Brio Wooden Train Set

A wooden train set is a classical train toy to where children at a younger age could possibly derive a good foundation of their memory and childhood. Adding to that, trains toys are highly educational. It also enhances and stimulates their logical skills that could help in a healthy development of their brain. There is a close to none, disadvantage in investing in a set. This will discreetly educate your children while they have long and countless amounts of fun and entertainment. One of a well-known classic toy train you could get your children would be the Brio wooden train set as it is ideally intended for kids at a younger age and/or for beginners.

First Choice     BRIO Safari Railway Set Train Set $ 5/5
Second Choice     BRIO Construction Vehicle Set Train $ 4.8/5  
Third Choice     BRIO Roller Coaster Set Train $ 4.4/5  
Fourth Choice      BRIO Farm Animal Train $ 4.6/5  

For a more joyful educational leisure time for your children, you can pair the wooden train toy with the Brio wooden train table but that’s an optional case. A wooden train toy is ideally built or designed intentionally for beginners or for parents planning on making their kids start a wonderful and entertaining life journey through trains. Most of wooden train sets are more likely to be affordable and easy on the pocket.

27 Outstanding Brio Wooden Train Set


Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack Train Set

This brio wooden train set comes with a free brio wooden train tracks. It is a perfect play-set for kids. The small wooden train tracks require some assembly that promotes hand-eye coordination skills of your child. It is made of good quality wood and uses bright and vibrant colors. This is highly attractive to kids and assures a great fun time. It is recommended for children aging 3 years and up. Allow your kids to open up their mind. This set can bring out the engineers within them.


BRIO 63339400 Starter Track Pack Train Set



The brio wooden train set is a highly regarded to be a great beginner’s set. This is a starter pack train which includes 3 miniature figures, a rock tunnel and a nicely looped train track. The price of this set is very affordable. You could easily purchase a set for your kids. The train set is compatible with other wooden train set. It uses a standard wooden track where you can easily add if you decide to extend your children’s fun time.


Brio Safari Railway Set Train Set



The brio wooden train station features a safari train ride journey. It is not the usual city train set up. This one will open up the mind of your children to wildlife. The set includes animal figures and watch them as the train passes through. This set only has one small size, circular train tracks. It also includes 2 small train cars that connects easily. This wooden railway set will only require you few of your efforts in terms of assembling.


Brio Roller Coaster Set Train


This is a unique wooden train set lay out. It uses a unique roller coaster. This actually has a good ratings and reviews on most marketing websites. It is due to the design which makes it more attractive and fun for kids. They would have a great time pushing the train up and down the elevated coaster train tracks. It uses a standard wooden railway tracks made from high quality, durable and reliable wood.


BRIO Polar Express Holiday Set


The brio polar express wooden train set is only one of the few polar express trains inspired made by brio. The set would closely be classified as a limited edition as there is only few of this in the market. It is a wooden train set with price being slightly expensive. It is not a great idea for this set to be just a children’s play toy given its price. This one actually has a bell sound feature every time the train passes by. It is recommended for kids aging 3 and up with minimal adult supervision.


Brio Fire Engine Train Set



This is actually just a train toy from brio. It does not have any tracks included in the set although it could actually run through standard wooden railway tracks. This is perfect if you have an existing wooden train set and you plan to add a new and unique kind of train. The set includes 3 pieces, a fireman figure and 2 fireman train cars. It has light and sound features with just a push of single a button.


Brio Dynamite Tunnel Train Set



The Brio wooden train set is known for its affordability while maintaining high quality standards. This is a good affordable boulder or tunnel set that can be added to any brio wooden train set. It gives additional design and fun quirks as your children’s train passes through the rocky tunnel. The add-on tunnel is made of durable and non-toxic materials. You can place it in your train lay out and let the tracks pass through.

Brio Construction Vehicle Set Train



Brio are known for wooden train set manufacturing but they also have different sets of cars that can run through their wooden train tracks. A good example would be the previous product, the fireman cars. Another is this construction vehicle set. This is recommended for kids aging 3 and up. The set includes a cement truck, a construction foreman figure, a warning sign and a compactor. This can also work great as a decorative play set added to your existing train set. It could ideally build your children’s city train layout perfectly.

Brio Farm Animal Train



This is an animal farm brio train. The overall set includes 5 pieces, a train engine, animal figures of a cow and a horse, and 2 of bright colored and detail livestock wagons. This brio set is highly affordable. It can ran through different wooden train tracks as long as its uses a standard size such as the Chuggington and Thomas and Friends wooden train set. The wagons have a convertible ramp where the animals can use to walk up and be transported. This is great for children’s who is about to have their first train set, children where age is 3 years old and/or higher.

