks are also thick and durable, made of hard metal and possible die cast materials.

Fisher-Price Thomas The Train TrackMaster Station Starter Set



Do you want a simple motorized toy trains for kids? Then have a look at the Fisher-Price Trackmaster starter train set. It features Thomas the train from the well-known train cartoon series. It has a small Wellsworth station at one point of the track. There is also a lever that allows you to start or stop the train. The station has an opening door where you can see Sir Topham Hatt, also a known character in the show. It can be easily afforded and durable enough to withstand a beating of a child.


Best Choice Products Kids Toy Deluxe Electric Train Set



This is one of the many toy electric trains for toddlers. It is quite obvious with the train’s design. It is safe and child friendly. There would be no need to worry about small parts and pieces that might cause them to choke. The train set makes real/authentic train sounds. Having a child-like aesthetics, it also has a working headlight in front, comes in bright and vibrant colors, complete with traffic signs and accessories, and a train track with a dimension of 22 inches by 20 inches. It will provide your kids with all the tools needed and the space they require to have their imagination stimulated as they play.


Lionel Mickey Mouse Disney Ready to Play Train Set



This is a Lionel toy train sets for kids. It features Disney characters, Mickey Mouse and Friends. It is a great starter train kit for kids. The set is ready to play, right out of the box. It includes 3 pieces of Disney characters themed train cars with colorful details and a bright and durable train headlight. You can lay this set out as a Christmas train decoration or a play-set. It is a great present during birthdays or holidays. The set is filled with motor, remote and sound features for a low and reasonable price.


KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table



If you are looking for a set, complete with all the necessary tools, accessories and a train or activity table, you can opt to choose and purchase this amazing toy train sets and table from KidKraft. It features 100 fun and colorful pieces, most of which are made of hard and real wood. The set has a table with a nice play-board on top to where you can easily lay out your train tracks. There is also two pieces of large plastic bins included so that you can easily keep and store your child’s accessories after a long play.


KidKraft Bucket Top Construction Train Set



This is a Bucket Top toy trains for kids. The set comes in a neat bucket that looks firmly. The lead of the bucket is actually part of the train tracks. Packaging has never been more fun with this set. In addition, the bucket contains 61 pieces of wooden train tracks and toys, all with great details and painted with fun colors. It has several elevations and a much larger train track dimensions compared to other affordable wooden railway tracks. It is highly compatible with leading train toy brands such as Brio, Thomas and Chuggington.


WolVol Attractive Colorful Toddler Train Set



There are so many toy trains for toddlers, but there are only some products that could give them the necessary benefits they need and designed to last for a long time. This train set from WolVol is a toddler train filled with attractive and fun colors. It is complete with motor engine, sound and light features. The set only requires 2 double-A batteries to run which is unfortunately not included in the set. It also includes its own durable tracks made from non-toxic plastic materials.


Lionel North Pole Central Ready to Play Train Set



This is a battery operated, Lionel toy trains for kids. You can purchase this set and let your kids embark on a Journey to the North Pole. The set celebrates the season of giving. The train set along with its remote control features is highly detailed and comprehensive. The design and aesthetics can be easily noticed and appreciated. The controls on the other hand promote a user friendly setting. The set includes a 24 pieces train tracks that forms an oval shape with dimension of about 50 inches by 73 inches wide.


Apontus Deluxe Kids Classic Battery Operated Train Set Toy



Provided that you are looking for a cheap and affordable battery operated train set made of durable plastic with a fairly average length toy train sets for kids, then this would definitely fit with your budget standards. For a good price, the train is fully packed with sound and light features. It has also a motorized train engine car that runs or operates on two pieces of double-A batteries. It can work great as a play set or a decorative train set during the holidays.


VTech 80-146700 Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset



This is a large toy trains for toddlers. It is a station playset where it includes all the necessary train pieces your child needs. The set is designed with bright and vibrant colors which could improve a child’s color identification skills. The train set is actually a smart educational toy of a larger scale. The price is fairly average and attainable. This set features an electric train, a station, tunnel, bridge and 32 pieces of interchangeable tracks that allows your kids to design their own track layout which could help and stimulate their brain.


Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set



Brace yourself as Bachmann brings to you their amazing toy electric trains. This set features a F7 diesel train locomotive with a fully functioning train headlight. The train engine car includes 2 detailed freight cars and a lengthy vision caboose. The set includes an easy snap-fit oval track of about 47 by 38 inches in diameter. It also includes a speed controller and a power pack. The package includes a well-illustrated manual for assembly and troubleshooting instructions.


Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set



This Bachmann train production features a Santa Fe Flyer toy trains for kids. The train is designed as an EMD FT diesel train locomotive. The size of the train is fairly large with an average length. The details is what the picture shows. It includes 2 freight cars and a caboose. The set is fairly affordable but with great quality, almost as competitive with those expensive set. It includes a small track using a snap-fit E-Z design. The track’s dimension is about 36 inches in diameter.


Lionel Polar Express Remote Train Set – O-Gauge



This is Lionel’s best-selling O-gauge, Polar Express train. The creation is inspired from the actual movie, The Polar Express which aired back in 2004. The set has high level details, sturdiness, durability, weight, and other aspects. It is a top quality train line product which is ready to run and keep you entertained. This toy train set for adults has an included, free train tracks but you have an option to purchase extra tracks for a large and sophisticated layout for only a few extra bucks. It is complete with a powerful engine, a smoke puffing unit, lighting, remote control and sound features.


Classic Toy Train Set for with Realistic Smoke & Sounds (3 Cars) 13pcs



If you are looking for a classic toy train sets for kids, Kinder Toys Network might be able to cater your needs. This toy train set has high end features such as realistic smoke puffing unit, sound system which announces train statements, bells and whistles. It is a small set of 13 pieces, consisting of 3 train cars and 10 pieces of durable plastic train tracks. The train engine locomotive is about 5 inches in length with sweet classic colors.


Dazzling Toys Battery Operated Classic Train and Track Set (D278)




This is a toy train sets for toddlers. The set includes 1 classic train engine car and 3 cargo cars. It is a great, affordable starter train kit with a free train tracks. The set consists of 13 pieces, all made of strong and durable plastic. For a low and reasonable price, it is filled with light and sound features. The set requires only 3 pieces of double-A batteries to operate.


Toy Caterpillar Supreme Motorized Train Set



There are only a few stocks left for this amazing toy train sets. It is on a fair and reasonable price. The set includes a motorized engine and 15 of other amazing pieces. The set are all made from non-toxic and hard plastic. It has its own large circular tracks with sturdy construction. There is also a free train engineer’s hat to add more fun and promote a more imaginative role play. The train engine anchors 3 other train cars with comprehensive details.


Fisher-Price Thomas The Train – TrackMaster 2-in-1 Track Builder Set



Other than the wooden railways of Fisher-Price, they also have Thomas inspired, motorized train engine creation at an affordable price. This set is great for kids 3 years plus. It includes an average size oval train track with a bridge and pillar for providing elevation. The bridge can also be used as a hinged tunnel depending on your little kid’s preference. It does not have any train cars included to connect with Thomas the train engine but it could provide long hours of train fun.


Bachmann Trains Chattanooga Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set



This is an HO-scale toy train set for adults. The 0-6-0 steam train locomotive is brought to you by Bachmann Trains. It is complete with smoke, sound and headlight features. The train also includes a power-pack and a detailed, user-friendly, remote control system. There is an easy-to-assemble train track included. The oval shaped track measures to about 47 by 38 inches that uses an easy snap-fit feature.


Lionel Hogwarts LionChief Train Set – O-Gauge



The last on our list would the best and the most expensive one in our long list. This is a Harry Potter movie inspired, Hogwarts train. It could be a great train toys for kids as well as for adults. The train set is a collectible to those who are a fan of the movie. It has an included, free train tracks but Lionel trains still gives you an option to add an extra track for discounted price. It is a 4-6-0 train locomotive with a combination car and 2 pieces of lengthy train passenger car. It has a wall packed power-supply with an operating train headlight.


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