Thomas the Train Wooden Whistle

The fun and interaction your kids get in a train set, wooden or not, is sufficient enough to keep them going, learning and enhancing their skills for months or years. They won’t get easily bored with those set as most are versatile, high compatibility, interchangeable and could be easily expanded. There is even a lot of expansion set being sold for wooden and die-cast made train set. But what else can you have for your kids that provide them with imaginative options and entertainment? Train figures, infrastructure, wooden bridges? What about a Thomas the train wooden whistles? It would make your kid more into playing creatively and imagine themselves as a real conductor.


First Choice Brooklyn Peddler 4-Tone Pinewood Train Whistle $ 4.6/5
Second Choice      2 Dozen Train Whistles $ 3.8/5
Third Choice    Thomas Wood Whistle $ 4/5
Fourth Choice     Toysmith – Timber Trail Toysmith Wooden Train Whistle $ 3.7/5

The Thomas the train wooden whistle would be a fitting accessory for those kids who currently own a Thomas wooden train set but it could also work great with other wooden or die-cast made train set that does not offer any sound or music features. The whistling sound could create noise or unpleasant sound if mix or played together with a train toy set’s sound feature which could aggravate the behavior and play-style of a child.

A whistle has a different purpose and application. Some use a whistle to prompt incoming danger or use it as a warning device. Some use it to terminate unethical behavior in schools, workplace or in homes. In this case, the train toy whistle is used as a tool that offers them a life-like experience of a train and tends them to be more imaginative as they play with their Thomas train set. It has different forms, sizes, and shapes. It goes nicely with your kid’s train conductor costume. In most cases, these whistles are highly beneficial to kids as they pertain to certain applications of activities. The wooden whistles are also cheap, affordable and durable. It may be a little bit hard to find in stores and malls so we have decided to give you a shortlist or gallery of the best and affordable Thomas the train wooden whistles.

18 Thomas the Train Wooden Whistle

7″ Large Wooden Train Whistles (Package of 12)




The first high-quality item in our list is 7 inches, a large wooden train whistle from DOMAGRON. This would go along great with any wooden train set, especially Thomas and Friends. Give your children the opportunity to be a train conductor and make their train play, a little more imaginative. This whistle wooden set comes in 12 pieces. Each of the piece measures about 7 inches. It produces authentic sounds and crafted from real wood with a safe and smooth finish.

2 Dozen Train Whistles




It is not that hard to make a wooden train whistle. In fact, there are some guides with complete steps on how to create a whistle but you need to be a little more crafty. To save you the trouble of buying premium wood and improving your carving and crafting skills, Rhode Island Novelty brings you a bundle set for your Thomas the Train wooden railway set or any other wooden railway toys. The bundle, for a very low price, consists of 24 pieces or 2 dozen whistles. Blow and make train whistles sounds all you want with this set.

Thomas Wood Whistle




This product is a viable wooden train whistle target that you must-have for you and your kids. This wooden whistle is a Thomas the train wooden whistle inspired set. For a reasonable price, you can add more fun, interaction and expand the imagination of your kids as they play with their train set. It is a very good investment due to the fact that a train set will stimulate their mind and let them learn and the whistle will help them actualize themselves and tends them to be creative and imaginative.

Showing you why this product is a good wooden train whistle target for your kids, here is a video of how magnificent the sound, size and structure of the whistle.

Your kids will have a longer time to spend on their train set as they will now role-play themselves as a real train conductor or engineer.

Thomas the Train Whistle Party Favors Pack – 3 Classic Wooden Whistles




If you are looking for a wooden train whistle bulk set, you can opt to have this amazing bundle pack from Train Whistle Party Favors. The bundle includes 3 pieces of Thomas and Friends inspired whistles. Each of which has different designs, shapes, and colors. The set consists of 1 Thomas the Train wooden whistle, a Choo-Choo train whistle, and a slide whistle. Another great thing is that each of the whistles in the set produces different sounds, giving your kids more options to choose from.

bulk buys Wooden Train Whistle




This is a wooden train whistle bulk buys made. The whistle is being sold individual but having a wholesale price. It is very cheap that you can actually purchase it in bulks. This toy whistle allows your kid to play all day in their wooden train engine set as they imagine it making real and authentic sounds. The wooden whistle is simple and produces only one type of sound but could bring a different train toy experience for our young train engineers.

1 Wooden Train Whistle Kids Childrens TOY Conductor Play Thomas




OTC brings you a wooden train whistle for sale. First, to clarify the image of the product, this comes in singles or individually. The single whistle is a little bit costly compared to other bundles or individual sets. However, this is made from real wood and has two chambers for a smooth and amplified whistling. The whistle measures to about 6 inches in length. It is engraved with a nice drawing of a train. This will create a whole new theme and experience for your kid’s wooden train set.

