Melissa and Doug Wooden Train Sets For Kids

There comes a point in our life that we would think about what would be the ideal toy we want for our kids. We know that what they play or spend their time at a young age could actually determine how well their development would be. That is when we start to conduct our research about the best learning or educational toys for our kids and the most common answer we would probably get our train sets. A good example of toy trains is the Melissa and Doug wooden train as its manufacturer has been long trying to innovate, design and develop healthy and educational play-set for quite some time now.

First Choice Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set $ 4.6/5
Second Choice      Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Figure Eight Train Set $ 4.5/5
Third Choice      Melissa & Doug Swivel Bridge Wooden Train Set $ 4.5/5
Fourth Choice     Melissa & Doug Farm Animal Wooden Train Set $ 4.4/5

Melissa & Doug is an American, privately-owned company that manufactures children’s toy trains since 1988. For over 2 and almost 3 decays now, they have continued to serve the young public needs for a supportive and educational recreation. They have come up with so many pieces of toy that makes leisure or plays time of your kids to be more purposeful as each and every set they create has its own way to discreetly educate your children. The company wants to implement the proper benefits of a toy and allow everyone to be able to avail the product without great expense.

There are actually so many advantages, benefits, convenience, ease and comfort you could have in purchasing a wooden train set. Wooden train sets can think of to be blocks of wood, put together or carved to take the shape of the train. That same block of wood is hard and durable compared to plastic toys making it more practical as it sure to last longer. The wood is also non-toxic. Trains for kids made of wood do not create a lot of mess and very easy to pick up and store once your children are done playing. There are other more but the most important benefit would be that it helps in the development of children’s skill and brain stimulation.

Top 16 Melissa and Doug Wooden Train Set


Melissa & Doug Swivel Bridge Wooden Train Set




This is a 47 pieces train set, complete with a river bridge that swivels, storage house tunnel, train tracks, and figure accessories. The swiveling bridge is a feature that acts as an automatic traffic gate for the train. The set comes in one engine train car and 2 train cars with metals and magnets located at each end that allows it to connect with other train sets, fast and efficient. The wooden track size is average. There are 34 pieces of train tracks to connect and will require your children to do some basic assembling which can actually be a good training to improve hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. The set also promotes and imaginative and non-violent play-style. This simple product has good ratings given by customers who actually have purchased the set. It also has many positive reviews and feedback. The customers are entitled to their opinion and most of them gave the product high recommendations.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set




The Melissa and Doug wooden train tracks have a variety of sizes. This product is on a larger scale. The tracks have several bridges and elevations, cross-loops and many imaginable routes. The set has a total of 130 plus pieces which mostly are made of natural wood. Each piece is created strongly and durable. It is guaranteed to last long and to be able to hold on to different play styles of a child. Most of the important pieces are detailed highly, covered in non-toxic paint and uses a variety of vibrant colors. It does have 6 pieces of freight and cargo train cars, 4 pieces of passenger car and three pieces of a flatbed cargo truck. It can accommodate several children all at once. The package includes a configuration manual with easy to follow visuals and instructions to imply an easy assembly. 


Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Figure Eight Train Set




The previous 2 sets of trains are far more expensive compared to this one. This is the Melissa & Doug wooden train set – figure 8. Having a tight budget and still wanting to afford a train set will definitely land you to this viable option. It does have a lesser number of pieces but it still maintains the quality of those higher-priced Melissa and Doug wooden set. The training package includes 20 pieces of hard and durable wooden train pieces and simple train tracks that form an 8 figure. The train cars and the tracks are highly compatible with other forms of wooden train sets, especially those that are listed on the most popular brands like the Brio or Thomas and Friends wooden set. You can have the train cars used as an accessory or replacement car due to its perfect fit on standard size wooden tracks.

