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The Ultimate LEGO Train Sets Guide

Best Lego Train sets – Top 4

First Choice   LEGO City Trains Train Station 60050 Building Toy $$ 5/5
Second Choice    LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy $$ 4.7/5  
Third Choice     Lego Winter Holiday Train $$ 4/5  
Fourth Choice    LEGO Creator Maersk Train $$$ 4/5  


When buying a train set for your child there are a number of great options to choose from. One of the many choices could be a Lego train set. While the amount of choice gives you more freedom to find exactly what you’re looking for, the choice can end up being overwhelming. Numerous and confusing options are out there for you to look from and it can take a lot of time and effort in choosing the right one for your kids.

Lego has been a toy company since the 1930s. Lego is one of the most well-known toy manufacturers and holds extremely high credibility when it comes to quality and entertainment. And while they are iconic for their brick pieces, the company has branched out into other areas, including toy train sets. The company has dedicated most of its time in aiding children’s development through creativity and learning.


LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy


The Lego City Trains Cargo is a set that moves heavy cargo, goods and animals in a miniaturized city environment. This is a remote controlled train transport that moves almost everything. The opportunity it gives your child to experience and know how it feels like to be a train conductor and be in charge of the cargo to be in the right place and keep up with the right schedule is something your child can live up to with fun and excitement.

Your child can operate the forklift and move the pallets freely from wagons and trucks. They can attach the wagons to the locomotive and move it around the tracks on a circular pattern and control them remotely. This is one of the few battery powered, lego electric trains you can have for your kids!


  • TRAINS INCLUDED: cargo train, cattle wagon, fuel wagon, cable drum wagon
  • TRACK SIZE: full circular track with 20 curved rail tracks and 8 straight rail tracks
  • OTHER ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: truck, forklift, 4 people
  • RECOMMENDED AGE: 6 to 12 years old
  • BATTERIES NEEDED: 4 AAA and 6 AA batteries
  • MECHANICAL ELEMENTS: 7 speeds for the train


  • This Lego train set has a wide range of accessories to aid in imaginative play.
  • There are a lot of track pieces for a wide range of track formations.
  • In addition to train elements, there are a lot of accessories to create a whole city environment.
  • Set is available with free shipping on


  • This train has a lot of small pieces, so this set is not for small children or children that can become overwhelmed with construction.
  • The train can derail if set to a high speed around corners.


This is one of the best Lego trains the company has produced. This Lego electric train is great for children who want to start their train experience and for parents who want to enhance their child’s brain development and creativity. They have dedicated most of their company time producing play sets and toys that will not only entertain children but also give them a chance to have a life-like train experience and a whole new level of fun and excitement.


LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy


The Lego City Train 60051 Building toy is a high-speed passenger train that makes your child experience a fast travel through the miniaturized city with its great motor. It has a unique infrared remote control that enables the train to maintain its power in turns through those curves at a high speed. The Lego city train set is an electric train with very nice detail on each piece. It is a fast city train complete with passenger and conductor that adds fun and makes it more realistic.

This is a streamlined Lego city train with super-efficient high speed profile that has an electricity contact point above. You can easily take off the top or the roof of the train to place the train driver inside on its cool dashboard. Its passenger cars have doors for you to access the seats and tables where the passengers are placed. It comes with different train accessories such as a boarding station, miniaturized passenger and conductor, an oval train track and a warning sign.


  • It includes a train driver, cyclist and a traveler.
  • The train includes 16 curved tracks and 4 straight tracks. It is a full circular track where your kids can enjoy.
  • This train has a station platform with seats for the waiting passenger, a warning sign, a board of train services, warning lights and a bicycle/cyclist.
  • Each train tracks measure about 5 inch long and 2 inch wide.
  • The train pieces and accessories are well designed and highly detailed.


  • This is the best train set for your child to start and is a train fitting for your child aging 3 and up to play with.
  • Your child can easily assemble the train set with no problems at all.
  • It promotes creativity and imagination that helps for your child’s development.
  • This is a train set that your child can easily operate through the remote control.
  • It runs smoothly and flawless, doesn’t derail especially during turns.


  • Small pieces and parts of the train is dangerous for a child. They might swallow and choke on it.
  • The train tracks are not that long and only have a few pieces. You need to buy additional tracks to make the fun last longer.
  • Its tracks are not that strong and sturdy. The tracks are a bit thin and can get easily broken.


This is a great looking train. The Lego City Trains High Speed Passenger Train 60051 Building toy is a good purchase for children and parents who want to start their train toy experience. It has features that will widen the fun and help your children develop their creativity and imagination. The train set includes detailed parts and accessories for additional enjoyment. It also has miniaturized passenger, driver and a cyclist to make it more realistic. This Lego set will sure give your family a good time.