Let us show you a video In comparison of how Brio trains look as it runs through wooden train tracks:

You would actually how smooth it travels around the tracks and how strong and steady those magnet couplings as they run. It is an efficient train toy for an easy price. 🙂

BRIO Railway Starter Set Train Set



A wooden train with a mediocre price but with a remarkable quality, this is the railway starter set for brio. It features a modern train made of durable wood and runs through wooden train tracks. It is a figure 8 series of configuration with train tracks included. The set includes a drive through tunnel and a drive-over feature. The total lay out size of the tracks is about 39.5 inches by 17.75 inches. It is ideal for beginners or starters, especially for kids aging 3 and up. It is a complete set with a train engine car, train cars, figures, railways and other city train theme accessories.

BRIO Classic Figure 8 Set



A finite amount of this amazing Figure 8 Classic train set from brio is left circling around the market. It is not yet too late to grab one of this for your children before it phases out. It is a small set having 22 magnificent train pieces and accessories for a price, reachable by your budget. It includes 2 train cars, 14 durable train track section, a train station, crossing bridge and more. It assures long hours of city train fun and promotes a healthy, imaginative and creative play style. There is also a tree included to give additional detail to the train’s environment.

Brio My First Railway Train Set



This will inspire young engineers as they discreetly learn new things through trains. The trains have magnetic couplings at each end. They will learn some science while having a great amount of fun. The set includes 3 multicolored train cars with each having unique features to help develop your children’s mind. The first car has push-able buttons and the second train car have two spinning bids. It is an affordable set of 3 pieces of train cars but with no train tracks although it could perfectly fit any brio wooden railway tracks. It is perfect if you are looking for a legitimate learning or educational toy.

BRIO Birthday Train



Brio trains are not just an affordable wooden train set but also dedicates their time to create a train set that could be fun and at the same time educational. This is one of the common train toys from brio that you’d see in most kindergarten schools and kid’s parties. This is the Brio Birthday Train. The train is colored with vibrant yellow, red and blue. Each wagon has magnetic couplings and magnetic loads. It promotes creative play and enhances hand-eye coordination skills of young children aging 3 and up. It does not have a train track included but is fully compatible with standard wooden railway tracks.

Brio Little Forest Train



This is the mini or little forest brio wooden train set. The box includes a total of 18 wonderful, average detailed train pieces. It has two train cars, a train engine car and cargo cars transporting wood logs from point to point. For a low amount of investment, your children will enjoy years of train fun as it is very durable. The set uses high quality wood combined with a great design and quality craftsmanship. In addition, the train sections can be used for other brio wooden train sets. The same goes for the wood-made tree that adds detail and will add more decorative effect if you plan to integrate this set with other brio wooden railway sets.

Brio Safari Train



There are many safari edition brio train wooden sets. This Safari Train is one of those to which you can let your children experience a wildlife train experience. You can have this as their first train toy set or an additional set to be combined or integrated with other safari train set. It includes 3 pieces of train cars, one giraffe design train engine car and 2 cargo cars carrying a giraffe and a zebra. This train will journey your child through Serengeti wildlife, passing through wooden train tracks. The train pieces fit all or most of the wooden railway tracks perfectly.

Brio Wooden Cargo Train



This is a simple but yet nicely detailed cargo train pieces from brio. As seen in the picture, you can actually say that it is made of plastic or metal but believe it or not, this 3 pieces train cars are made of wood. The picture just shows how detailed each pieces are and the high level of craftsmanship. The train cars use magnetic couplings to easily connect to a train engine car. However, this set does not include any train tracks but could highly fit any wooden railway tracks. There are so many wooden train tracks having a standard size to choose from and all are of an affordable price.

My First Railway Battery Train Set – Wooden Toys



Make haste and try to grab a set of this amazing battery operated wooden train set from brio as there are only a few of this left circling the market. It is seldom that you see a battery operated wooden train and this could actually be your children’s first battery driven wooden train. It does not have any remote control features but simple power activation, arrow button on the hood of the train car can easily trigger the train to move forward. It includes an averaged size wooden train tracks and magnetic, turning couplings to go easily with the desired direction. It is slightly expensive compared with other brio wooden train set but is still very affordable.