Brooklyn Peddler 4-Tone Pinewood Train Whistle




This is a wonderful train wooden whistle from Horizon Hobby. It is a product made in the USA. There are many products that hope to achieve the whistle sound produced by a 4-tone pinewood made train whistle. For a great and reasonable price, this is actually a very good gift for our young train lovers who own a train set. This will go nicely with their train engineer costume as they conduct their imaginative train role-playing.

Wooden Train Whistle with Blast Chart – Made in USA




This is a viable Thomas the train wooden whistle made from Vermont, U.S.A. The wooden whistle is crafted from a combination of pine and birch wood. It does not use any finishes that can possibly harm your children as they blow. The rectangular whistle is crafted with a Blast Chart on one side. It has whistle patterns that describe the meaning of long and short whistle sounds. It is packed with shrink-wrap and measures to about 8 inches long. It is recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

Fun Express Wooden Painted Train-Shaped Whistles – 12 Pieces




The next is a unique train whistle wooden toy from Fun express. The whistle is crafted from real wood and designed to take the shape of a train. It is also painted using different colors and comes in a set of 12. The seller gives you an option to buy in either 12 or 24 pieces. The whistle is a little bit short in length. It measures only to about 3 and 3/4 inches long. This assorted color trains will not only expand their imagination but could stimulate fun and excitement.

Train Whistle with Flag Print – Made in USA




Most of us certainly know that it is not that hard to make a wooden train whistle, provided that you have all the materials needed for crafting and cutting woods. But to save yourself the trouble, you can purchase an affordable train wooden whistle made from the USA. It is designed with the flag of America on one side and made from a combination of baltic birch and pine plywood. The whistle is large and long. It measures about 8 inches. It uses lacquer inks that are safe and non-toxic.

To give you a short guide on how to make a wooden train whistle here is a short video that teaches you all the woodwork lessons you need to craft your own.

Like as we said, it’s not that hard to build your kids, your own design of a wooden whistle, provided that you have the materials and resources.

Wooden Train Whistles




A simple and affordable toy whistle that makes it a good wooden train whistle target, this is a must-have train accessory for young train lovers. It makes a sharp and like-like train hooting sound when you blow. It is crafted using real, high-quality wood and imprinted with a train picture on one side using non-toxic ink. Paired with a train conductor or engineer costume, this wooden train toy whistle will give your kids a whole new kind of fun as they role-play.

MP-371 Train Whistle




A large wooden train whistle can do great and loud sounds but it so as a plastic made train whistle. This is an MP-371 train toy whistle from HOHNER. It is good for kids, 3 years and higher. The recommended age is much lower compared to other wooden train whistles as it is very large and does not have any choke-hazard components. The whistle has 3 tubes with 3 removable mouthpieces. This gives you a chance to clean the area where your kids blow, freeing it from germs and bacteria.

Toysmith – Timber Trail Toysmith Wooden Train Whistle




This is another viable product to be a Thomas the train wooden whistle. It makes an accurate Choo-Choo sound and a little bit louder. The wooden toy whistle is about 7.5 inches long. It is made of good quality wood. The whistle is highly durable which could withstand falls, biting and hard blowing. It is recommended for children aging 3 and up. This allows them to be more creative as they play with their train set. It is not that expensive, making it a very practical, Thomas train toy accessory investment.

Wooden Train Whistle with Red Locomotive




There are only a few of this type of large wooden train whistle left in the market. This product is from Greenbrier. The train toy whistle is crafted from premium wood which is hard and solid. It does not easily break and can withstand the rough beating of a child. It is recommended for children of ages 2 and up as younger than that would make the toy a choke-hazard. Other than your kid’s costume and train vehicles, you can add this whistle to good train accessories to have.

Kangaroo’s Wooden Train Whistles, Train Engineer Whistles, 6″ (18 Pack)




If you are looking for a practical, bulk set or bundle set of train whistle wooden toys, then this right here from Kangaroo is the right set for you. There are some products with reviews from costumers that it doesn’t work or does not make any train whistling sound but this one right here actually works. It is roughly about 6 inches long and could let your kid be a train conductor or engineer. It is also good for birthday, Christmas or costume parties for kids.

1 Dozen-Wooden Train Whistles- 7 Inches




Another bundle pack of wooden train whistles for sale, from NOVELTIES WHOLESALE. It is constructed from solid wood and imprinted with a nice train drawing, using non-toxic and safe ink. This train whistle is designed to produce two different sounds. It measures approximately 7 inches in length and has a rectangular shape. It is great for children’s party, imaginative play with trains or used as warning devices. Either way, you choose to use it, the wooden train whistle will always perform highly.