LEGO City Trains Train Station 60050 Building Toy


This is the Lego City Train Set Station 60050 Building Toy. It does not actually include any train toy in the package but it is also a play set used with Lego train or other Lego electronic train sets. This is a place in your artificial, miniaturized city that never sleeps. Lego play set always motivates children to be creative on how they set and assemble the pieces and accessories. It greatly helps develop your child imagination and creativity by building and combining blocks to make their own design.This package includes a manual for you or your child in case you want to follow the original and intended design of the train station.

The concept of this play set is to innovate children into building their own design, a classic Lego intent. This train station play set is compatible and goes nicely with other Lego train and play sets. Its blocks and figures can be used to add design to other Lego Building Toys.


  • The train station set includes many figures. It has a conductor, a chef, a taxi driver and 2 travelers.
  • Figure accessories include a suitcase, a sausage, a train conductor sign and a newspaper.
  • The station features a stairs and a main entrance which goes along nicely with the glass doors.
  • It has a detailed design of an ATM, a Lego City Mall/Shop and a desk with cash register.
  • The set got so many pieces of accesories which includes a coffee machine, beverage bottles, a pizza, crosaints and many more that adds a life like environment of a train station.


  • It has a nice compatibility for almost all Lego Train Sets and Accessories.
  • The block fits other pieces from different Lego Sets.
  • It is great for children with great imagination and creativity.
  • The set got so many pieces and accessories that your child won’t get bored.
  • A train track included so that you can easily slip over a train.


  • The train station set has so many small pieces that can cause a child of choking.
  • It can be a cause of a child choking.
  • It does not include a train. This will require you to buy an additional set which will cost you extra.
  • This is not really the thing you want when you are just starting your train experience.


The Lego City Train Set Station 60050 Building Toy is good for intermediate trainiac children who already have their motorized train set. This can give good additional realistic ambiance which could further the fun and entertainment. It can be easily availed due to its reasonable price and your kids are sure to have a long day of creative and imaginative play. This train station really resembles a close look of what a train station really looks like. It is a very nice and practical investment for your child’s growth and development.


Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254


This is a Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 that is one of the best Lego trains for Christmas. It is a great train set for the holidays especially on Christmas. You can have your young relatives and your kids settle on the living room and make them experience a snowy train ride. This is a charming train model packed with a full circular track and a body platform with a bench and a lamppost.

The train’s engine power function is up-gradable with brick-built under its stack. This Lego Creator set comes with 5 miniaturized figures and different accessory elements which includes light and trees.

This Lego holiday train set comes with a remote control to give your child an enjoyable time slowing it down or speeding it up. It goes nicely under your Christmas tree or above your train table depending on your choice. It is a good train for both train collectors and as a play toy for children.


  • The train set includes many figures such as a grandmother, ticket collector, train conductor, driver, a boy and a girl.
  • Its train tracks are larger than normal that is consist of 16 curve tracks.
  • The holiday train set also includes a flatbed wagon, coal tender and an engine car.
  • This train set is used either as a Christmas or holiday decoration or a play set for your kids.
  • There is a boarding platform, a bench, lamppost, toys, gifts and caboose included in the package.


  • This train is not only a play set but can also decorate your house during the holidays.
  • It is a good toy for kids who wants to start with their train experience and for train enthusiast who wants to collect trains.
  • For such an affordable price, the train set includes so many figures and accessories which could give you what your children deserve.
  • It has a remote control to speed up and slow down the train.
  • This is a Lego electronic train, battery powered.


  • It is a bit expensive for starters. A 3 year old can enjoy a normal train set just the same as this one.
  • The train tends to derail over the curves.
  • Train tracks are not that strong.
  • The train tracks have limited compatibility with other Lego train sets.


The Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 is a great and awesome purchase. This set is one of the best Lego train intended for train collectors. This can also be a good play set for your kids aging 8 and up. Your family along with your relatives can enjoy this great train especially on the holidays. The kids will have a longer train fun and excitement because it includes so many train pieces and got nice train tracks. This product deserves its high rates and wonderful feedback.


LEGO Creator Maersk Train 10219


The Lego Creator Maersk Train 10219 is now a limited edition Lego train set. This train set has been discontinued by the manufacturer and it is a replica of a real train engine used in America. The details of the train set is remarkable. You can really tell as if it is a real train but only on a figure scale. It features a great level of functionality such as opening driver’s cab and a removable side panel that reveals a 16-cylinder engine. It also has an authentic Maersk branding. This is a train set you would want your hands to get a hold of.