Brio Wooden Crane Train Set by Brio



This is only one of the few, large set, crane wooden train set from brio. There are only a few of this left but it comes with an expensive price. It does have a large dimension wooden train track and other detailed accessories that completes a classic railway. The wooden train tracks if finely made from durable hard wood but use a standard size to accommodate different brio wooden train sets. It includes a gas refilling station for trains, a stop light, a warning sign and more. This could really be a great starter train set for your kids and would take so long until you replace it as it is very durable.

BRIO Battery Operated Action Train



Another small train pieces that uses magnetic couplings and is battery operated. This train however, unlike with the previous battery operated brio wooden train, can move forward and back through the tracks. It also has a glowing/operating headlight and all requires only 1 piece of triple-A battery which is unfortunately, not included in the set. With an engine and a headlight, you might want to get a non-generic, long lasting battery as the set only allows one battery to be used. This is great for child’s brain development and skill enhancement. Preferred to be a toy for kid’s with age of 3 years old and up.

Brio Special Edition 2015 Train



This is a limited edition, special 2015 train from brio. It has great quality and design details. It is only a set that includes a train engine car and a small size tender. It looks elegant and sharp. Although it is a limited, special edition train, it still has with it, an affordable price as most brio trains are. It is coated nicely with an enamel finish which gives it a sharp and sleek appearance that is very appealing not only to kids but to adult train lovers as well. It fits perfectly to any wooden railway tracks and could be a perfect piece to be collected for train collectors.

BRIO Deluxe Birthday Train



A train is the usual choice for a learning or educational toy. This deluxe birthday train will show you why. This train can be used as a play-set during a kid’s birthday. It can also be used to try to discreetly implement, necessary skills and knowledge while simultaneously letting them have all the fun they want. For a small amount of investment, this multicolored train pieces and blocks will teach your kid’s how to identify and count numbers.

Brio My First Railway 15 Piece Train Gift Set



This is a small set of 15 pieces train that is perfect for starters or beginners. It has an average price but is complete with child attractive accessories. It includes an end to end wooden train track, a house tunnel, a train engine care and 3 other train cars. The train tracks are short but you could choose to extend the fun if you purchase an extra train track as this set uses a railway wooden track that could connect to a standard size wooden track. Have your kids started on a great train ride experience now.

Brio Fun Park Clown Train



There is only one, two or few of this left, why not take the time to asses this best train set as it features a clown park theme setting. The train is made with different fun colors and clown figures. It includes a train wagon, passenger wagon, balloons and a a train engine car. Brio combined the children’s love for clowns and trains and put them into one set. It is highly attractive to children given that it has a very attainable price. It has magnetic coupling system and can run through most wooden train tracks.

Brio – Countryside Train



This is the country side inspired wooden train set from Brio. It has a strong and stable magnetic coupling system which makes connecting more easily and fun. That same coupling will also teach your kids how magnets work. This set, at an affordable price, includes one train engine car and two loading train cars that carry around a wooden crate. It has wheels that can perfectly fit any brio wooden tracks that is not included in the set. This works perfectly for kids 3 years and up.

Brio Battery Operated Action Train



This is a battery operated construction/action train. It carries a large mixer on one of its train car and a coal supply on the other. It has a motorized engine to which it can perfectly run through tracks on its own. It requires 3 triple-A type batteries which is sadly not included in the set to make the train engine car run with enough power to carry the two train engine cars. Each train pieces connects efficiently thanks to the magnetic coupling system. This is only one of the few battery operated train. Get a hold of this as it can entertain a child quite well.

Brio Safari Crossing Train Set



Another great safari train set to be added to your kid’s safari, train wildlife collection. There are several safari inspired themes or concepts, brio trains made. You can decide on having them all for you to complete your children’s safari fun. You do not need to worry about the train tracks as each set have train tracks that could easily connect to brio wooden railway tracks. More animal figures, longer train and trees that make up a safari detail will provide loads of educational fun for your kids.

Brio Steam Train



This is a steam inspired wooden train set from Brio. It has a classic design of a steam train that could let your children experience travelling back in time. The set includes a coal tender, passenger train car, steam engine car and a miniaturized conductor, all of which are very detailed and sharp looking. It also have Brio’s magnetic coupling system installed on each train cars for easy connectivity and greatly fits and runs smoothly on most wooden train railway tracks.



There are actually so many brio train products in the market. The list only showed their best-selling product filled with so many good recommendations and positive feedback. These are also the usual choice of children. That is due to most of them, being made with colorful and vibrant designs. The wooden figures also add a bonus attraction because it promotes an interactive play. These products guarantee you and your children a fun set while being able to improve their skills and their development discreetly. Most of this is actually affordable. For a small amount of money, you can consider this to be a good children play-set investment.