Melissa & Doug Farm Animal Wooden Train Set




Another great affordable set that is intended for kids with ages 3 years old and up is the Animal Farm train wooden set from Melissa & Doug. It features a farm animal, a horse and a cow, which can be loaded up to the back of the train car. The set includes 3 pieces of the train car, an engine car, and 2 animal cargo cars. The tracks are 8 pieces made from strong wood with standard size and an easy lock mechanism. The track forms a simple circle to where your child can push the train around. It uses a unique magnetic coupling system that allows you to use and connect the train cars with ease and comfort. You can actually connect these train cars to your child’s existing train set provided that they use the same coupling.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Farm Train Set – Classic Wooden Toy




This is a classical Melissa Doug wooden train set that conceptualized from blocks. It is an affordable educational and fun train set with three pieces of interchangeable cars and a train engine car. The train car can carry on its back, a cow wooden figure, 2 pieces of fresh bottled cow milk, a crate of fruits and vegetables. All parts and pieces of the classic wooden toy are made of really hard and durable wood, painted with non-toxic materials and built to last. Although fun and exciting, you might actually want to have adult supervision as your kid play with the set because some of the pieces are small and could actually be a choke-hazard material. This set, in general, greatly provides imaginative role-playing as your children vividly imagine a train farm environment.


Melissa & Doug Zoo Animal Wooden Train Set




It may come close in appearance with the Classical Wooden farm set but this one features zoo animals instead of farm animals. There is a wooden tiger and elephant figure included which your kids could easily load up the back of the train animal cargo car. Allow your child to be more creative and have their imaginative journey to the zoo as they transport and deliver the animals through trains. It includes a basic circle wooden train tracks comprised of 8 pieces. This zoo animal set is actually compatible to run and be connected with the wooden farm set and other wooden train track systems of popular manufacturers or brands. This is recommended for children’s learning provided they are 3 years old or higher.


Melissa & Doug Mountain Tunnel Train Set




This is a mountain tunnel train wooden set that features a mountain board to which train tracks and your child’s train passes through, brought and made for your kids by Melissa & Doug. The tracks are designed and laid out uniquely to have a leveraged amount of fun. There is an elevation on one side which is built with great construction and does not tend to derail your child’s train. The set includes 3 pieces of train mining cars to give your kid a better idea of a great imaginative mining environment. The product usually takes to about 3 weeks to ship. If you plan on purchasing, it is advised that you order as earlier to keep up with your schedule. It also has an average cost but could be compensated by the durability of the set. The train set package is highly durable, making it a more practical investment for an educational train toy.


Melissa & Doug Stacking Train – Classic Wooden Toddler Toy




Surprisingly, Melissa and Doug also made stacking blocks train to accommodate children starting at 2 years old. The Melissa and Doug wooden stacking train are made of blocks that are large and is not at all, choke hazard to younger kids with their swallowing reflexes. The set will send your kids to be more imaginative as they stack each block to form a train. This is guaranteed to greatly improve their logical, reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills as most wooden blocks toys do. This will also help them to practice color and shape identification that could prepare them once they get to a proper age of school. Each block is strong and durable enough to surpass a heavy beating or rough toddler’s play style. For a short and small amount of price, this is a great learning kit investment for your kids.


Melissa and Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set and Traffic Signs Bundle




This is a 2 bundle Melissa Doug wooden train, one is that of the previous item in the list, the swivel bridge wooden train and the other includes a collection of city cars and signs. The goal of these two products being in one package is to enable your children to have a complete city train experience and provide more imaginative play. Your kids can work out on what layout they want as there are many accessories available for them. Both sets in the bundle are made of sturdy hard natural wood and some parts from non-toxic, kid-friendly, hard plastic. The bundle is of a reasonable price which can be attained easily and light on your pocket. The train tracks of the swivel bridge wooden set measure to about 11.7 inches in length by 8.5 inches in width by 1.6 inches in height.

Just for an additional fun and information – Here is a video of how this Melissa and Doug wooden train set works:

The bridge really does swivels as the train crosses. It is remarkable fun to look at as it does add more movement and train layout options for your kids.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Passenger Train




There are only a few of this amazing Melissa & Doug wooden train cars set left in the market and you would not want to miss out on a great chance of availing the product as it is very light and easy on your budget. The set includes a total of 7 pieces of train passenger car and passenger figures. This train passenger toy could actually work great to be an additional train car for your children’s existing wooden set or could be a decorative set and provide more imaginative play as they have an additional set to think about for their wanted train theme layout.

