Best Model Trains on the HO Scale

It is not new to most people anymore how highly beneficial a train set or toy could be for a child. But do you know that there are also so many adults who are a fan of trains and purchase a set for themselves rather than for their kids? That is correct! Train sets or toys has no age limit. It is by far the only toy or play-set that could benefit all age. Adults can also use it as a means to add more movement and entertainment inside the house or an added decoration with lights and sounds during the holidays. Such examples of a train that exist are the HO scale trains which most likely cover all of the points in those criteria.

There are train sets with details and aesthetics, designed only to cater children and younger minds but scale trains are largely built and are lengthier compared with most train sets for kids. It is a train set model that represents an actual train with the appropriate ratio in scale. The HO scale trains are the most popular in the world of model railways and being used as a train toy or set still continues to be favored.

First Choice    Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set $ 4.5/5
Second Choice      Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set $ 4/5  
Third Choice      Bachmann Trains Overland Limited Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set $$$ 3.5/5  
Fourth Choice     Bachmann Trains Chattanooga Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set $$ 3.5/5  

The set is usually fully packed with features such as remote control or speed controller, thick and metallic train tracks, power-pack, power-supply, lengthy and large train cars and more. Most HO-scale trains may come a little bit expensive or usually has mid-range price compared to other scales or models of trains. It is best for both adults and child train lovers but if price is an issue and practicality is implied, you might want to consider providing adult supervision when you intend to give your kids a set. You do not want a child with ages 8 and below to play roughly with the set as it can be very costly to repair or replace a broken set or piece of accessory.


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27 HO Scale Trains

Bachmann Trains – Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Model Trains


Bachmann here is a popular train model manufacturer who have made so many ho scale train sets. This set here features a Thoroughbred, easy-to-assemble and a ready to run train set. It is an HO-scale set that showcases an F7-diesel train engine locomotive, installed with a bright and heavy duty headlight. The set comes with 2 pieces of lengthy and large freight cars, one vision-wide train caboose and an oval train track with dimensions of 47 inches by 38 inches. This set uses a snap and easy fit tracks and has its own power pack and a user-friendly speed controller. The set comes with an illustrated manual for efficient connectivity as the train can only power up if the tracks are very well connected.


Bachmann Trains Overland Limited Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set



In terms of expensiveness, the previous set is just a warm up. The next is one of the few high priced ho scale trains from Bachmann. It is an Overland Limited train series that features a ready-to-run HO scale toy train. It uses a Union-Pacific 4-8-4 steam train engine locomotive with a fairly medium sized tender, a working train headlight and a smoke-puff unit. The set comes with 8 pieces of freight cars and a wide caboose, all of which have a fair length. Setting all the pieces up will give you a longer set that provides longer fun. It is great for all occasions, as a play set for kids or for adult train enthusiast. The set is complete with a detailed speed controller and a durable power pack.


Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set



Here is another great ho scale model trains from Bachmann. This set features a Santa Fe Flyer train. It is a ready-to-run HO-scale set with an EMD-FT diesel train engine locomotive and a train headlight. The train package or set includes 2 pieces of moderate size train freight cars and an off-center train caboose. The set also includes a 36 inches circle train track that uses a snap-fit track system. The train set requires a nice train track assembly in order for the train to power up, which is why Bachmann included a well-illustrated and detailed instruction set manual to help you do the job. It also has a long lasting power pack and a detailed speed controller.


Bachmann Durango and Silverton HO Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set


This is the Durango and Silverton train set, complete with all the HO scale train accessories such as a power pack and speed controller, train tracks and more. This electric train set features an E-Z, snap-fit train tracks, 3 lengthy and highly detailed train cars, and a coal tender attached to the train engine car. The set has a moderate price, not so cheap and not so expensive. It is a great set with all the tools and accessories you need to build your kids or your own ideal railway system. The train conforms or goes in accordance with the standards provided by the National Model Railroad Association or NMRA.

Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set



Here is one of the many great ho scale models from Bachmann. This set features a Pacific Flyer train set. It is a ready-to-run, right out of the box, HO model train. It uses a 0-6-0 steam train locomotive with a short length coal tender and with an installed train headlight. There are 2 different freight cars and an off-center train car caboose included in the set. The train car uses a 36 inches circle, E to Z, snap-fit train tracks. It is complete with an efficient speed controller with all the necessary buttons needed and its own power pack. The tracks require some skills in assembling due to the train’s power, reliant to the track’s connectivity.


Bachmann Trains Chattanooga Ready – To – Run Ho Scale Train Set



This is a great ho scale railroad train set from Bachmann Trains, the Chattanooga. This is a ready-to-run play set. It requires minimum assembly effort thanks to a detailed and visual filled, instruction manual. It uses a 0-6-0 steam train locomotive with a nicely crafted coal tender, operating smoke puff unit and a durable train headlight. There are 3 freight cars included and an off-center train caboose as a bonus. Connecting all give the set some length which makes it more fun and entertaining. The train’s power is sufficient to smoothly carry several numbers of train cars. It is built with a strong power pack and a speed controller with all the buttons you need.


Bachmann Industries EMD GP40 DCC Ready Locomotive – BURLINGTON NORTHERN #3519 – (1:87 HO Scale)



This is a few of the many great ho scale model cars collectibles. It uses a pre-wired socket (8-pins) and readily built for DCC installation. The train toy features an EMD-GP40 train engine locomotive and a working train headlight. It does not come with any freight cars, boxcars, caboose or tender but it can really work great and connect with most HO model train accessories. It performs highly using an 18 inches radius curves or higher. You can choose to have this HO train toy as a replacement for broken HO scale train engine car.


Bachmann Trains Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set


You can seldom see an ho scale trains that features Thomas the train, fortunately, Bachmann Trains never failed to amaze us with this Thomas inspired set featuring Annie and Clarabel. It is a ready-to-run train set using Thomas the Tank Engine as the train engine car, carrying around 2 highly detailed train passenger car. The train set has a fair and lower price. The length of the set isn’t that long and only comes with 2 train cars. It does however, has a nice circle snap-fit track that measures to about 36 inches, a power pack and an operational speed controller. The set requires minimal assembly effort.


Bachmann Liberty Bell Special HO Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set



The next HO scale train is brought to you by Bachmann. As we have mentioned before or earlier, Bachmann has been known to create so many HO model trains. This Liberty Bell Special train set is only one of the many. It is a ready-to-run, right out of the box, electric train which includes all the things you need to build your own train railroad system. The set includes a flat car carrying a large liberty bell, two long and detailed passenger cars, and a Pennsylvania coal tender. There is an included E-Z train tracks of about 47 inches by 38 inches in dimension and forms an oval. It is built with reliable power pack and user-friendly speed controller.


Bachmann Industries American 440 Locomotive and Tender Santa Fe #91 HO Scale Train Car



There are only few of this amazing HO scale train sets left in stock, it would be best to grab this chance and have this item added to your collection. It features an Old-Tyme, 440 steam train locomotive with a large and lengthy coal tender. This is a Santa Fe #91 train with a bright train headlight installed on the front. You can expect it to be at its best and perform highly using an 18 inches radius curves or higher. The set however, does not come with any train cars but the train has high grade details and design.


Bachmann Trains Crane And Boom Tender-Ho Scale


Enough about train engine cars and locomotives. This next set is a train crane and a tender, all of an HO scale model trains. It is a thick and black metal machine with heavy and durable wheels and an RP25 contours. The crane is magnet operated. The train’s body uses an E-Z mate mounted couplers. It has blackened thick brass axles to be sturdier and stable as it runs on tracks. This model train is very affordable. It goes great as an extension or an added train car to expand the length, fun and entertainment. The crane train care was intentionally added some weight for optimum tracking.


Bachmann Civil War – Confederate HO Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set



This train is inspired and designed way back during the Civil War. This Confederate set is complete with all the HO scale train accessories needed to build your own railroad system. It is an HO-scale electric train that uses the specialized Bachmann’s snap-fit, easy to assemble and dismantle, E-Z train tracks. There are a total of 5 train car pieces and tracks included. The set has an HO scale ratio of 1:87. It does conform to the standards and requirements of quality assurance entity such as the NMRA or the National Model Railroad Association. It is approved and certified as a high quality train set for a very reasonable price.