This model includes a detachable trailer for loading and unloading purposes of the containers, a shunter truck and its fully packed with 1,234 pieces of toy accessories. The Lego Maersk Train is a great collectible for people aging 14 and up. The train itself is incredibly huge and all parts are really easy to assemble. It comes with a well-instructed manual that will guide you well causing you no troubles at all. Train cars, containers and all other accessories you could imagine. The set is overflowing with rare train elements.


  • This Lego Creator Maersk Train includes 3 working man figures and contains 1,237 pieces (if figures are included).
  • The train size is enormous and it measures about 36 inch or 92 cm long.
  • It includes a very detailed building instruction that also discuss the historical description of the Lego Moller Maersk Group Corporation and a timeline of all their products and creations.
  • You can choose to either stack up the containers or load them side by side depending on your play style.
  • It is customizable with power function accessories.


  • The execution of this set’s bricks and the engine line is amazing and superb. You can actually say that this play set will last long.
  • This is ranked as one of the best train sets Lego has produced. It has an instant classic look that brings back memories or a nostalgic feeling.
  • It is one of the most highly regarded train collectibles for train enthusiast and fanatics.
  • With its 1,237 pieces of train accessories, you will definitely have a good time being creative and connecting blocks.


  • It does not have a motor, a remote control or something that can make it electrically mobile.
  • This Lego train set is not advised for very young children.
  • It is highly expensive to be just a kid’s play toy. It is most likely to be a train set for adult train fanatics or enthusiast.
  • This is hard to find because the manufacturer no longer produces this train set.


This is considered to be the best Lego train set a train lover like you could hope to get. It is not the usual train sets intended for kids. The train is motor ready but does not include a built-in motorized engine. You need to buy or produce one in-order for it to run around tracks.

Below is a great video about the Lego Creator Maersk Train Build:

The Lego Creator Maersk Train is expensive that the regular train set but it will give you the best play set or train collection. Its durability is remarkable. This product is sure to last and will totally make you see your money’s worth.


LEGO – The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase (79111)


This is the Lego Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase (79111)  which showcase the classic western environment. This is a good set for kids around the age of 8 to 14. This could go along well on a train table with a mat designed with rocks and grass. The story of this train relates to the chase to save Danny and Rebecca from a gang of henchmen on the train led by an evil man named Butch Cavendish. This train set includes 7 figures for your child to reenact the heroic rescue of the damsel in distress.

The train with its story-line along with the train and miniaturized figures will allow your child to interact and learn morals while having fun. The lone ranger figure comes with a horse to give  your child a better detail of a classic cowboy look. This is one of the wonderful train sets Lego has produced and it is very ideal for your child. It promotes and aids in the development of your child with a more interactive fun and excitement.


  • The set includes 7 figures namely Danny Reid, Rebecca Reid, Tonto, Butch Cavendish, Latham Cole, Captain Fuller and The Lone Ranger.
  • This play set is a constitution train that includes a full set of tracks, a horse and an exploding water tower.
  • There are 16 curved tracks and 4 straight tracks from where you can build your oval or circular track. It is fairly wide and large.
  • It has an authentic details including the coal car, a wagon with Gatling gun, prison wag and a secret hideout.
  • There is also a mini weapon included for the figures to hold. 3 revolvers, slingshot, sword and a rifle.


  • This product is one of the few Lego Train Set Collectibles which is soon or currently phased out.
  • Lego is still consistent with the level of details in producing this product.
  • The train tracks included in this set is thick which enables it to hold the train perfectly.
  • It is worthy as a play toy for kids and a good item for train collectors.
  • This sets nicely on a play table, a train table or simply on the floors.


  • This train set is not motorized but it does include 16 pieces of curved tracks and 4 pieces straight tracks.
  • It is expensive for a non-motorized train. The brand seems to do a lot of influence with the price.
  • This is not ideal for a kid. Children loves to play with trains provided that it does movement on its own.
  • It can’t be recommended for people of kids who is just starting to have their first train experience.


Lego – The Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase (79111) greatly signifies a classic western environment. Most people, even kids, love the positive cowboy image of the Lone Ranger. This Lego train set comes expensive for a non-motorized train but it is very much worth it.

Check this amazing video of the Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase build:

This toy train set is very detailed, strong, sturdy and would last for years. This is a great purchase and will give you, your family or your kids a great and entertaining time.


LEGO City Cargo Train 7939


This is also one of the wonderful train creations by Lego. The production of this train set was discontinued. It is now one of the train products train collectors look for. This is an electric cargo train that represents a modern train for container loading and unloading. Your kids will also love this amazing train. They can experience to load up the cargo train and prepare it for departure. They can use the crane to load and unload the containers and car figures from the container truck to the train and vice versa.

The train set is motorized and requires AAA batteries on the train and its remote control. It runs smoothly on its flexible tracks and can transport containers swiftly from airports, warehouse or harbors. This is a great train set for your child because it is more interactive and produces movement.