Melissa & Doug Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh All Aboard Wooden Train




This Melissa and Doug wooden train set features our children’s beloved Disney characters from the favorite cartoon, Winnie the Pooh. The set includes 3 train cars where Pooh is the train driver/conductor and tagging along the train cars for a wonderful ride would be Tigger and some of their friends. The idea here is to combine the favorite cartoon characters and the love of train, all into one set. The product is actually very catchy. There have been tons of purchases made and customers have always given good rates and product reviews. You can have this wonderful kid’s educational toy for a great and easy price.

Melissa & Doug Classic Toy Train Stacker




This is another Melissa and Doug wooden stacking train. It is much taller than the previous block-stacking set and only has 2 wooden cars to hold up the stacks. Your children will have a great time stacking different shaped blocks to form the train. It will discreetly enhance their color and shape identification skills with minimal adult supervision as they learn. Each piece is large enough to be a choke-hazard free toy for younger kids.


Wooden Train Decorate-Your-Own Kit




The decorate-your-own wooden train toy from Melissa and Doug will bring out the artistic side of your child. This is an actual wooden train toy with plain design and layout. It includes coloring materials to where your children can have a great time trying to apply what their imagination ought to look like on a train. After a great artistic finish, children can play with the strong and sturdy wooden train and let them run on tracks. The coloring, decorate your own wooden train set is advised only for children aging 4 years old and higher. Children playing with the set require their parents to spend some time or provide them with adult supervision as painting can get messy and for a proper play style.


Melissa & Doug Diesel Passenger Car (6 Pack)




This is a passenger toy car from Melissa and Doug. It could work as an ordinary train toy but the intent of this highly detailed product is to be connected with other train sets. It is a replacement or additional train passenger car for some parents who needed to replace or extend their children’s wooden playset. There are metal and magnets installed at the end of the passenger car to be able to connect it through the most wooden train set. The single piece of a toy is for a great price and with remarkable sturdiness. It is made from the United States and there are only a few of this left so grab your piece at the soonest time.

Melissa & Doug Decorate Your Own 2-Pack




This is a decorate-your-own twin pack. It is a bundle where one pack allows your children to handle train coloring and the other is that of a plane. Your kids are required to brush the vehicular shaped wood blocks first with colors before they can be able to appreciate playing with the toy. This will stimulate their mind into opening up to a new idea, imagination or creativity. The set is not at all expensive. It is a practical purchase for those parents who want to implement an educational or learning toy set as their kids grow and develop.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Train Table and 130 Piece Train Set Package




Saving the best for last, this one here is an example of a complete set of wooden train table with a wooden train set from Melissa & Doug. This example of a train toy set is only few of the main train set with train tables being sold by the manufacturer. It saves you the trouble of looking for individual pieces of train cars, tracks, figures or infrastructure as it is all included in this train toy package. The table offers a drawer to where you can easily store all the train parts and accessories right after your children’s play. You can also have this table laid out if your children need some space to work with their homework or other learning activities.



Train sets or toys are not only loved by children in terms of fun and entertainment. There are adult train lovers who love trains and spend most of their spare time doing train activities with their friends or their kids. It is a great way for them to bond young members of their family and works great as a stress reliever. Adult train lovers, however, tend to purchase expensive sets with design and aesthetics more appropriate for their age. Something filled with features such as enabling the user to control the train’s movement and sound remotely, electric-powered that needs to be plugged, smoke-puffing unit, all of which are irrelevant and dangerous for a child.

Given that the intent of your train purchase is for kids and not for an adult train lover use, then you can opt for a Melissa and Doug wooden train set as it is probably the best choice for your preference. You can resort to a more expensive train set if you are not satisfied with the above list but would you spent so much for something with great features still gives the same amount of educational benefits for your kids? Some of Melissa & Doug’s train set has above average price but it is still highly affordable and easy on your wallet. It can give your children the assistance and aid in their childhood development and prepare them for a better future, all for something that is within your budget line.