Bachmann Industries Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Ringmaster HO Scale RTR Electric Train Set



As seen in the picture, you could tell that it is a wonderful ho scale scenery. The set features a 0-6-0 steam train locomotive, a white and bright coal tender. It is complete with all the train cars, you or your kids need to have your perfect or ideal train layout. It includes 4 train cars consisting of a water tank car, performer’s car, stock car and a train caboose. It is approved and certified by NMRA, assuring its quality and standards. This is an exclusive train set with a lifetime warranty from Bachmann Trains. The set however, is a little bit expensive but it surely does give you the right quality your money deserves.


Walthers Trainline(R) HO Scale Ready-for-Fun Train Set – CSX



The next among the many HO scale models is the Walthers Trainline. It is the only HO train product in the list other that is not from Bachmann. It features a ready-to-play HO train that uses a powered train diesel locomotive and a bright, fully functioning train headlight. This train is a CSX Illinois train. It is complete with a speed and directional controller wherein you can maneuver the train to move forward, stop or reverse. It includes a flat car, a boxcar, caboose and a train engine car. You can have this HO train scale for a low and reasonable price.


Bachmann Trains Log Skidder with Crates On 40′ Log Car – HO Scale



Getting a break from all these amazing train sets, the next product here is one of the few HO scale model cars that is highly compatible to most major brands of HO scale train set. This is the Log Skidder from Bachmann Trains. It features a flatcar with crates on top. The train flatcar is built from blackened metal wheels using a nice and strong RP25 train contours. The train car is magnetically operated and uses an E-Z coupling to make it more compatible. The details are great and very comprehensive. For a few bucks, you can have this set, easily added and extend your train car collection.


Bachmann Industries #40013 50’6″ Drop End Gondola with Scrap Load Montana Rail Link (HO Scale Train)



Another great Ho scale model cars is the Drop End Gondola from Bachmann Industries. The train car features a removable load which provides great interaction and imaginative play. The length of the train car is long and built with great details and sturdiness. The blackened metal wheels and the train’s non-magnetic axles is crafted with great precision as it does not derail as the train set moves, especially on tight turns on the tracks. It also uses an E-Z Mate coupling for compatibility and stability. The HO scale ratio of this train car is 1:87. You can have this train car model for a great price and if you plan on purchasing so, make it quick as there are only a few of this left.


Bachmann GS64 4-8-4 Western Pacific #485 DCC Equipped Locomotive (HO Scale)



The next HO scale trains in our list are from Bachmann Trains. This set features a 4-8-4 GS64 train locomotive, fully equipped with DCC. The HO scale train is remarkable in aspects such as speed, direction and lighting. It includes a dual-mode digital control feature to allow the set to be operated using DC analog power pack or other forms of Digital Command Control Systems, although it is advised that choose only the ones approved and certified by the NMRA. This train set performs in its best running on a 22 inches radius curves. It uses the same E-Z Mate couplers like with most Bachmann HO trains.


HO Scale Model Railroad Locomotive Southern Pacific Daylight F-2



Moving to a more specific item, as there are so many HO scale model trains, this is the Southern Pacific Daylight train railroad locomotive. It is not a set but rather an individual item. You can have this amazing train engine car for a reasonable rate. It has exceptionally comprehensive details and uses metal chassis. The train also has a nicely installed train head-lamp on the upper front part. This train engine car is an 8 wheel drive with knuckle couplings installed at the front and rear part of the train. This also works great as a replacement train engine car for those who have an existing train set with a non-functioning train locomotive.


Walthers Trainline EMD HO Scale GP9M Ready-to-Run Sante Fe (Superfleet) #2092



This is another HO scale train sets from Walthers Trainline. It features a Santa Fe train #2092 with a GP9M train engine locomotive. It is a ready-to-run train toy with dual fly-wheels and uses hard and durable, knuckle couplers. The train toy has a frame made of die-cast metal. It is built with quality construction and real train-like feature such as a bright headlight. This is not a set but instead, an individual train toy that works great if paired and connected along other HO train cars. It can also work as a replacement train engine car for those people who has an existing set but with broken train locomotive.


