The Best Collection of Lionel Model Train Tracks

There is a long list of train tracks you can look for and the search can be a tiring endeavor for most. To help you with that, we have provided a list of the best and amazing Lionel FasTrack to narrow down your search. This will give you some knowledge with some of the few train tracks being manufactured by the a well-known train model toy company with years of experience and with great and positive credibility.

First Choice   Lionel FasTrack O36 Curve Track 4-Pack $ 4.6/5  
Second Choice      Lionel FasTrack – O-Gauge Straight Track – 4 Pack $ 4.6/5  
Third Choice      Lionel FasTrack Outer Passing Loop Add-on Pack $ 4.5/5  
Fourth Choice     FASTRACK OVAL 40X60 $ 5/5  

One of the possible reason why we are looking for a train track is for replacement. Over time use can result to our current train tracks to get broken or lost and having no track layout for our train to run through will deem our train set useless. Another possible reason would be that the train set we have purchased does not include or have any free train tracks as there are really some set that do not offer or have that kind of benefit or feature included. That’s kind of a bummer because it will cost you to purchase and expense an additional amount. Fortunately, there are so many different train tracks being sold in the market for a reasonable price made with great durability and high quality materials.

Having a train set would give you an appropriate amount of fun and entertainment but it is always a question of how long? As time goes by, train sets with a free or an included train tracks tends to get boring as the train only tries to circle around the free set of train tracks. The best thing you would want to do to avoid such boredom that could result to getting your train model set stored or gets unappreciated is to extend the fun, extend the train tracks and expand the train track layout.

37 Lionel Fastrack


Lionel – O-Gauge Straight Track – 4 Pack



This is one of the best-selling Lionel fastrack o gauge in the market.  It is a pack of 4 tracks, each measure to about 10 inches in length. It is highly versatile and compatible with most layout plan you intended. This made with great sturdiness and durable plastic. This is good for lionel train layouts.


Lionel O36 Curve Track 4-Pack



The fastrack lionel 4 packs of O36 curve track forms a half circle. Each piece is shaped or angled to a 45 degree. It could work great to almost any form of track layout. The tracks easily connect and have a locking mechanism to secure it in place.


Lionel Figure-8 Track Pack



This is a FasTrack set. The pack includes several pieces of durable plastic tracks that form an 8 track, 5 straight tracks and one 90 degree cross over track. The set could work great with your Lionel fastrack layout ideas. It is slightly expensive but is already set up or built to be used right out of the box.


Lionel Terminal Section FasTrack 


This is a terminal section Lionel fastrack. It has a built-in wiring for you to easily connect to a transformer. There are only a few of this left being sold. It measures to about 10 inches in length and with great lock, snap-together mechanism for stable and easy connection.


Lionel 30 inch Extra Long Straight FasTrack



It is another best-selling track from Lionel. It is a 30 inches long straight track that easily snaps or connects to your existing train track. It has more of a realistic design. The track is made of a top notch molding craftsmanship, has a fair and reasonable price and with great durability.


Lionel Outer Passing Loop Add-on Pack



This is a nice track to have in order to complete your Lionel fastrack layout plans. The set includes 5 pieces of straight tracks that measures 10 inches long and 2 pieces O36 curved tracks. It also has one RH and one LH switch quarter curved track making it a set of 9 pieces, perfect for your lionel train layouts.


Lionel Half Straight FasTrack



Lionel fastrack sizes are unpredictable. This is half of a straight track. It is built with great durability and sturdiness, perfect for your Lionel fastrack layouts. It could easily connect with other tracks. This has a built it terminal sections under it for you to be able to connect it through a transformer.





This is a ready right out of the box large track having a 5 by 10 feet size layout. It has a total of 46 pieces of tracks, 20 pieces O36 curved, 21 pieces straight, 1 10 inches terminal track, 2 pieces of 90 degrees crossover track and 2 pieces half straight. All made of durable and high quality materials but comes at an expensive cost.


Lionel Inner Passing Loop Add-On Track Pack



Another great fastrack from lionel, the passing loop track. It is a set if 4 track. The set includes 2 pieces O36 curves, 1 piece LH manual switch and 1 piece RH switch, quarter curve tracks. It is an O-gauge track for an O-gauge train set. For a small and reasonable price, it can extend your train fun to a certain level.


