How Much Is A Lionel Train Set Worth?

One of the most common, lively, fun, interactive and entertaining recreational trend today is train-scale railroad model. It is both great for kids and adults. The model train set comes in different scales or gauges which in normal terms refers to the size, proportional to the train tracks. Among so many model train manufacturers, Lionel Trains is amongst the few trusted and known manufacturers. However, people have been wondering a lot if how much is a Lionel train set worth as they would want to invest in recreational model railroading at a reasonable and practical price.

Unfortunately, the brand does not come cheap. It does, however, guarantees reliable durability, efficient functionality, and long-lasting longevity. The price also varies depending on the distributor, which store you purchased it or what the package includes. There are some train model stores that does allow you to purchase an individual piece and parts made by Lionel. They allow a purchase of just a train engine car, a caboose, a box-car, and more. That goes to say that you can actually try to customize what railroad model you want to build depending on the parts you’ve chosen.

Thankful for the competition, the price has been regulated. The competition brought upon by competing manufacturers such as Bachmann trains, Athearn, Marklin, and more. Each manufacturer trying their best to keep the prices at an affordable range, thinking that some people might choose different brands than choosing theirs. That’s been a great opportunity for model train railroaders. Train model hobbyist and enthusiast do have a chance to build their dream or ideal model railroad with a train model scale brand they want at a reasonable cost. It may sound irrelevant for some as train model railroad is usually designed for passion, but you have to face the sad truth that it comes at a price. Not to mention that you’d spent additional amount for your train model scenery, layout, design, tracks, etc.

How Much Is A Lionel Train Set Worth?

First and foremost, there’s a difference when you say train set and train parts, pieces or accessories. A set usually comes with either parts, pieces, accessories or all of it. Some stores may give you an option to buy each individually but a train set usually refers to a set or a bundle. Regardless, of which, it is important to know or at least have an estimate of the product’s price. So really, how much is a Lionel train set worth?

Depending on discount sales, product supply, and product demand, the price may vary. A brief estimate of how much a set would cost is about 100$ to 500$. The price does not indicate whether the product’s durability has been cut short nor the materials used to build the train model has been cheapened. The inexpensiveness or the expensiveness of the price differs in either the availability of the product or the added feature it has. There are many Lionel Train Set series or model that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. That implies an increase in price as the supply will soon be insufficient to cater the demand. Some are even considered to be collectibles and get sold in auctions for a much greater price.

On the other hand, if the price is varied with the feature, it’s only normal that an RC operated model train cost more than a normal switch on, switch off train set that couldn’t run on tracks in reverse. The quality of the materials used and the durability of the product is just as credible as expensive model trains.


Before Lionel Corp. have come to success, they started from building electrical products and novelties back in the days. The company has been established in the early 1900’s. It has built so many toy products for over 50 years. The rise to fame of the company was not with other types of toys but with model trains inspired and motivated by the trend of model railroaders found across different countries at that time.

The corporation was founded and owned by Harry C. Grant and Joshua Lionel Cowen but mainly by Joshua as it would greatly explain the Corporation’s name. The first was in New York City but as the corporation grew, it expanded to different places and manufacturing factories was built across the entire globe.

Below is a short video about the History of Lionel Trains:

The highest sale recorded was about 25 million dollars within a year making its way to be included in the National Toy Hall of Fame, specifically Lionel Electric Trains along with the Easy-Bake Oven from Kenner in the same year.

Today, Lionel is one of the oldest train manufacturers and has been continuing to serve thousands of people with their incredible, innovative, top of the class train model set. Their product has been featured so many times in different magazines, TV-shows, News-shows and highly recognized by all train model hobbyist and enthusiast.


Regardless of which type of Lionel train set or regardless of how much is a Lionel train worth, the bottom line is that the company stands strong to their ideals when it comes to how their model trains were constructed, the materials they’ve used and the durability of their designs. You can choose to have an expensive Lionel train set with full features if it is what you desire or you can opt to have a normal featured model train that could make your budget.

As long as it is from Lionel, it is most likely guaranteed to have good standards and help you build your ideal model railroad that would fit your scenery design and layout. The fun and excitement it will provide along with the most satisfying feeling will come as you completed your dream train model railroad design.

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