Bachmann Trains Thomas And Friends – Salty’s Dockside Delivery Ready To Run Ho Scale Electric Train Set



Not a typical HO scale model trains. This is the Salty’s Dockside Delivery train featuring Thomas and Friends from Bachmann Trains. It is built from the concept of an actual train character in the Kid’s train television series. It has close to a perfect design of how Salty actually looks like. You cannot often see a train toy like this as there are only a limited amount of productions made for this Thomas inspired train series. It is a complete set with its own oval track that measures about 47 by 38 inches and uses a snap-fit, E-Z train tracks system. The set includes 3 pieces of rolling stock figures and more, all for a reasonable price.

Bachmann Trains Coastliner Ready To Run Electric Train Set



This is the Coastliner, HO scale train series from Bachmann Trains. It is has a close look with the previous CSX Coastline train in our list. This set however, uses a GP40 diesel train locomotive with an all-wheel drive and a working headlamp. It has more power due to the all-wheel drive feature compared to most trains. It can actually push forward a lengthy and several number of train cars. The set includes two different and highly detailed flat-cars and a wide-vision train car caboose. The set has an included medium size circle train track about 36 inches in dimension which also uses an E-Z, snap-fit track. The train has its own power pack and a speed controller for optimum movement control.


Bachmann Industries EMD GP38 2 DCC Canadian Pacific #3039 Sound Value Equipped Locomotive (HO Scale)



Bringing us down to this amazing item in our list of HO scale trains, this is the Canadian Pacific train #3039 from Bachmann Industries. The product is about to run out of stock so if you feel like you must have this train toy, make sure to have a quick decision for it will be unavailable soon. The train has sound features that use 16-bit sound, complete with bell and horn. The train toy is an all-wheel drive which means all of the wheels moves which provides the train more power and efficient movement. This train toy performs best on an 18 inches radius curves. It has an HO ratio scale of 1:87.

Athearn – HO Warbonnet Train Set, SF



This is Athearn’s own model of an HO-Scale train. This is the Warbonnet Train Set. It features a total of 5 pieces, including the train locomotive. The train set has wonderful details and bright colors. It runs perfectly on any HO scale layout. There are many Athearn classic HO model trains that have been long discontinued and this is only one among the few collectibles you can choose to have.

Athearn – HO GP50 Iron Horse Train Set, NS/Eco



The HO GP250 Iron Horse Train Set is one of the famous creations of Athearn. Sadly, the manufacturing of this type of HO train model has been discontinued by the manufacturer for quite some time now and there are only few collectibles left roaming around the market. It features a set of 5 pieces which includes a train engine locomotive. It has an HO scale standards which makes it perfect for your HO model scenery layout.

Athearn ATHG69311 HO SD75M w/DCC & Sound, SF #200



This is a collectible item from Athearn. It only includes a train engine locomotive. It is not a set that comes complete with train cars and cabooses. The HO scale train produces realistic sounds. It is heavy, strong and sturdy. This train features a Santa Fe train, a classic model train back that brings back time in those early days. You’d seldom see this type of train, built by Athearn, in the market.

Athearn – HO GP38-2 Iron Horse Train Set, GT/Bicentennial



Next is the Bicentennial, GP38-2, HO Iron Horse Train set. This Athearn production is has a bright and colorful combination of white, red and blue. It comes complete with box cars and other accessories. There are a total of 5 large train model cars, including the train locomotive engine car. It runs smoothly and steadily on any HO scale train track layout.

Athearn Saturn Car Automobile HO Scale Train Set 1997 RARE Employees Only



Lastly, this is the rare Saturn Car Automobile. This HO model train set from Athearn is a rare collectible. This was only issued to a number of Athearn Employees back in the days, the year 1997. It was never produced or manufactured for public. There are only several train models like this as some Athearn employees have decided to sell the train model given to them by the company.