Lionel 90-Degree Crossover FasTrack 



Built with great construction, this is a 90 degree crossover add-on track. It measures 6 inches by 6 inches and it offers great flexibility to accommodate different track designs or train track layouts. It has an awesome and stable performance that lets your train set pass through smoothly.





This is an average priced Lionel fastrack set. Made of thick and durable materials, this train track can offer great stability and sturdiness. It includes 8 pieces curved O36 train sections and 4 pieces standard straight tracks that measures 10 inches in length on of which has a terminal to where you can easily hook your transformer.


Lionel O36 Manual Switch, Right Hand



This is a manual switch Lionel fastrack o gauge piece. It is a O36 right hand manual switch track that includes a 1/4 curve to allow a 45 degree curve. It has an interchangeable base and can move to either left or right side. This is a single expensive but great piece of fastrack for your layout.





Another fastrack deluxe from Lionel that you must have. This is a 7 by 7 feet train track layout. It has an intended design which is included in the manual for easy assembly although this train track set can be set up for other types of layout depending on your preference. This so many pieces of train tracks come in an expensive price but totally worth it.


Lionel Power Block



This is a Lionel Power-Block fastrack. It is perfect if you are looking for a track that offers great power and flexibility. It is usually needed as a plug and play accessory. This can be used with a 18UDC power-supply but unfortunately not included in the set. It has LED light indicator for power.





One of the few deluxe fastrack from Lionel is this amazing Christmas tree corner layout. It is a bulk pack of many train track pieces of different shapes and sizes but all built from high quality, durable, thick materials for sturdiness. This is an expensive set intended for your Christmas train set.


Lionel Accessory Activator Pack



A starter activator fastrack Lionel made. It has one 5 insulated and one 10 insulated train track sections. This can be purchased for a reasonable price. It can connect to most train tracks to accommodate your train layout needs. Connectivity has a locking mechanism for more security and stability.





This is a complete, ready to run, Lionel fastrack oval set. There are only a few of this Lionel fastrack layouts left in the market. It is a bulk set that includes several train track pieces that are highly reliable when it comes to durability. An assembled set measures to about 4 feet by 8 feet.


Lionel Trains Deluxe FasTrack Layout 1



A simple deluxe fastrack layout from Lionel, it comes with 1 piece O36 LH and 1 piece O36 RH manual switch track. The set also includes 14 pieces of O36 full curved fastrack, 4 extra-long 30 inches straight track pieces and 4 10 inches straight track.


Lionel Lighted Bumper FasTrack



This is a unique lighted bumper Lionel trains fastrack. it has a small length of 5 inches long but offers great versatility when it comes to adapting with your train track design or layout. It can easily connect to most train tracks and performs flawlessly high. It is also very affordable.


Lionel 45 degree Crossover Train FasTrack



This is a 45 degree crossover Lionel train fastrack. It offers easy assembly. This easily snaps together with other Lionel train tracks. It measures to about 10 inches in length that could extend the versatility of your train track design or layout. It is made of thick and durable materials for a reasonable price.


Lionel Accessory Activator Track Pack



An accessory activator fastrack, this includes a 10 inches insulated train track section and 2 pieces 5 inches insulated train track. it is specifically made as a plug and play accessory with a power lock. You can easily plug in connections to your transformer suing this track pieces.


Lionel Grade Crossing w/ Flashers 612052 FasTrack



This is a Lionel fastrack grade crossing that features a train with a platform and a stop sign warning. It has a snap-together mechanism for easy and strong connection. It has two terminals under several tracks for versatile transformer connectivity. It requires no lock-on. The stop sign warning and the bell have two flashing signal lights.


Lionel Uncoupling FasTrack



Another innovative train Lionel fastrack, it is an uncoupling track. It has central magnet that can be activated via the remote control. The set includes two pieces of a half straight track section. Each of the track measures 5 inches in length. It has a nice locking mechanism that ensures security and stability as your train pass through.





This is a twice around, Lionel train fastrack set. This is a bulk set that includes so many train track pieces. The set comes in 8 pieces 10 inches straight tracks, 12 pieces O36 curved tracks, 1 straight track terminal, 6 pieces O48 curved tracks, 3 pieces 5 inches straight, 1 piece 4 and 1/2 inches straight and more. The complete and assembled train tracks have a dimension to about 52 inches by 97 inches.