  • One train driver and 3 freight yard workers are included on the package.
  • The cargo train is motorized that features and engine, tank wagon, flatbed container wagon, 2 cars and an auto carrier wagon.
  • It has a working winch that features a big crane that fits over containers and over tracks.
  • The set has an infrared receiver, motor, power battery box, infrared remote control and other high end accessories for a good train set.


  • It is a nicely crafted and very detailed train set.
  • Your kids can enjoy the trains movement and the entertainment having an easy control over the train through the infrared remote.
  • The set includes plenty of tracks which makes it more fun because the train can move around a big circular track formation.
  • Its cranes moves freely and with no problems. Your kids will definitely love this feature.
  • The accessories and train parts are high quality materials.


  • It’s expensive and a big investment for someone who is about to start with their train collection.
  • This is not usually recommended as a child’s play-toy even thou it can be.
  • It is hard to assemble especially on the crane part.
  • The tracks are flexible making it think. A child could easily snap it into two.


This is also one of the great choices for a collectible trains. The Lego City Cargo Train 7939’s production was discontinued making it a limited edition item. This will do great for a child’s play toy or a traniacs dream train collection. Each pieces and blocks if this Lego set is very durable. This will be a great purchase because of the number of pieces and the wonderful amusement it will bring.


LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train Building Set 10558

This is the Lego Duplo – My First Number Train Building Set 10558. This is Lego’s best selling starter and learning kit for children. It is very ideal for young kids and toddlers because it can teach them the proper order of numbers. It is both a fun play toy and a learning kit combined into one.  A train toy while learning to count is a win/win play set for you and your kid and it has never been more fun.

It has numbered Duplo bricks from 1 to 9 included in the set and 3 wagons to where they can align them accordingly. They can learn well with math through representation of a train carrying a numbered cargo. There is also a dog house, a tunnel, a child figure and more accessories included in the set for such an affordable price. This is why it is one of Lego’s best-selling train set.


  • It includes a child Duplo figure.
  • The bricks have assorted colors and detailed numbers.
  • This set includes 3 wagons, a dog and more.
  • You can rebuild into to a tunnel or build a dog house with convertible roof.
  • It comes in large pieces for safety and fun.
  • You can teach your kids while they play.


  • The play set is detailed, bright and colorful. There are so many things you can do while having fun.
  • Your kids can manipulate and assemble them easily.
  • This set promotes and develops great balance and coordination skills.
  • It is an ideal starting train set for most kids because it is affordable as well as intellectual.
  • The train set is large, strong and sturdy.


  • This is not applicable for older kids. It can’t also be a good train set to be collected.
  • It does not have a motorized engine or a remote control.
  • The train set won’t be that enjoyable and fun anymore the moment your kids memorizes all the blocks.
  • It does not product movement on its own making it boring if played over a period of time.


This train set is very affordable and easy on the pocket. The train set is high quality. This is one of the Lego’s proud creations for toddlers because it promotes learning and fun. The Lego Duplo – My First Number Train Building Set 10558 is one of the top sellers in the market even thou it is not that high end compared to other train sets.

Just for fun, here is a short and cute video of a child enjoying his build of The Lego Duplo – My First Number Train Building Set:

You will definitely make your kid learn and most likely do it while having fun. It can be bought for a reasonable price but gives so many features on entertainment and education. It does not have a motorized train but a toddler won’t appreciate a high end train. Your kids or toddler has a tendency to play rough with their play toy and this will surely withstand heavy beating.



Playmobil has been in business since the 1970s and is most famous for its figurines. They are known for their creative play sets (around 30 or 40 themes), all distributed to over 100 countries. The company is dedicated to promoting or stimulating children’s imagination and creativity through fun and entertainment. It recreates a life like environment through miniaturized play sets that extends from toy figures to a Playmobil train sets.

Both toy companies help foster creative play for children by providing the tools and setting for imagination to take place. Whether a Lego or Playmobil train set, each of these brands offers a complete train set that would satisfy any child’s learning and playing needs. To help you decide which toy train set is best for your child, here are several comprehensive product comparisons.


Lego train sets can have electric, remote controlled train cars. They both come with train tracks, engines, train cars and people. Lego train sets can have many pieces which makes them on the expensive side. While having train sets say that they are for ages six and older, many Lego train sets hava a lot of components that make it more difficult to set up. The sets require a lot of batteries, so make sure you have them purchased ahead of time for maximum enjoyment.

Lego train sets offer durable, exciting trains for your child to enjoy. If you are not sure how interested in trains your child will be, the Playmobil set may be the way to go as it is smaller and less expensive. If you are looking for one train set toy that has everything your child will need, then the Lego set is the best bet.

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