Lionel Railer FasTrack



This is a fastrack Lionel railer. It steadies the wheels of your train as you place them on the tracks. It has great compatibility over Lionel fastrack, O gauge train tracks and O-27 tracks. This railer measure 10 inches in length and can be availed for a low and reasonable price.


Lionel 6-12038 FasTrack Elevated Trestle Set



Some train track layouts need some wonderful accessories to allow you to implement your creative and innovative design layout. These are grade sections that allow you to elevate your train tracks rather than running them flat on the ground. It can be used for fastrack sections. This can be availed at an average price but could definitely bring your train game to a whole new level.


Lionel Siding Track Pack



Another great complete pack Lionel fastrack, this is the Lionel sliding track. You can add this pack to your current ready to run, right out of the box Lionel O-gauge train set and create your own track layout with an interior sliding. It converts your 40 inches by 60 inches oval track to 39 inches by 70 inches fastrack layout.


Lionel – FasTrack Grade Crossing O – 6-12036



This is a grade crossing 6-12036 that is perfect for your Lionel fastrack layout plans. It is a track that runs through a green platform in between. It has an easy-snap lock mechanism for a sure and stable connectivity. The track has several terminals underneath to where you can easily connect a transformer. This is very affordable but highly effective.






There is only limited stocks left for this amazing Christmas Lionel fastrack set. It is the same with the previous deluxe set that features a Christmas themed train track layout but this one is a 2015 series. It is fairly expensive but a must-have and a worthy train track. The set includes so many track pieces with one intended design but is versatile enough to accommodate different train track styles and layout. Each piece is made of thick, durable and high quality materials for reliable durability and sturdiness.


O FasTrack 36″ Remote LH Switch Lionel Trains



This is a 45 degree LH switch curved fastrack with remote control features. It easily connects and snaps together with other train tracks. It has a patented half-pin for a both direction train track orientation that allows you to connect without moving the pins from one end to the other. This product ensures 100% stability. It guarantees zero derailing as your train pass through.


MTH FasTrack Graduated Trestle 24 Piece in Set



This is a fastrack Lionel graduate trestle. This will allow you to install tracks to an elevated position. It widens your options for a creative and innovative train track design. The set includes 24 pieces of graduate trestle built with strong and sturdy construction to hold your train track firmly. It steadily stands on its ground as the train passes through the tracks, moving up and down.


LIONEL 6-12016 FasTrack



This is a simple lionel fastrack, straight power terminal. It is a O27 gauge train track that measures to about 10 inches in length. This piece actually adds more power to your train track. Several pieces of this will allow you to give power to some remote areas of your train track layout. The idea is to provide your track layout additional continuity and power.


Lionel O48 Curved FasTrack



This is an individual O48 Lionel curved fastrack. One piece cost an average price but trying to set up a large train track layout with several of this would cost you some amount but in exchange of a strong and sturdy train track. You need at least 12 pieces of this to create a circle but it can connect with other Lionel train models and tracks perfectly to fit in your intended design.


Lionel LNL649852 S AF FasTrack



For someone who does not have enough budgets to spare but still want to create a perfect train track layout for your train set, then this product is what you are looking for. The price of this train track is affordable. You can set up a wonderful train track buying several pieces of this durable, strong and detailed train track.


Lionel O36 Curve FasTrack



This is another one of the many affordable Lionel o gauge fastrack. This only requires you 8 pieces to actually form a circle. Each piece is being sold separately but for a low and affordable price. It is actually the most affordable train track pieces being sold. The track is a 45 degree section that offers enough flexibility with your design layout.


Lionel O72 Remote/Command Switch, Left Hand FasTrack



This train track accessory would totally give you leverage in terms of power and stability. It has a non-derailing feature with flawless craftsmanship and built with an auxiliary power terminals connected to a remote. It includes a lantern that illuminates and that it is also interchangeable.


Lionel Af Fastrack 45 Degree Crossover



There are only a few of this left so better grab yourself one or a few now. This is ideal for trying to add some crossover to your train track design and a perfect fit for most g scale model trains that uses Lionel Fastracks. It has a real-life train track appearance with dimensions of 9 inches by 9 inches.

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